Author: Mimi Felman

My name is Mimi Felman and I’m a licensed stylist.

I always loved the hairdressing world. After abandoning several careers, I accepted that this was my destiny.

I was trained at ACP hairdressing school, where I enjoyed the most beautiful years of my training.

I specialized in color and dedicated myself exclusively to it with the help of a L'Oréal artist. I trained in courses of the latest techniques and trends at the L'Oréal Academy. I perfected myself in the hairdressing school of Jessica Leo education.

I worked for many years for the beauty of women in different well-known places.

At present I have my studio in Buenos Aires city. I receive and accompany all women who have followed me for many years and trust my hands.

I love to create unique looks for them and I enjoy making color corrections. Success is in the simple things. I love art, my work, and my family..

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