How long should you wait to dye your hair again with box dye?

  • You’ll need to wait at least 30 days to dye your hair agan with box dye.
  • If you need to renew your color, and it has been only ten days since you applied the dye, you can use a semi-permanent dye.
  • But, if you need to cover your roots, you can apply the box dye only to the hair growth.


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In my opinion, box dyes are something similar to the Happy Meal Box promoted by the famous hamburger chain.



 A box dye has of the most coveted treasures for women: a quick and effective hair color change kit. 


But this happy little box can bring unhappy consequences for your hair.

Do you know why?

You shouldn’t abuse using box dye.


 It’s best to wait at least a couple weeks before using permanent dye again to prevent further damage. 


And the reason seems logical to me.

The box dye contains chemicals that remove moisture and nutrients from your hair.

Therefore,  if you dye your hair, and want to do it again fifteen days later, you’ll only weaken and damage your hair. 


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Do you know how to tell that your hair has been weakened by abusing box dye?

  • You’ll get split ends.
  • You’ll start to struggle with frizz.
  • You’ll notice your hair is rough and dry.


That’s why  all permanent hair dye manufacturers advise waiting thirty days to use the product again. 


In the meantime, you can apply different repair and nourishing treatments to your hair to strengthen it until the next color renewal.

Now, what if you need to recolor your hair with a box dye before thirty days?


Well, I’ll be honest.

You could do it in any of the following situations.

And that’s what I’ll talk to you about next.

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If you need to dye your hair again in less than thirty days, use a semi-permanent dye

box hair dye to cancel orange

After all, semi-permanent box dye is also a happy box.

But it’s a happy box with fewer risks than permanent hair dye.


 Because semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t require a developer or ammonia. 


Therefore, it will be less hard on your recently colored hair.

Of course, if you colored it black, you can’t apply a light brown or blonde.


In this case,  re-dyeing your hair with a semi-permanent hair color will maintain your desired color without damaging it.   


Choose the color you used fifteen years ago.

Also, if you need to recolor your hair because it faded quickly, check the hair products you are using daily.

They should be sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners because they don’t remove the pigmentation from the dyes.

Sulfates can remove up to 30% of the intensity of the dye and turn your hair dull.


If you want to touch up the roots, you can reapply the box dye only on the growth

re-dye every five weeks

Hair typically grows between one and one and a half centimeters per month.

So,    your roots will show 30 days after you color your hair.  


However, sometimes they show before. It all depends on how your hair growth rate.

If you notice that the difference between your roots and the rest of your hair is too much, you can apply the box dye before thirty days.


But  you should only apply it to two or three centimeters of your hair growth without touching the rest of your hair. 


This way, your color will be even, and you won’t damage the rest of your hair.

As the roots are virgin hair, they’ll absorb the dye quickly because they don’t require extra processing like previously colored hair.


Do you know how to touch up your roots?

Here’s a step by step guide:

  • Comb and separate your dry hair into four sections, from forehead to nape and from ear to ear. Hold each section with hair clips.
  • In a plastic container, place the dye and developer and mix to blend.
  • With the help of the brush,  apply the dye covering the roots up to two or four centimeters. 
  • Repeat the process on each section.
  • Leave the dye on for forty-five minutes or as instructed by the manufacturer.
  • Rinse your hair with plenty of warm water. Massage your scalp to loosen any remaining dye.
  • You can use your usual shampoo and conditioner. Remember that they should be sulfate-free.



If you want to dye your hair again with a box dye, it’s best to wait for thirty days.

In the meantime, you can repair your hair with nourishing and moisturizing treatments.


However, if your color fades before, you can use a semi-permanent hair color after fifteen days.

Alternatively, if you only want to touch up your roots, you can use a permanent dye. The roots are virgin hair and won’t be damaged by the box dye.

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