repair damaged hair

All of Hollywood is talking about this treatment.

Stylists say they have never seen such an incredible treatment.

It is the new generation in hair treatment.

Today we will talk about the latest treatment trend in salons all over the world: The Hair Botox Treatment.



Did you say Hair Botox?

Isn’t botox for the face?


Yes. You are right.

For years, botox was only a face treatment.

A treatment that is painful and makes the face look like a clown. Or like a cookie if you’re in luck.

I apologize if anyone here has had face botox. It’s just an opinion.

There’s something that we cannot deny: Face botox makes the face stretch out abnormally.

Botox for hair stretches the hair like the face botox does, but with a big difference.

It’s a 100% organic treatment that repairs damaged hair.


You may have questions like:

  • Are they going to inject a syringe into my hair?
  • Is this treatment for hair as dangerous as the face botox?
  • What type of hair can use this treatment?
  • It seems like something really expensive. Is that true?

Discover the answers in this article.

After you have finished reading, you will want to run to the nearest salon.


All you need to know about hair botox treatment

repair split ends

Do you have damaged hair?

Are you struggling with too much frizz?

Or maybe split ends?

This is the treatment that your hair needs.


The wide world of hair health is evolving towards more natural and less harmful hair products.

Hair botox is a part of this trend.

Hair botox is a 100% ecological treatment indicated for the restoration of damaged hair.


Let’s begin by talking about why there is so much controversy about this new treatment. And we’ll also discuss some differences between the hair and the face treatments. This treatment has triggered controversy since its first appearance, largely because of its name.


Although it is called hair botox, the product doesn’t contain the botulin toxin. This is the main component of the face botox treatment.

The treatment was named after obtaining results similar to those of the facial cosmetic procedure.

There’s another big difference with the facial treatment.

The botox for hair is not injected into the scalp. It is applied directly to the hair through massage and heat.

Now you know it. If you’re not a very good friend of needles, you’re in luck, because they’re not needed for this treatment.


Hair botox repairs broken or damaged hair fibers. This is achieved through a powerful concentrate of active ingredients.

Its unique formula restores hair from the inside out, increasing its density.

The result is a total revitalization of hair from the first use.


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What are the results of the treatment? And the benefits?

repair very damaged hair

The product has the ability to recover the structure of the hair without losing volume. Your hair will look shiny and silky, facilitating brushing.


One of the most frequently mentioned benefits when discussing the results aspect is its ability to reduce frizz in wavy manes or eliminate it entirely. It will also increase the body and volume of fine hair.

Another important advantage is its ability to repair split ends.


Can it be used on all hair types?

Yes. It can be used with absolutely any type of hair, unlike other treatments currently available which are adapted only to certain types. Also, it does not interfere with other treatments that you have done on your hair.



  • Restores the health of the hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • Moisturizes hair, leaving it much stronger
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Eliminates split ends


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Is it a pricey treatment? All about prices for the treatment and how to choose your salon


Here we are on one of my favourite topics: Prices.

Why is this my favourite topic?


Because I find the big differences in prices between the salons amazing.

How is it possible that one salon charges $50 and the other charges $200 for the same treatment?


Or maybe a better question to ask is this:

Is it really the same treatment?


So many questions to answer. Let’s see…


The price varies depending on the salon you choose to perform the procedure and your place of residence.

For example, if you live in Manhattan, you would need a good budget to do this treatment. Maybe $150 or $200.

Life is always a business game, based on supply and demand. If there are people in a position to pay that sum, some will charge it.


There’s another BIG factor behind the prices.

It is the products that each salon uses to make the treatment.

botox for the hair

There are a couple of products you need to make this treatment. The main two are the shampoo and the botox itself.


The problem is that there are several brands that make this product called hair botox, and not all of them are the same quality. There you have a big factor in the final price of the treatment.


Here are some brands that make this treatment, and I can vouch for them.

  • Innovatis
  • Tahe
  • Prismax
  • Primont

My advice, and I don’t think you would find this in any other place, is this.


Before you sit at the salon, make sure you ask what product they are going to put on your hair. It’s your head and your hair. You have the freedom to choose.

If you’re not sure about the brand of the product, find another salon.

I’ve met girls that go cheap with their salon and after a couple of days their heads were a real mess.


What would be a reasonable price for hair botox?

For between $75 and $100, you could find a good salon that works with quality products.


It is important to select a salon with confidence. While the application should not present major problems, the process requires special attention in some instances.

Doing the process in reverse order, for example, could mean that some compounds don’t activate.


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How is hair botox applied?

Have you ever done a Japanese or Brazilian Keratin Hair-Straightening?

The application process is very similar to these other treatments.


The application process takes between an hour and an hour and a half, and is performed exclusively in salons or beauty parlors.

(UPDATE: It can be done at home with the right products and the correct instructions.)


The treatment comes in an ampoule.

How is it used?

The ampoule is heated until clear. It is then mixed with six parts of warm water (60 ml).

(This is a general rule. Each product has its own instructions)


The first step is deeply washing the hair with a special shampoo that opens the cuticles and removes any residue that it might have.

The next step is drying the hair.


Now it’s time to prepare the mixture.

When the mixture is prepared, it is time to apply the botox by sections, massaging from the roots to the tips.


After applying the mixture all over the hair, we have to leave it for a few minutes.

If outdoors, leave it on for 20 minutes.

If using a thermal cap, leave it for 10 minutes.

After drying, the treatment is sealed with the flat iron, which achieves greater penetration in the hair fibers.

Finally, the hair is combed as usual.


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Reviews and conclusions

botox straightening

I’ve been a professional stylist for 20 years.

Without a doubt, botox for hair is one of the most interesting treatments that has emerged in recent years.


Not because of its sexy name.

Not because it can be pricey.

But because it works incredibly well.


I’ve seen this treatment work on all hair types. I’ve seen it work on really damaged hair.

So damaged that the hair seemed like it had no salvation, no cure.

And after an hour or so, the hair looks like a child’s hair. Revitalized. Shiny. Silky.

Hair botox results are visible from the outset, since the product has immediate effects.

The final results vary according to hair type and condition when performing the treatment.


According to those who have had the opportunity to test hair botox, the results go beyond a purely aesthetic issue, which is obvious. Brushing the hair is so much more relaxed and painless.

It’s like a detangling hair treatment, so that movement of the comb is performed without breaking the hair.


Stylists with years of experience have highlighted that customers leave the salon with completely renovated scalps, higher moisture content, and especially good structure.


It is not just for hair that has been neglected for too long, with clear signs of dryness and discoloration due to exposure to the weather, or that has been carefully maintained over time with products suitable for this purpose.

Professionals have commented that the further the damage to the hair, the better the end result that will be seen.

What do you think about hair botox?

Have you ever tried it?

It’s something that you would like to test?

Let me know what you think.



Are you going to try a hair treatment?


Don’t do it yet please.

brazilian keratin

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