How often can you apply protein treatments to your hair?


ampoules every 3 or 4 weeks

Do you have split ends? Is your hair dry, weak or brittle? Then the solution could be a protein treatment, but you need to know the correct frequency of usage.

  • If you want to get rid of your split ends, you should use a protein ampoule every three to four weeks.
  • If your hair is damaged from bleaching or excessive use of heat, the best thing is to apply the treatment every 15 days.
  • It’s also very important to keep in mind your hair type to be able to decide which type of protein to use in each case.
  • For dry hair, the best proteins are keratin and collagen, while for brittle hair, they are biotin and amino acids and vitamins A and B.


There are no good or bad hair treatments—there’s only the correct or incorrect usage of them Because each head of hair is its own universe and requires different types of proteins depending on the type of problem that befalls you. 


I know that there’s a lot of information available out there. I know it’s possible that your friends may have recommended you this or that treatment, because they want the best for you.

But bad advice can be dangerous, given that if you use protein treatments too much, you can damage your hair even more.



A few days ago, a woman came into the salon on the verge of tears. And the cause of these tears was the incorrect usage of protein treatments.

Her hair was naturally curly, with a really tight curl.


For a lot of time, she’d been straightening her hair, but in addition to that, she’d been swimming. And even though she’d always used a swimcap to cover her hair during her classes, the chlorine had ravaged her hair.

Heat and chlorine had taken a toll on her hair. One of her friends recommended a protein treatment to her, that in her words “would help her recover the elasticity and hydration of her curls”.



So she bought the treatment and started to apply it every two days. But instead of getting better, her hair got worse. Her curls were showing signs of dryness, and worst of all, when she tied back her hair, the fibers literally showed signs of splitting.

And in addtion, her curls struggled to retake their form—it seemed like her hair was lacking elasticity.

Without a doubt, using the protein treatment in her curls every two days had saturated her hair fibers.

And the results were in plain sight.



Protein is bad? No, absolutely not.

It’s like asking if vitamin supplements are bad. Of course not, but you should always follow the instructions of your primary care doctor, so that the intake doesn’t produce any other imbalances in your body.

 With hair proteins, it’s the same story. You can’t just put it in your hair every day as if it were a magic solution. 

You need to know the objective you’re aiming for by using these types of treatments and frequency with which to use them.


So, today I’ll let you know:

  • What type of protein treatment to apply to your hair and with what frequency
  • What are the proteins that you can use in your hair daily


Putting in an excessive amount of protein in your hair can make it feel dry, brittle and rigid, and so, as a first step, you need to check with what frequency you can use it.




Which type of protein treatment can you apply to your hair and with what frequency

Hair treatments with protein will work to repair your hair, infusing the cuticle with hydrolized proteins and strengthening the cuticle layer.

If there are holes in your hair cuticles, the proteins will patch up these spaces and place a barrier around your roots to lessen future damage. For this reason, they strengthen and repair severely damaged hair.



The most important thing that you should know is that the majority of these treatments should be used for damaged hair and not for healthy or minimally damaged hair.


 Before deciding which treatment to apply, it’s very important that you examine your hair, and identify the type of damage, to be able to choose the correct protein for strengthening it. 


Dry hair

If your hair is dry and dull you should use the following type of protein:

  • Collagen.
 Use masks that you should apply with heat each 15 days. You’ll be able to find them easily in hair salon stores or pharmacies. 



  • With wet hair, put on the mask from roots to tips, massaging it in your hair gently.
  • Once you’ve finished covering all of your hair, apply heat with a heat cap or simply cover your hair with a showercap. Remember that these types of proteins only take effect with heat.
  • Leave it in for 20 minutes, rinse it out and dry your hair with a hair dryer.



To fortify the treatment, you should use shampoo that contains keratin or collagen.

Remember to repeat the treatment every 2 weeks.


Brittle hair

If your hair is brittle you should go with the following proteins:

  • Biotin
  • Amino acids and vitamins A and B

In this case, they’ll be in the form of repairing ampoules, which you can apply every 3 to 5 weeks. I repeat: the frequency of usage should be every 3 to 5 weeks, given that these are very particular treatments that shouldn’t be misused.


With ampoules, I recommend that you go to a professional because they are specialized treatments that need to be applied with heat at specific temperatures.


Is there a type of protein that you can use in your hair everyday without any risk?


Yes, they exist, but they are milder treatments, which I’ll talk about next.


Daily use protein treatments

Nowadays, you can buy hydrolized proteins, like wheat, silk, berries, coconut and argan oils, that you can apply in your hair daily without a problem. You can get them in the form of masks or ampoules.

Masks should be applied in the same way as I explained previously, and the ampoules can be used at night, given that some are not to be rinsed out.


You can also buy shampoo and conditioner that contain these ingredients, which will contribute proteins to your hair without damaging it due to excessive use.



  • Protein treatments are great for hair that has lost elasticity, that is damaged by frequent bleaching or coloring, that appears broken with excessive splitting. They are also advisable for those with very porous or frizzy hair.
  • For dry hair, use keratine or collagen masks every 15 days, applying with heat.
  • For brittle hair, use repairing ampoules with biotin or amino acids and vitamins A and B, every three to five weeks. The ideal is that you seek professional help to apply them.
  • Shampoos and conditioners fortified with protein can be used daily.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that the majority of protein treatments should be accompanied by a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture and prevent sections of your hair from becoming stiff.


Thinking about your type of hair damage, which protein treatment will you apply?

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