What does purple shampoo do to brown and dark hair?

with purple shampoo

I know.

I know that purple shampoo is a solution, almost of divine origin, for girls with light hair.

But let me tell you something.

If you are asking what are the effects of purple shampoo on brown or dark hair, my answer would be “depends.” 


In life, not everything is black and white. There are also gray areas, thank God.

What I’m going to tell you, I know first-hand.

It’s the real experience of my friend Silvina, tested and confirmed on her hair.


That’s why I repeat that the results of using purple shampoo on dark hair depends on what your objective is.

 If you want to use the purple shampoo to change your hair color, the answer is NO, you won’t see any difference.  


Purple shampoo is not a hair dye. It simply contains special pigments that get rid of the orange color that can appear in some strands of hair after multiple hair washes in which the effects of the dye wash out.

Now, do you want to know in what cases purple shampoo does work on dark hair?


Keep reading, and I will tell you how my friend Silvina used the purple shampoo in her hair.



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When can it be useful to use purple shampoo in dark hair?

effect on dark hair

My friend Silvina has incredible dark brown hair that goes down to her waist. Two months ago, she decided to get highlights in her hair, mostly in the strands around her face.

She told me that she wanted to achieve a specific brightness to make her beautiful features and hazel eyes stand out.

I went with her to the salon to do the streaks, and I have to say they looked spectacular.


She looked radiant with those highlighted chunks of hair that sprinkled throughout her mane with glimmers of light and color.

They were just barely lighter than her natural color.


 But after twenty days, she saw that those chunks of hair had turned orange, “furiously orange” in her own words.  


She passed by the salon to complain to the colorist, thinking that she had done a lousy job.

The colorist explained that this was normal, because with washes and the effect of light on the streaks, they fade.

Of course, my friend didn’t want to spend more money on the process.

So, the colorist recommended that she use purple toning shampoo.


At first, my friend looked at her weirdly because she knew that purple shampoo was primarily designed for blondes.

But the hairdresser told her to use it with complete confidence, that the shampoo would calm the orange in her streaks.

Silvina bought purple shampoo.


She confessed to me that she got goosebumps all over her body when she put a good quantity of that violet cream in the palm of her hands.

She was scared that her brown hair would disappear, leaving her hair completely violet, but…

That didn’t happen at all.


 The purple shampoo got rid of the orange in her highlights, but it didn’t do anything to the rest of her hair.   No type of incident occurred. Her hair continued being brown as always.



Because in the color palette, violet neutralizes orange, because it is the opposite, but it could never have any effect on brown or black hair.


How to correctly use purple shampoo

Since purple shampoo tends to dry out hair, my friend alternated using it with her regular shampoo, in other words, every three washes she would use purple shampoo.


When you wash your hair with purple shampoo, don’t rinse it right away. Let it sit in your hair for a few minutes, meanwhile, take advantage of that time to file away the calluses on your feet.


To prevent the purple from wreaking havoc on the rest of your hair, after rinsing, mix a bit of purple conditioner with a hair mask and let the mixture sit in your hair for five minutes.

After, rinse with cold water to close the cuticles and very delicately detangle so as not to damage the hair fibers.


It gave her excellent results, and now she can extend the life of the highlights in her hair without having to go back to the salon every twenty days for a touch-up.



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To sum it all up, if you are looking to change the tone of your dark hair with purple shampoo, it won’t work because violet doesn’t have any effect on browns or blacks, and also, it’s not a hair dye.

If your brown hair has highlights and streaks that with time will turn orange or chicken yellow, purple shampoo will work to neutralize those colors and your streaks back their original light and splendor.

In this way, you avoid using new chemicals on your hair and save money in salon expenses.


Do you have dark hair? Have you ever used purple shampoo in your hair?

Tell me about your experience.

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