How long to wait to wash hair after highlights or balayage?

when to wash hair

It doesn’t matter what type of lights you have in your hair.

They can be highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre or whatever.

My advice will always be the same.


Never wash your hair for 48 hours after getting your highlights done.



The answer is very simple.

 You have to give the color pigments used on your hair enough time so that they can penetrate deeper into the hair fibers and better accentuate the new color. 


If you wash your hair the day after, you’re only going to strip out the color and all that beautiful work that your colorist did to your hair is going to disappear down the drain like a magic trick.

I’m not even going to start talking about washing your color after leaving the beauty salon.


Many girls go to the salon, spend a fortune to get the look that is in style at the moment, and the first thing they do when they walk in the door of their house is wash their hair.

I really don’t understand it.

I hope that if you’re reading this, you won’t make that mistake.


Now that I’ve cleared up that very important point, I want to tell you all the secrets to care for your highlights.

Because I am a californian wicks fanatic and not too long ago, I also discovered balayage which give you a more personal, natural look.


But, in order for your hair to shine with these adorable highlights, we need to put up with sitting in a hair salon for at least five hours. For me, being a very impatient person, this is a true sacrifice.

I know that nobody promised me a garden of roses, but I was worried about finding certain roads with less thorns and being able to extend the life of the Californian wicks in my hair and thus, space out my visits to the hair salon.


Do you want to know how I care for the highlights in my hair?

Keep reading.


I promise to tell you everything that I know to better care for my highlights.


What are hair highlights?

wash two days after coloring

If you are looking for a change of look or you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing that your hair is always the same, something monotonous and boring, highlights of any kind and more modern technique can be the answer to your prayers.


Because they break up the monotony of the regular color of your hair.

Because they give light to your hair.

Because they make it look shinier.

Because they pull you into the fascinating world of hair care.

Because simply… I love them.


If you look hard enough, you’ll realize that most celebrities have opted for using this type of technique to improve the look of their hair and their look.

If you have dark hair, I recommend ombre, which basically consist of keeping your roots dark and lightening the ends, going through a smooth gradient throughout the length of the hair.


 For more classic women, I recommend highlights spread out throughout the hair, giving your hair a new look and color.  


Californian wicks are the most commonly chosen amongst women with blonde hair because they tend to lighten just the ends of the hair, which gives you the same effect has sun rays in the summer.

How long to wait to wet them

As you can see, this techniques for hair have advanced quite a bit in the last few years and sometimes it can be difficult to decide what type of highlights we want.

You can always consult a colorist, who are the experts on the subject.

But beyond variety, there’s a common point in all of the types of highlights that common point is how to care for them.


Recommendations for Caring for your Highlighted Hair

wash with sulfate free shampoo

I know that we always want to look beautiful, if not stunning, when summer comes around and we want show off the best of our curves in a bikini.

But maybe, summer isn’t the best time to highlight your hair.


Chlorine from swimming pools, sun rays, and sea water can dry out the ends and tend to lighten the tone of your hair. That’s why if you decide to get highlights in the plain of summer, the only thing you are going to achieve is wasting money at the salon because your highlights will fade because of those factors.


Another important topic is keeping our highlights hydrated to prevent the hair fibers from breaking and the ends from splitting.


There are special products to care for your highlights so that they look as beautiful as that first day you left the salon.

Do you want to know what they are?

At the end of the post, I will recommend some of my favorite products.


And my last piece of advice for the care of your highlights is that you try to keep them far away from the hair dryer and the flat iron.

After all, to get streaks or highlights, we have to use chemical products that modify the pigment of our hair fibers. The less we punish our hair with heat, the more lively our highlights will be.


And now, what I promised you before, which hair products I use to care for my highlights.


2 Key Products To Keep Your Highlights Looking Brand New For Longer


Sulfate-free Shampoos

for highlights or balayage

Check sulfate-free shampoo on Amazon


For years, I’ve understood that the only thing that I was doing when I used every-day shampoos was something like washing my hair with detergent. Yes, the same kind that you use to wash the dishes, and the more foam there was, it seemed like the dishes ended up cleaner.

But don’t be fooled by the foam.


Sulfate-free shampoos clean your hair without stripping out the natural oils from your hair and scalp, even though they don’t foam up. Shampoos with sulfates dry out the hair and cause breakage.


Also, if your scalp is sensitive, it can even cause itching or allergies.

Sulfate-free shampoo makes it so that any kind of hair color lasts much longer.

But that’s not all.


Purple Shampoos

by fanola

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For my blonde highlights, every fifteen days, I use a product that I discovered almost by chance when one of my best friends looked at me and said with a face full of horror, “Your strands are orange! What are you waiting for? Use toner!”


And that’s when she let out a sermon that today I’m thankful for about the benefits of using purple shampoo for Californian wicks.

Actually, this type of shampoo is ideal for all kinds of blonde-colored hair, because it neutralizes yellow and copper tones that can appear some time after having gotten highlights.


Because purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, your highlights will stay much more natural for much longer.

Listen up! This not a shampoo for every day use.

I use it approximately every ten days.


Have you decided?

What type of highlights will you get next time?

Incredible ombre Drew Barrymore style or a soft ombre Beyonce style?

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