Author: Florencia Perrot

Hi! My name is Florencia Perrot, and I’m 30 years old. I was born in the town of Tigre, near Buenos Aires in Argentina.

I’ve been enchanted by the world of hair ever since I was a little girl. Since I’m the daughter of a hair stylist, my first memories are of helping my mom in every way she’d let me. I wanted to get a little hands-on experience in the world I was so fascinated by.

When I was older, I completed an accelerated basic hair stylist training with the Dayloplas school, which took me a year, and then I did another focusing on my skills on colorimetry at that same school when I was 22 years old.

Afterward, I immediately started working at a famous hair salon, called Genesis, located 30 minutes from my house in another town called, San Fernando, where we had a ton of clients! The hustle and bustle of the salon allowed me to get a lot of experience fast. My boss there, Martin Leiva, is a colorimetry genius, so I was sure to learn as much as I possibly could from him during my two years working under him.

When I was 25 years old, I set out to work on my own, doing home visits with clients and using both Facebook and word-of-mouth to find new clients. By the end of my first year, my agenda was full, and my clients had to book weeks out to see me.

At 28, I became a mother to my wonderful son, Thiago, so my clients had to give me a little break, but I assured them I’d be back at it soon enough.

At 29, I decided to start returning to work, but I really wanted to perfect my styling abilities, so I took a class with the amazingly talented Romina Romero.

And, if that weren’t enough, I also wanted to add an extra service for my clients’ visits, so this year, I did a class in Russian manicures and semi-permanent polish with Lorena Cantone. This seemed like a great way for my clients to pass the time while we left the dye in their hair. Now they can walk away from the visit with not only a divine new hair style, but also beautiful nails, too. Talk about pampering!

I’m a very proactive person, always moving forward with a thirst for new knowledge. I love this ever-changing profession because it never, ever bores me.

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