How often should you put coconut oil in your hair? Every day or once a week?

use frequency

Every day people ask me about the correct way to use coconut oil in hair.

And even though I am a huge defender of using natural products for hair beauty, I couldn’t give a black or white answer.


I couldn’t tell you if coconut oil should be used every day, once a week or once a month because the best frequency of use depends on various factors.

For example, they type of hair that the person that wants to use coconut oil has.

Or the types of benefits you want to get for your hair by using coconut oil.


So that it’s clearer, I’ll give you the example of two of my clients.

Alejandra and Liliana.



How often should you use coconut oil on your hair?

once a week

Alejandra has thin hair, so thin that sometimes when I play with it, I’m afraid that it’s going to break between my fingers.

I recommended that she use coconut oil once a week, to strengthen her hair follicles.


On the other hand, Liliana has rough, dry hair, so I immediately ordered her, even though that sounds like a military sergeant, to stop using coconut oil on her scalp and replace it with argan oil. I’m sure you’re wondering why.


Liliana lacked proteins in her hair, which I why it dried out more often.

 The only thing that coconut oil does is make your hair weaker, and in fact, we run the risk of damaging our hair more.   That’s why I recommended argan oil, which I promise I’ll talk more about in another entry.

And just like that, I could tell you about infinite amount of cases of clients who I recommended different alternatives to for using coconut oil on their hair.


Do you want to know what they are?

Keep reading.


In the end, I’ll tell you one case of a client where coconut oil saved her life, or I should say, her hair.

Ah! But first and foremost, it seems vital to me to tell you why coconut oil is an excellent hair beauty treatment in almost all cases.


Hydrating treatments with coconut oil once a week

twice a week

If you think that coconut oil was discovered by millennials as a natural hair treatment, you are very wrong.


Ancient North American tribes used different types of oils extracted from native nuts. After extracting them, the Native Americans smoothly passed them over their hair, since they looked for braids formed from thick, shiny chunks of hair.

From there, today, coconut is one of the most common choices for hair care.


 Coconut oil has lauric acid, which helps to prevent the loss of proteins in your hair. In addition, this ingredient is what allows it to reach the most internal parts of the hair fiber, nourishing it and protecting from dryness. 

It combats certain afflictions like dandruff and counteracts the toxic effects of bleaching.

I will show you how to use it in each case.


The step-by-step

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Due to the medium-chain fatty acids included it its composition, coconut oil penetrates deeper and quicker than any other type of conditioner.

Do you have split ends?

Do you need to hydrate your scalp?

Do you want your hair to shine like Pocahontas?

Then prepare yourself for the shock of coconut oil in your hair.


Step 1

First, wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Remember, that when possible you should use sulfate-free shampoos, those tricky ingredients that just make foam.

oil penetrates the hair

Once you apply the coconut oil in your hair, brush it and place a shower cap over your head, wrapping up all the hair.


 Step 2

Let it work for about forty minutes. It’s a good time to review practice exercises for your next exam or make any kind of pending phone call.


Step 3

After the forty minutes has passed, you can rinse your hair and wash it with shampoo.


I recommend that you do this deep nourishing treatment at least once a week. You will see how your hair gets back its silkiness and shine.


How often should you use coconut oil on curly hair?

twice a week on ends

Many girls with curly hair ask me if they can use coconut oil every day as a treatment to define their curls, and in some cases, to detangle their curly hair.


 The answer is yes, you can use the oil if you have curly hair. 

But you shouldn’t abuse it.


If what you want is to give definition to your curls or a combing product, use the oil two times a week at most. If you tend to have a greasy scalp, only apply the oil on the ends of your hair.


Do you have a tiny but horrible dandruff problem, which has caused you to practically get rid of all your dark shirts?

Here, I have the solution for you.


How to use coconut oil to combat dandruff

In case you don’t already know, even though you live with dandruff every second of your life, this hair problem has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of hygiene, and what usually makes us go through some really unpleasant times is the presence of a fungus that exists thanks to the natural oils that our scalp secretes.

The more sebum, the more chances there are for dandruff to develop.

In math, this is called the simple rule of three. It’s that simple.

What isn’t so simple is getting rid of it.


But coconut oil, although it seems like a contradiction, can help to eliminate it.

Although I should make something clear.

 When using coconut oil to eliminate dandruff, I only recommend it for those people who continuously punish their hair with chemical products which strip out the natural oils.  


For this, pour the coconut oil over your head an in smooth, circular movements softly massage the hair so that the oil slowly penetrates the hair follicles. Once you feel like the oil has soaked in, wrap your hair in a shower cap at get ready to go to bed.


That’s it, just how you read it.

You should let the oil sit on your hair overnight.

The next morning, wash your hair with your normal shampoo. The coconut oil will have combated the funguses that form dandruff, calming the itchiness that dandruff causes, and on top of that, the more you scratch the more dandruff you have.


Are you about to bleach your hair? Let coconut oil sit on your hair all night

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Lastly, but not least important, this advice is for all the women who bleach their hair fairly frequently.

I know what I’m talking about.

Because I see it in the salon fairly often.


Desperate, Young women because after having three different hair colors in one week, that’s to say: Monday, black; Wednesday, pink and Friday, purple, they show up asking for help because their hair is ruined.

For those that like to change up their hair color, pay attention:  bleaching is a very aggressive process for your hair. Coconut oil can mitigate the damages caused by bleaching.  


The night before bleaching your hair, apply coconut oil to your hair like I explained before and let it sit overnight.

When you wake up don’t even think about washing out the coconut oil. Without a doubt, apply the bleaching mixture on your hair like you usually do when you bleach it.


The secret here is that the coconut oil will allow the chemical products used during the bleaching process to penetrate the hair and at the same time, it will protect the natural oils that your scalp produces, keeping your hair fibers more moist despite using bleach.


Now you know how to use coconut oil based on your type of hair and how you are looking to improve the look of your hair.

How do you think you are going to take advantage of the benefits of coconut oil for you hair?

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