Author: Erika Utrera

My name is Erika Utrera and I have been a professional stylist for 14 years.

I started studying hairdressing 15 years ago in Cordoba, Argentina. After finishing the basic hairdressing course, I started to work in my mother's hairdressing salon.

After just one year, I found myself teaching at an international academy called Pivot Point. Then, I worked in ABC Peluquerías, a chain of salons located in different shopping centers in Cordoba.

It didn't take long to decide that it was time for me to open my own salon. At that moment, a new stage in my life began. As the owner of my own salon I was able to discover the pleasure of working on what I love.

My training is largely due to the experience I gained in my second job, at the hairdressing academy, where I was able to train with many highly regarded professionals within the industry.

At a time when I needed to open up a little perspective and discover new ways of working, I decided to travel to Europe. I took courses with international professionals.

Then, I also traveled to Brazil in several opportunities to improve my highlights and balayage techniques.

Not only do I like working in the salon, but I also enjoy photo productions. Working on hair and make up for marketing campaigns is something I enjoy the most. Currently, I have been working for a brand from Cordoba doing hair and make up for their campaigns for about 7 years.

My salon is located in Villa Carlos Paz, a town with many theatre plays during summer holidays. I worked at them during entire seasons. Although it is a job that can turn into a routine, given that the same hairstyle is reproduced daily, it is also something that I enjoy very much and that takes me out of the daily routine of the salon.

The truth is that my work has many areas and variations, which never bores me. I am always doing new things and reinventing myself. It is a great satisfaction to work in what I like and to be able to take my profession to different areas of work.

Currently, I have a project of opening an Academy. I began giving basic courses of hairdressing three years ago and, now, I am incorporating improvements for professionals. Although the courses have been active for quite some time, we want to start incorporating more workshops and training to expand the offer.

Our salon won two awards given by L’Oreal Professionnel. My partner, Edgar Barbosa, won in 2014 the prize for the best Argentinean hairdresser In 2016, we were awarded together a prize in which L'Oréal Professionnel recognized us as one of the best national professionals.

At present, we are part of the 17 salons chosen by L'Oréal Professionnel as the best Emotion salons in Argentina.

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