Is there a product similar to Olaplex? 3 alternatives and a homemade idea


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When magic appears, it’s difficult to resist it.


That’s the case with Olaplex, a completely revolutionary, hair reconstruction product that even today stirs up the calmest sea waters.

Once you try Olaplex on your hair, it’s difficult to use other products.

But there are other factors that make it so many people look for other products similar to Olaplex.


  • Olaplex is expensive.
  • There are many poor-quality imitations.
  • It’s difficult to get Olaplex in many cities.

All of this makes it so many people look for alternative products that give the same results.


Before I tell you if other products exist that act in your hair the way that Olaplex does,   let me tell you something.

A Ferrari is a Ferrari.

Other high-end cars can exist, but there is only one Ferrari.



A Louis Vuitton bag is a Louis Vuitton.

There could be many similar bags that exist, down to the smallest detail, but there’s only one Louis Vuitton.

And we could go on all day, but I think you got the idea.


 What I want to say is that Olaplex revolucionized the market with respect to hair products because it restores the hair from the most inner parts of the hair. 

Imagine that within your hair exists small chains formed by small links. These links are small links of disulfide which makes the hair look healthy and shiny.



When we do any kind of bleaching or coloring treatment, these small links break.

What is the result?

similar natural products

A dry and Straw-like hair without life and with split ends.

Olaplex works by repairing those small sulfide links, reuniting the internal chain of the hair.

 That’s why it ends up being difficult to find a product that gets the same results as Olaplex. 

But don’t be disappointed.



I didn’t say that products similar to Olaplex don’t exist.


That’s why I’ll tell you today

  • The three products that are most similar to Olaplex
  • How the hair reacts to each of those products
  • A natural and inexpensive alternative to Olaplex

Are you ready?



Here you’re going to find a list of three products that are similar to Olaplex, which I recommend that you always use in a salon, since they are products that are meant to be used by professional specialists.

Before tell you the names, I wanted to clear something up.


These three products that I’m going to recommend are used to numb the damages of chemical products during processes like bleaching and coloring.

They are by no means nourishing treatments.




Brazilian Bond Builder B3

alternative product to olaplex

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This is a one-step professional product, which is different from Olaplex which has two steps to be done by a stylist. It is added to mixture used in bleaching or to the products for applying the new color.


It increases the shine of the hair and improves the retention of the pigments of the new color.


 My personal opinion is as opposed Olaplex, this product works better in the prevention of damages, than in the repair of existing damages (read that again please). 

They also offer a kit to be used at home personally, which includes a shampoo, a conditioner, and a weekly reconstructive treatment mask.


Quinoaplex R3

reconstruye el pelo dañado por decoloracion

Check Quinoaplex on Amazon



The most important component of this product is the quinoa protein which is basically very similar to the proteins found naturally in human hair.

When it is used before bleaching or during coloring, it reduces the breakage that happens in the hair fibers in these chemical processes.

If it is used in coloring, it doesn’t interfere with the final results of the color.


Bond Angel Plex Effect

treatment like olaplex


Check Bond Angel Plex Effect price on Amazon


Similar to Olaplex, this product also has three steps for its correct application.


Its objectives are to repair damaged hair, and avoiding the damages caused by coloring and bleaching.

Although, I feel obligated to make an exception.



I recommend this product especially for blondes who decide to lighten the tone of their hair.

Like Olaplex, the first and second steps are done by a stylist in a salon while the third step you can do at home, simply to intensify the results of the previous two steps.


 These are three products that I personally know are somewhat similar to Olaplex, since the three act together to reconstruct the disulfide bonds that break when processing the hair, as much with bleaching as with coloring.  

Nevertheless, in my experience, and in the experience of most stylists, up until this point, there are no products that give you the same benefits as Olaplex.



They are all products that should be applied by a stylist.

Because of that, they aren’t cheap.

You know the saying, “what’s cheap can end up expensive.”

If you want the best of the best, you have to pay for it.


A natural, homemade alternative to use instead of Olaplex

does not replace professional products


I understand perfectly that these days, your pocket rules.

Not all of us have a million-dollar fortune at our disposal in our bank account to care for our hair like Kim Kardashian, one of the pioneers in the use of Olaplex.

That’s why,  if any of these options are a bit out of your budget, I’m going to share one last alternative to Olaplex. 


But listen well.

It will never, ever, be the same as Olaplex.

Have you ever heard of coconut oil?



Yes, the same that you use to hydrate your skin and prepare stupendous facial masks.

Coconut oil can be a cheaper alternative to protect your hair before coloring or bleaching.


But, coconut oil doesn’t act as an internal barrier against chemical products.

It simply acts as an external layer on the hair fibers, so the chemical product, like hydrogen peroxide and bleaching powder, will damage the internal part of the hair anyway.


That means that your hair will look better on the outside after bleaching by applying coconut oil to your hair.

But the internal damage to the hair follicles will continue.



cheaper product than olaplex

Like I said before, when a totally revolutionary and innovative product comes out, with time, similar products and imitations will also emerge.

But the originals are originals.


A Luis Vuitton bag is one-of-a-kind.

Olaplex too.


However, any attempt to protect your hair is always worth it, with coconut oil, with Olaplex, or with any product that can mean the difference between healthy hair and destroyed hair.

Have you ever used one of these products before?

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