How long should you leave coconut oil on your hair? An hour or 30 minutes?

coconut oil for two hours

Do you want me to tell you how to use coconut oil in your hair and how long to leave it in for?

I promise to tell you everything.

I’ll even tell you how I ended up using coconut oil on my hair.


Although, I should make a confession.

I really hate coconut oil.

Well, I guess I should say that I hated it.


They say that there’s a thin line between love and hate.

I personally proved that with coconut oil.


Actually, up until two months ago, I hated everything there was to do with coconut.

I didn’t like the smell.

To me, body creams with coconut oil seemed to be too greasy.


And of course, the coconut is a tough nut to crack in order to get to its insides.

But two months ago, My hair cried S.O.S.

I don’t know why.


Maybe some hormonal change.

Or the consequences of a very fun summer in the ocean waves with eternal baths in salt water.

Or simply because I changed the brand of my daily shampoo and conditioner looking for something better, which in the end I never found.

The truth is that I had dry hair.

More than dry, it was straw-like.


Just remembering the rigid texture, without smoothness makes my hair stand on its ends.

It really looked and felt horrible.

It lacked volume on the upper part and the bottom part was pure frizz.


  That’s how I was with my anguish and my overwhelming, straw-like hair, when I met up with my cousin Fernanda.    When I told her what happened with my hair, her first words were, “Coconut Oil!” 


It was like she got rid of a gypsy curse, but since she gave me about a forty-five minute lecture about the benefits of coconut oil for hair, I decided to put my prejudices aside and by a tub of coconut oil.

That’s for sure.


100% organic coconut oil, according to my cousin, Fernanda’s words.

The worse that could have happen is that if I couldn’t put up with the smell of the sacred coconut oil, is that it would end up in the trash, or in the best case, in the hands of my cousin.

Do you want me to tell you the complete truth?


Coconut oil dazzled me.


And I discovered a ton of ways to use coconut oil to restore and improve the structure of my hair, just as much the external as the internal.

I also discovered how much time to leave it on my hair according to the type of benefit I was look for.


 In some cases, it’s best to let the oil sit on your hair all night.    In other cases, it’s best to leave it on for 30 minutes. 

It all will depend on the needs of your hair and what your objective is for using the oil.


Let’s start with a deep-moisturizing treatment, to leave it on your hair all night long.



Treatment for one hour or all night long

extra virgin

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For this treatment, you’ll need at least two hours, so while you wait for the coconut oil to work, you could watch up to two episodes of your favorite series.


1- Wash your hair and don’t even think about using a hair dryer.


2- While your hair dries, gather up the materials you will need: a comb, a shower cap, two small bowls of different sizes (you’ll place one inside the other) and of course, your tub of organic coconut oil.


3- Place a small amount of coconut oil in the smallest bowl. Then put water in the bigger bowl and put the small bowl inside of it.


You guessed it.

We are going to heat up the coconut oil in a double boiler so that it’s easier to spread it out over your hair.


4- Once the coconut oil is in liquid form, take it in your hands and massage it softly over your hair. Take advantage of this time to detangle your hair.


5- Once you finish applying the coconut oil, wrap up your hair in a shower cap and let it sit for an hour.



If your hair is really damaged, you can leave the coconut oil on your hair overnight.

With either of the two options, the only thing you will have to do once you’ve let the oil sit, is wash your hair with your normal shampoo and rinse with plenty of water.


You will see the benefits of coconut oil on your hair right away.

That was my first experience with coconut oil.

And I have to say it was wonderful.


First, because I imagined that it had a much more concentrated smell and that I wasn’t going to be able to tolerate it on my head.

But the truth is that the smell is very light.

Second, my hair looked shiny.

And third, what about that straw-like aspect?


No signs of it.

Zero dryness.

Zero straw.

My cousin, Fernanda, was right.


The fatty acids of the coconut oil, being really small, immediately penetrate the hair fibers, which allows it to restore the natural moisture of your hair immediately.

I do this deep treatment once a week at most, every fifteen days.


How to use coconut oil to brush your curls or your rebellious hair

use oil to comb 15 minutes

I know it seems like an exaggeration.

Although I don’t use it daily, my cousin Fernanda does.

And that’s due to her curls which always insists on putting up a fight when it comes time to brush it.


What she does is melt the coconut oil like I explained to you in the previous procedure, and when it’s melted, use your fingers to massage your ends in the oil, later continuing up to your roots.

After, simply untangle your hair without pulling at it or shouting a bunch of curse words.

She doesn’t rinse her hair.

She lets the coconut oil sit all day, maximizing on its nourishing properties.


This process can be just as good for girls with curly hair as for those whose hair tangles easily.

I have even better news.


Coconut oil can minimize the damages done to your hair by the chemical products in hair dye!


How long should you let the oil sit to repair dyed or processed hair?

how long to let rest

Do you dye your hair?

Then keep reading because what comes next is going to interest you.

Don’t stop reading because you can save your hair from the aggression of hydrogen peroxide and bleaching products.


The procedure for this is practically the same as the previous steps, but you should apply the coconut oil to your hair the night before you bleach it.

The next morning, when you go to color your hair, don’t even think about washing out the coconut oil. It won’t prevent the color from entering the hair fibers.


This would be for before you color your hair.

 But you can always use oil as a mask in case your dyed hair is dry. 

Simply apply the coconut oil and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Cover your hair with a shower cap so that the oil can better penetrate the hair fibers. Finally, wash your hair like you usually do and voila.

Do you see why I don’t hate coconut oil?


It’s a natural and infallible ally for hair care.

It nourishes it.

It makes it softer.

It leaves it shinier.

It moisturizes it.

You couldn’t ask for more.


Do you know other ways of using coconut oil to moisturize and improve the appearance of your hair?


How long do you leave coconut oil on your hair?

Share your experience.

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