Is there an effective home remedy for getting yellow out of blonde hair?

  • Unfortunately, there’s no effective home remedy for getting rid of unwanted yellow tones that appear in your hair.
  • Because what we’re talking about are underlying pigments located in the internal part of your hair. That’s why you need specific hair products to get rid of them.
  • But, if because of time or money constraint, you need to hide that ugly yellow, you can use beets. But, it will only be a temporary solution. I’ll give you the recipe in a moment here.


to get yellow out of blonde hair

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Are you a little disappointed? Come on, don’t feel too down. All is not lost. I am sure about one thing, though: I’m not going to trick you into doing something that won’t work.


If you were to ask me about home remedies for moisturizing your hair, I could give you dozens of masks. And, they’d be effective for getting your hair to moisturize back.

But, when it comes to coloring your hair, it’s a whole different story. Because to change a pigment, you need to get inside of your hair cuticle, or deposit pigments on the external part, which can only be done with specific products.


So, if you want to get rid of yellow in your hair, you should go to a professional salon or use more traditional products, like, for example, a toner or purple shampoo.

You’ve decided against those options, and I’m not here to judge you.

But, if you’ll let me ask one question: Why do you want to get rid of the yellow in your hair with a home remedy if there are products out there designed to do exactly that?


 There are a lot of products on the market, like toner and purple shampoo, that are relatively affordable and will get rid of the yellow in your hair pretty quickly. 

And those should be your first choices.


If for some reason beyond your control, you’re not able to get either of those two options, you can try with the home remedy that I’m about to give you.

But I should also clarify something, because, like my grandma used to say: Forewarned is forearmed.


 Home remedies for toning your hair can work well sometimes and other times, the results can be not exactly what you were hoping for.  Do you want to know why?


If so, stick with me, because I’ll tell you about:

  • Why home remedies are effective for toning hair
  • A mask for hiding yellow in your hair


I think that after reading this information, you’ll be able to decide for yourself what you prefer.

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Why home remedies aren’t effective for toning your hair

homemade recipes for hair

There are hundreds of creams, toners, and shampoos made for getting rid of yellow in your hair. You can find many options fit for all different budgets, and they even sell many of them on Amazon at affordable prices.


 I’m not very on board with home remedies for getting rid of yellow because they just aren’t that effective of a solution for the problem. 


They’re like a hail-Mary solution that can never replace the products designed for toning your hair with scientific backing as to what exactly they’ll do to your hair.


And, before you find the solution, you’ll need to find out what caused the problem. To do that, you’ll need to have a look at your hair, since yellow can appear for a few different reasons.

For example:


Unfortunately, in this case, you’ll have to bleach your hair again to get rid of those underlying yellow tones, and then use a dye on your hair.


  • Did you get highlights and they didn’t lighten to the right bleached color?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to use a dye between half a level and one level darker to fix it.


The best solution for this problem is purple shampoo, which deposits purple pigments in your hair that get rid of the yellow and won’t fade the next time you wash it.


 As you can see, in none of these situations did I mention a solution that involves a home remedy because it simply doesn’t exist.  You can’t use a home remedy to deposit color into the internal part of your hair.

Because you always have to use a chemical that opens your cuticles to get rid of the unwanted color.


Now, if you don’t have a toning product, like a shampoo, mask, cream or toner,  and you want to get rid of yellow in your hair without spending much money or going to the hair salon, then I’ll give you a home remedy that will help you temporarily.  

What do I mean by “temporarily?”


I mean that the next time you wash your hair, the effect of the home remedy will disappear, and the yellow will come back.


What do you need to make this home remedy?

Beets. I’ll tell you why in just a second. 


Homemade mask for hiding unwanted yellow in your hair

to use on hair

I chose beets because they’re a vegetable with a very potent purple color.

And, on the color wheel, purple is opposite yellow, so it cancels it out. That’s why blondes use purple shampoo in their hair care routines.


Purple cancels out yellow because it’s a complimentary color, meaning that you can’t find one color in the composition of the other. Purple is made of blue and red, which are two primary colors.

What is the primary color that you don’t find in purple’s composition?


Yellow! So, that’s why purple cancels out those yellow tones that can appear in your hair.

Now it’s time to talk about how to make this home remedy that neutralizes unwanted yellow tones.



  • 3 or 4 beets
  • Water
  • Mixer



  • Put the beets in a large pot and add enough water to cover them. Boil the beets until they’re well cooked.
  • Once the beets are tender, remove the pot from the heat and set aside the cooking water. Don’t throw it away, because we’ll use it later.
  • Use a mixer to puree the beets. Be sure there are no chunks left.
  • Once you have the beet puree, add the cooking water until you have a creamy consistency.
  • Let it cool.
  • Wash your hair, then, instead of using shampoo, use the beet mask and leave it in for five minutes.
  • Once that time has gone by, rinse your hair, and if it’s really tangled, you can use a no-rinse detangler.


 Like I said at the beginning, this mask should be your very last choice because it’s not a permanent solution.  Most likely, your hair won’t have any shine and the yellow will reappear as soon as you wash your hair again.


But, the good thing is that this mask won’t damage your hair, so if you’re not happy with the results, you can always use a toner, dye, or even purple shampoo on your hair afterward.



There is no effective home remedy out there for neutralizing yellow tones in your hair. To get rid of them permanently, the best options are using toner, dye, or purple shampoo.

As a last resort, you can make a beet mask, but it will only hide the yellow until the next time you wash your hair.


In the end, what will you decide? Will you get rid of the yellow tones in your hair with the beet mask, or will you end up going for the products specifically made for that, which also aren’t that expensive?

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