The 3 Best Deep Conditioners for Relaxed Hair


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Have you relaxed your hair recently and want to know what are the best deep conditioners to hydrate it and keep it beautiful?



Well I have three pieces of good news for you:

  • You won’t have to lose any more time looking for hours on the internet about which conditioners are best for relaxed hair
  • And you also won’t waste any more money on useless masks that only dry out your hair more
  • You are talking to an expert in relaxed hair

You don’t believe me.



Let me tell you a story.

There was once a beautiful woman with curly hair, and when I say curly, I refer to small, crazy curls, that grow straight up and she couldn’t shape them.


Tired of the ups and downs in her hair, she decided to travel to the Kingdom of Relaxed hair and try some better luck.

There, she came across a famous wizard that knew about her hardships and in an act of mercy, relaxed her hair.



But he didn’t just make her relaxed hair perfectly straight, without frizz, and shiny.

 He also gave her the “Secret Book for the Care of Relaxed Hair.”  


That’s why she transformed into the keeper of the secret book to care for relaxed hair. And her hair made the rest of the damsels of the kingdom jealous.

That girl is me.


And the wizard is no one other than my aunt, an old-school stylist that isn’t out to steal her client’s money by selling them hair products.

 So you can calm down and trust in me. Because I’m going to tell you what for my aunt and for me and the three best deep conditioners for relaxed hair.  


Because in addition, you should know that to maintain the magic of your relaxed hair, you have to care for it intensively.

And when I say intensively, I refer to being responsible for the health of your hair.


When you relax your hair, you expose it to chemical products that are strong enough to modify the natural pattern of your hair, and instead of being curly, it turns straight.

And whether you want it to or not, your hair will suffer some collateral damage. But, what is also true, is if you use good deep conditioners, your relaxed hair can look strong, healthy, and shiny.



 And I know because even my friends don’t believe that my hair can look so good, even after having relaxed it on four occasions.  

Are you ready to open the “Secret Book for the Care of Relaxed Hair” with me?


Then let’s do some magic and “Abracadabra, let three of the best deep conditioners for the care of relaxed hair appear.”



Revitalizing conditioner treatment with protein, ideal for relaxed hair

moisturizing treatment

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I put this Deep conditioner in first place because it is fundamental.

Some things aren’t necessary in your bathroom, even toilet soap, but this egg-yolk based mask is necessary.



 It’s an incredible protein treatment which I use once  a month so that my hair looks healthy and natural.  

The added protein fills the holes in the cuticles of the hair, eliminating frizz and adding shine.


Relaxer usually leaves your hair very fragile due to the chemicals that it uses.

Before using it, I notice that my hair, even though it looks healthy, usually breaks which makes a bunch of hair fall out onto my hair when it dries.

Even when I dry it softly.


appreciating her hair

But this product was my salvation.

And it will also be yours. Because if you use this protein treatment in your hair one a month, you will strengthen your hair and keep it from falling out.

That is, if you don’t abuse it, because if you do, the only thing you will do is dry out your hair.


Let’s keep doing magic.


Abracadabra, let the second deep conditioner appear.


Conditioner for damaged hair with split ends

Relaxed dyed hair

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Do you feel that after you relax your hair, your ends are more split?



The same thing happened to me and frankly, this makes the hair look horrible.

But don’t worry. What is do is twice a week, I use this deep conditioner to revive my ends.

Now they feel and look much better.


In addition to improving the look of my ends, I also feel that my hair is softer and shinier.


Additionally, it’s good for dyed hair, because it makes the color pop even more.


 Both the first and the second conditioner have taken my hair to the level that all my friends ask me how I get my hair so healthy and strong.  


The secret is using the best products for the types of processes that you do.

And believe me, these products work. Like I told you before, I have relaxed my hair on four occasions and it looks shiny and healthy as if I had never done before.



Now, let’s go to the last conditioner that I always have in my bathroom.


Hydrating conditioner for the hair and scalp

restores hair moisture

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I don’t know if this happened when you relax your hair, but I noticed that even my scalp was dry.


You can’t forget that the chemicals used to relax your hair are used from the scalp to the ends.

This makes it dry out. I realized it because I noticed that my scalp was itchy, and I was sure that I didn’t have lice.


What is the secret of this conditioner?


 It hydrates your hair and your scalp at the same time, something that is very important to prevent itchiness and that much-feared frizz.  

I use it once a week alternating it with other conditioners and I feel that my hair looks naturally hydrated.


Also, I put an end to my itchy scalp, which frankly, was driving me crazy.


Now, I also know that these are the times when money counts. And to keep your hair healthy after relaxing it, you have to invest in products that are of superior quality.

I was also in that place where I was counting coins to get to the end of the month, and a lot of times, you can’t spend money on hair products.

But that’s not a reason to not give your hair what it really needs, at least if you have relaxed it.


 Which is why, you can do what I did. I didn’t go out and buy all the products at once. I started buying one a month and after three months, I had my arsenal to deep condition my hair. 

Because I will also give you another secret.


Magicians use natural products on many occasions to solve some aspects of their health.

And in our “Secret Book for the Care of Relaxed Hair” there is a completely natural formula that you can make from ingredients that you have around the house.


This way, you can care for your hair with just three products.



Do you want to know which ones?


Home-made and natural conditioner for relaxed hair

Bananas are rich in potassium, natural oils, and vitamins that condition your hair and protect its elasticity which helps prevent split ends and breakage.

Even though I have the conditioners that I mentioned before, once a month, I do a mask that only takes me twenty minutes.

If you follow my advice you will get strong, hydrated hair.




  • One banana, mashed
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil
  • Three drops of rosemary essential oil
  • One cup of distilled water



  • In a non-metal bowl, mix all the ingredients
  • Apply the mixture in your hair and massage your scalp smoothly spreading it across your whole head
  • Let the mixture sit for thirty minutes and rinse with warm water.


In addition to leaving your hair smooth, the rosemary oil prevents your scalp from drying out which in turn prevents itchiness.



Now you know what the best conditioners are to use on relaxed hair.

What products do you use to nourish and moisturize you hair after relaxing it?

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