How long does balayage last? How to care for it so it lasts longer

how to care for it so it last longer

Have you recently done balayage and you want to know how long it will last?


It’s the big question that invades the minds of all of us that get this look done in our hair.

To stop being mysterious, I’ll tell you that balayage lasts between ten and twelve weeks.


Of course, this will depend on a ton of factors, like the products that were used for the treatment, aftercare, and of course hair type.

Do you want to know how I know?


Because I’m the masked defender of balayage highlights.

And yes, girls, we are in the era of Marvel and DC superheroes, so why can’t there be a balayage defender.

Now, don’t think that I transformed myself into defender of followers of balayages because of the work and grace of the Holy Spirit.

No, none of that. It all has to do with experience.


 Because the first time I did balayage, it lasted barely two months. At that point, I thought that I had made the wrong decision, to make an impact with a new look.  

But, have you ever heard that man is a unique animal that trips twice on the same rock?


I’m the authentic proof that this phrase is true.

But my second experience doing the balayage was completely different. I touched the sky with my hands.


Because the stylist used the products indicated, in addition to another series of differences that in the end, made it so the balayage lasted exactly twelve weeks as if I had just left the salon.


So, stay with me, because I, the super hero of balayage highlights will tell you:

  • Things to keep in mind at the moment you do balayage highlights
  • 4 secrets so that your balayage highlights look fantastic for many months


This information will be just as useful if you have done balayage highlights recently as if you did them a month ago.

It will even be useful if you are like me, one of those people that trips twice on the same rock.



Do you want you balayage highlights to last longer? Then keep in mind these details

lasts several months

What I’m going to tell you may seem obvious.

But if you want your balayage highlights to last and look impeccable for longer, the best thing is to consult a professional.



Let’s say that balayage highlights are characterized by giving that faded look of natural tones, absolutely natural.

They consist of leaving the roots darker and lightening towards the ends.


  • Your stylist will know how to achieve this natural look in balayages and what the best tone would be for low maintenence.

From the length to the thickness and the porosity of the hair, everything is important when it comes time to do a balayage, because everyone’s hair is different.

The stylist can identify the type of hair you have and which is the best way to get the tone that you desire.


  • Another important thing to keep in mind so that the balayage highlights last longer is to strengthen your hair.

Weak, fragile hair with split ends is not the same as healthy hair.

I even did two deep treatments with coconut oil the week before doing the balayage for the second time.

Because in this way, the hair suffers less with bleaching and then the following coloring of the highlights.


  • And of course, the use of professional products.
 I hope the “do it yourself-ers” will forgive me, but using professional products will never be the same as using those that you buy in the supermarket, and it’s the same both for people with thick hair and fine hair. 

I say this with knowledge of the cause, because the first time I did balayage highlights myself, they lasted as long as a bride’s sigh.

An elusive bride. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself well.


Now, it’s not just important to care for all the aspects when doing the balayage highlights.

Afterwards is important too.

It’s important to pay attention to all the details so that this beautiful coloring that you got with balayage highlights lasts as long as possible.


Or do you want to end up with discolored highlights after two weeks?


4 secrets so that your balayage highlights look fantastic for many months

toning hair wicks

Do you want to know the easiest way to extend the life of your new balayage?


  • Using a purple shampoo and conditioner, also known as violet.

Because purple shampoo helps you maintain your shiny blonde and neutralizes any unwanted metallic tone, like orange or yellow.

In addition, ladies, let’s all learn together for everyone!


We should treat our hair like we treat our skin.



  • Nourishing our hair from the roots to the ends, applying a moisturizing mask weekly.

And don’t forget that the natural oils are very good for your hair.

Apply a few drops of oil to your ends, which will maintain moisture in your hair fibers, which is necessary so that our hair looks shiny and healthy.


 Personally, I’ve used argan oil for a long time. I love it because it doesn’t have a smell, and it gives my ends a nice look. 

And pay attention to this about oils, because it isn’t a small matter.

Because if your ends are prone to dryness, you should apply a treatment with any natural oil before drying your hair with a hair dryer.


Remember that wet hair is more fragile and prone to breakage. But also, these oils keep the oil of your balayage highlights shiny and vibrant.


  • Do you wash your hair every day?

Forget it!

You should wash your hair less often.


 Because if you wash your hair every day, you will only make the color of your balayage highlights fade faster, and also, you will strip out the natural oil of the scalp. 

If you tend to have greasy hair, you can try to use a dry shampoo, and your hair and balayage highlights will end up clean, with volume, and without any signs of greasiness.


  • Lastly, protect your hair with balayage from solar rays and from chlorine in pools.

You can use bandanas, hats, and head scarfs, making your look even more Californian.


Now, you know how to extend the effect of the balayage in your hair for longer.

Will you listen to me, or will you be crying two months after getting balayage highlights?

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