How long should you wait to dye your hair after bleaching?


wait a month to dye it

If you want to know how long you should wait to dye your hair after bleaching, the answer is at least a month.



Don’t sigh.

Don’t think that I’m annoying and a coward.

Nor that I am one of those people that scares easily to drastic changes.


That’s not what this is about.


This is about having enough patience to change the color of your hair and that it suffers as little as possible during the process.

I’m speaking from experience.

From mine and from my friend Carola’s.

Do you want to know why you should wait at least a month before dyeing your hair after bleaching?



I’ll tell you everything.

And I’ll also tell you

  • Why it isn’t good to bleach and dye your hair on the same day
  • How to prepare your hair before coloring it after bleaching




Why you should wait a month to dye your hair after bleaching it

white bleached hair

Before, I told you that I came to this conclusion due to my own experience.

In reality, I should say that it’s the experience of my friend Carola and myself.


We have been friends since kindergarten.

We do almost everything together.


We have lived hundreds of adventures and we have been accomplices in millions of pranks.

And even though we are very good friends and in some things,  we are very similar, there is one detail that is very different between us: patience.


I must have a conscious that is connected to the Zen of the universe because I am patient even in the most difficult situations. I don’t fly off the chain nor act on impulses. I can wait the necessary time to get the objectives I want.

But Carola…

Oh my goodness, that’s another story.



Carola is impetuous.

She wants the results yesterday.

She can’t even wait two minutes for the bus without getting nervous and leaving a rut in the ground from where she was pacing back and forth.

We decided to bleach our hair.



I wanted to get that silver gray that’s so in style these days. In addition, I thought that it would look good with my light eyes.

She wanted to go from a dark brown to an ashy blonde.

Carola is pretty extreme.

We decided to help each other with the bleaching.


So, we prepared our hair fifteen days before the bleaching, moisturizing it with everything we could, coconut oil, deep hair masks, among other things.


In the end, we used everything we could to protect our hair from the damage it would suffer from the chemical products in the bleach.


 Because the reality is: bleaching damages your hair, no matter how much you care for it and if you are an expert in bleaching. 

Bleaching changes the molecular structure of the hair forever, and there is no going back.

Like I said, we both bleached our hair the same day.

peroxide and bleach powder

Carola did it to me.


And I did it to her.

When we finished the process, and after rinsing the hair carefully to get out all the residue of the bleaching mixture in our hair, I saw that she started to prepare the ingredients for the new dye.


There was no way to convince her to wait.

There, immediately, she started the coloring.

I decided to wait a month.



Do you want to know what happens when you do the bleaching and coloring on the same day?

In Carola’s case, it results were a disaster.

First, because Carola has fine, weak hair.

And the bleaching mixture left it even weaker.  


 She would have had to wait for at least a month before applying the new color, and in that time, use products to strengthen and prepare the hair to receive the new pigments. 

I felt really bad.


I felt really bad that I couldn’t control her impatience and that she was so impulsive that she ran those risks.

The results were a disaster.


Her ends ended up completely broken.

She couldn’t wash or brush her hair without a handful of hairs falling on the floor in the bath tub.

Also, her hair before was so shiny, and now it was completely opaque.


Without shine.

Without life.



When you color your hair immediately after bleaching it, the damage to the hair is extreme.

You only end up with dry hair without shine, with split ends and you increase the risk of serious hair loss.



Now, I want to talk about my experience.

Because impatience didn’t beat me and truthfully, everything that has to do with chemical products I have respect for.

Not fear, respect.

Those are two completely different things and even more so when it has to do with health, even if it’s the health of your hair.



I waited a month to apply the new color after bleaching

And even though my hair is thicker than Carola’s, I didn’t notice that excessive hair loss that worried Carola so much.

The color didn’t disappoint me. It looked shiny and full of life.


Also, I think that this was fundamental: I kept in mind the color that I had and the color that I wanted to get to.

I barely lightened my hair two tones and I used 20-volume hydrogen peroxide.



Carola went from a dark brown to a blonde so she used 30-volume hydrogen peroxide and she left it in for much longer than recommended.

I think that we all know that we can’t go from a dark color to a lighter one in just one step without there being irreversible damage to your hair.


The reality is that she should have bleached her hair in two steps, letting her hair rest for at least fifteen days between each one.

And after the second bleaching, wait a month before applying the new color.



Like I said at first, patience.

Patience that Carola didn’t have, in addition to being the hardest headed girl I know.

Even though I explained it to her a hundred times that she should divide the bleaching process into two steps, she turned a deaf ear.

And you could see the results.


Why isn’t it best to do everything on the same day?

First and foremost, to give the hair the possibility to recuperate some of the moisture that it lost during the bleaching process.


Remember that bleaching is a chemical process that erases the natural pigment of the hair.


But also, it erases everything.

Vitamins, proteins, and even antioxidants.

If you have fine hair, it’ll end up even more fragile.

If you have thick hair, may the damages will be smaller, but they’ll still be there.



 Also, if you don’t wait long enough to apply the new color, the hair fibers which are completely dehydrated will absorb the color faster.  

Which will mean that the color you so longed for will last a lot shorter time in the hair.


As you can see, it’s not just about the health of the hair.

But also achieving the results that you want with the coloring process.



How to prepare your hair to color it after bleaching

If you’ve gotten to here, it’s because you are convinced that you can wait a month to color your hair after bleaching it.

It’s the best decision you can make.

My friend is still hopeless for how she loses her hair and has already consulted three professionals that refuse to do anything to her hair.

Because they explain to her that it is very weak to try to apply any procedure.


 So the only thing that she can do for the moment is nourish it as much as possible and wait for at least six months for it to get stronger.  

To not get to this point, during this month after bleaching the hair, moisturize it their continuously.


extra virgin

Check coconut oil on Amazon


Once a week apply coconut oil on your hair and let it sit all night, covering your head with a shower cap to protect your pillowcase.

The night before bleaching, you should also apply coconut oil to your hair and don’t rinse it out. This protects the external layers of the hair without preventing the pigments from entering the hair fibers.




It’s always important to look on the positive side of things.

My friend Carola learned to slow down because rushing things is much more counter-productive.

Especially when it has to do with the hair.

And now you know


  • You can wait a month and that your hair won’t suffer unnecessary damages.
  • Or to do bleaching and color the same day and that your hair will dry out, break and even start to seriously fall out.



Are you willing to risk everything just for not being patient?

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