We started in 2014 as a small blog that talked about a treatment that was becoming fashionable: Hair Botox. Hence the name of the site.

The treatment was growing in popularity and many women had concerns about the treatment.

What is hair botox for? What is the difference with other treatments like keratin? It is dangerous? Can I do it at home?


They were just some of the many questions that arose regarding this novel treatment.

So it was that to fill that empty space of information we created a small blog that answered all those questions and others.


As time went by, we realized that many women brought other doubts, some related to botox and others not. So we began to answer those other questions that the women who visited the blog also had.


Today the blog covers all topics related to hair beauty. From classic treatments to the latest trends in coloring, going through quite specific technical questions.

Currently the content is written by professional hairdressers who are actively engaged in the profession, which gives them a broad and up-to-date view of everything that happens within the world of hair beauty.

The hairdressers’ work is edited by professional editors who give the content a more journalistic perspective


Our goal is to always provide practical and useful information.

If you have any questions, comments, or opinions, you can send us an email from the contact page.