How to use Velcro rollers on thin hair without damaging it


velcro rollers

When you have thin hair and you want to curl your hair using Velcro rollers, your life can transform into a real nightmare.


And I’m speaking from experience. I suffered a whole week until I learned how to put them in and take them out correctly.


  • That’s why, before you go through all the pain I did, you should know that you should always put Velcro rollers in wet hair.
  • You should also apply a mousse made for curly hair, separate your hair into small sections and softly roll the roller into each of these sections.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, you can be sure that the first few times I put the rollers in, I had no idea what I was doing.



First off, I didn’t know exactly which roller size I should choose.

Because, you don’t use the same size to get beach waves as you would to get a tight curl, and it all depends on the roller size that you choose.


Then, I didn’t divide my hair into sections correctly. So, in some parts of my hair, the curls were perfectly formed, but in others, it ended up straight. Horribly straight.


 And finally, when I undid them, I unrolled so fast that my hair got stuck in the Velcro, which broke my hair and created frizz. 

I know what you’re thinking. Why did I keep insisting on using these curlers if they just caused me problems?



Let’s see.

I ask you to put yourself into my place.

What would you do if you had straight, thin hair without volume or movement?


  • Use a curler?

Wrong answer. Curlers’ temperature can damage thin hair because of their heat.



  • Would you use hot rollers?

Wrong answer again. Because hot rollers also use heat, which can weaken and break thin hair.


  • Get a perm?

Okay, maybe. If you’re set on having curly hair for six months, that might be a solution. But in my case, I just wanted to have curls a few days a week.

That’s why I decided to use Velcro rollers.




  • Because they’re easy to put in once you know how.
  • They don’t use heat, which is great for thin hair.
  • They’re green because they don’t use electricity.
  • They’re cheap, easy to transport and easy to replace if you lose one.


That’s why if you want to know how to use them correctly, you should keep reading, because I’ll tell you:

  • How to correctly use Velcro rollers
  • How to choose the right roller size based on the curl size you’re aiming for
  • How to clean your rollers so they last even longer


Ready to get perfect curls with no frizz?




How to correctly place the rollers

Once you get the hang of it, using these kinds of rollers is quick and easy.

That’s why, in just a few minutes you can give your thin hair volume and movement, which is, after all, what all of us ladies are dreaming of. Or not?



Let’s go through this step-by-step so you know how to use the rollers correctly.

  • First, I wash and condition my hair, then I dry it with just a towel, because remember: you should always use the rollers on damp hair. I also put some kind of mousse in my hair to help the curl’s shape hold.
  • Then to put in the rollers, I divide my hair according to the roller size I am going to use. If I’m looking for volume and some waves, I use bigger rollers, around 2 inches in diameter.
  • I take a section of hair, I put the roller at the end, and roll my hair up toward my scalp. To get the optimum volume, I roll my hair as close to my roots as possible.
  • Once all of the rollers are in, all you have to do is wait. You don’t have to fix the curls in with any kind of clip or anything because your hair will stick to the Velcro.
  • I usually wait like 20 minutes, and while I wait, I chat with my friends or I put on my make-up.
  • To take out the rollers, I just unroll them away from me, without tugging at them too hard. You should unroll the roller gently and away from your head to avoid your hair getting caught, which will leave you screaming in pain or with a lot of frizz.

You know what I figured out with practice?


  If you use different sized rollers, you’ll end up with more natural curls. Because in some cases, size is everything. 

So, tell me what kind of curl you’re hoping to get, and I’ll tell you what roller you should use.


How to choose your Velcro roller size according to the style you’re hoping to get

In choosing the roller, you should keep three things in mind:

  • The kind of curl you’re hoping to get
  • Your hair’s length
  • And the roller’s size

As a general rule, smaller rollers make tighter curls, while larger rollers make more voluminous, wavy and looser curls.


 Since they’re very affordable, I recommend that you buy different sized rollers so that way you can change your do using the different sizes. 

One day you can have Marilyn Monroe-type curls and the next you can have a beach wave style, like you just hopped off a surfboard.

Do you have short hair?


Don’t you worry, you also can use this kind of roller to get your desired curls.


But if your hair is less than 6 inches long, it will be very difficult for you to roll your hair into a roller that’s 3 inches long.


For me, with hair that’s down to my shoulders, I use 2-inch rollers.

If your hair is shorter, I recommend that you use 1-inch rollers so you can correctly roll each and every one of your locks correctly.


If you have long hair, your options are limitless. You can mix different sized rollers to create a casual and natural look or use smaller rollers to create a headful of ringlets.


It all depends on you and how you want to surprise the world that day.


Although they’re very affordable, it’s very important to keep them clean, since at the end of the day, we are using them on our hair.

Do you want to know how I clean them?


How to correctly clean Velcro rollers

with water and soap


Since I almost always use some kind of mousse in my hair to set the curls before rolling the rollers, the Velcro can stain.

That’s why I periodically clean them.


  • It’s not an exact science, I just use lukewarm water and soap, letting them soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then I rub them delicately, rinse them well with cool water and I leave them on top of a towel, so they dry.
  • How often you should wash them depends on how often you use them and how much hair product you use in your styling process.


 Even if you don’t use any kind of hair product, some hair might get stuck in the Velcro, but it should be easy to get out. 

You can just take two dry rollers in each of your hands and rub them together. That way the loose hairs will stick together, and you can take them out with your hands. It should only take 10-15 seconds per roller.




When I finish taking out the rollers, I feel transformed, because I go from having straight, thin hair to having curls with volume that move with my every step.

 And I can get this feeling without damaging my hair with any kind of heat tool, without spending money at the hair salon and even while I’m just lounging in my pajamas. 


Just remember that you should have damp hair, choose the right roller size and unroll them softly so you don’t break your hair and so frizz doesn’t appear.


Have you ever used Velcro rollers?

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