Can you apply dye and keratin on the same day? Which should you do first?

new hair color and keratin treatment


Do you want to know if you can dye your hair and apply keratin all on the same day?


Yes, you can do it, but you should strictly respect the order that you do the procedures. ]

Because the order of the factors, in this case, will alter the product.

 That’s why first, you should apply the color and after, the keratin.  


I’ll make it easy for you.


If you do it the other way, meaning first the keratin and after, the color, you run the risk of ending up with some horrible color patches in your hair on the verge of turning it into straw.


Now, if you’ve done the keratin and you don’t have the dye to color your hair the same day, you should wait two weeks to dye your hair.

In this case, first keratin, then color.

And all of this has an explanation, which I will tell you further on.



But first, let’s make it clear what I’m saying up to now.

  • If you want to do everything the same day, do the color first and then the keratin.
  • If you decide not to do it all the same day, it’s best to do the keratin and, after the color, waiting at least 2 weeks between the treatments.


In my work, I receive a few times a week desperate women that come to the salon thinking that they’ve been scammed with the keratin that they’ve been sold.

And what is wrong isn’t the keratin. It’s the misinformation. They dye their hair and straightening it without paying attention to the order that they do it in.


We live in a society where taking advantage of time is overvalued. Women are accustomed to doing two, three, even four things at the same time.


But let me tell you something. When it comes to your hair, the most important things are common sense and information. Moment to moment and step by step.


 If you respect the order of these two hair treatments, you will get straight, revitalized hair not just in appearance but in color.  

I know that it can be frustrating when you want to look beautiful in the blink of an eye.

But I will give you some good reasons why you should be patient.


That’s why today I will tell you:

  • Keratin or dye? Which should you do first?
  • How much time should you wait if you already applied keratin and now you want to dye your hair?
  • How to care for your dyed and treated hair with keratin so that it looks attractive and shiny for longer



Keratin or dye? Which should you do first?

how much to wait to dye after keratin

Dyeing your hair and then doing a keratin treatment is a win-win situation in the end.

Let me explain why.



During the color application, the ammonia opens the hair cuticles to inject the color into the cortex. It activates a process of oxidation that elevates the pH level of the hair to 10.

As a result, the hair becomes more alkaline, degrading the structural integrity, making it weak, causes breakage, and making it dry.

So, if you immediately do a keratin treatment after applying the dye, you will:

  • Repair the structural damage that the dye will inevitably do to your hair.
  • Normalize the pH of the hair.
  • Smooth and close the cuticles.

Incredible, right?


  Also, keratin treatment will cover your hair with a protective layer that will prevent the color pigments of the hair from escaping when you wash the hair or expose it to the sun.  

Therefore, your keratin treatment will ensure the color stays in place instead of blocking it.

What happens if I did a keratin treatment and want to dye my hair two days later?


In this case, things change considerably.

Because you will have to wait exactly two weeks to dye your hair after applying the keratin.



How much time should you wait if you already applied the keratin and now you want to color your hair?

If you already did a keratin treatment, it’s best to wait two weeks to dye your hair.

To understand the importance of waiting this time, it’s important to understand how dye works on your hair.


Two key ingredients enable the coloring process:

  • Hydrogen peroxide, which softens the cuticle of the hair to dissolve the natural color.
  • Ammonia: Open the cuticle of the hair to inject the new color.


This process works correctly, and you get the most from the dye, your hair needs to absorb the pigments.


This means that you shouldn’t have obstructions that prevent the color molecules from penetrating your hair.


A recently done keratin treatment will leave a fine layer of proteins on your hair that needs time, two weeks, to penetrate the hair deeply.

That way, it can strengthen each hair fiber to the nucleus.

In this stage, anything that interferes with the keratin penetration process can give you poor results like:

  • Frizz in some parts of your hair.
  • Elimination of the keratin.
  • Uneven color.


 That’s why you should wait for the keratin to do its job in your hair for two weeks, and then after, you can dye it.  

Trust me. It’s worth the extra effort to wait two weeks to dye your hair after applying keratin.


Now, you have dyed your hair and done a keratin treatment.

Do you want to know how to care for your hair?


How to care for your dyed hair treated with keratin so that it looks attractive and shiny for longer

Now you know that when you do a color and keratin treatment, in that order, both make your hair more powerful, giving it the best.


Now, it’s also important that you keep in mind some aftercare so that your hair looks splendid for longer.


  • First, choose your hair and conditioner wisely.

Your dyed hair with keratin needs soft shampoos that contain micro keratin, which continuously improve your treatment so that it always looks fresh and is maintained for longer.

You should avoid ingredients in your shampoos like sulfates and sodium chloride.




Since sulfates are surfactants that strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. They also destroy the acid layer that keeps your scalp healthy and free of infectious bacterias.

Salt, on the other hand, is abrasive.

Using shampoo with a salt base will dissolve the keratin covering and prematurely eliminate your costly treatment.


  • You should also remember that the keratin treatments are semipermanent, meaning they disappear gradually as you wash your hair.

The key to maintaining your keratin treatment for longer is washing your hair less.



I recommend that you alternate with a dry shampoo between washes because this will prevent your hair from coming into contact with water more than necessary.

It’s the best way to keep your hair clean and shiny without using water.


  • When possible, avoid using cotton pillowcases because they absorb moisture and dry out your hair.

The cloth also causes friction in your hair, which makes it end up tangled and in knots.


If you want your hair soft and tangle-free when you wake up, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase.


Satin and silk reduce the friction between the hairs, which produces less breakage and doesn’t absorb your hair or skin moisture.


And that’s all for today.

I would like you to tell me, are you thinking of dyeing your hair and doing a keratin treatment the same day?

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