How long does oVertone last? How to make it last longer? How to fade the color faster?


coloring conditioner

  • According to the manufacturer and after many lab tests, oVertone lasts approximately 20 to 22 washes. However, it’ll mostly depend on your washing routine and frequency.
  • For oVertone to last more than 20 washes, you should wash your hair less frequently, use sulfate-free shampoos, and apply it in each wash to extend the color.
  • And if you want to fade the oVertone more quickly, you can apply moisturizing masks with ceramides or coconut oil, and leave them on overnight. I’ll tell you other little tricks later.



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Do you know what I like the most about Overtone hair dyes?

While they color the hair, they also condition it. When it comes to hair color, that seems essential to me.

 Better yet, you can use the oVertone coloring conditioner in every wash to extend the life of the color.  

Isn’t that wonderful?


with overtone

Of course, like any temporary hair dye, the duration is a recurring topic because they don’t last forever.

According to the manufacturer, oVertone lasts up to 22 washes.


 Those 22 washes can be 22 days if you wash your hair every day, which I don’t recommend. Alternatively, they could be 40 days if you wash your hair every other day. 


So, the exact duration will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions because he knows his product. It’ll also depend on the user. That is, none other than yourself.

And speaking of oVertone, one of my clients comes to my mind. She’s Vanessa, who visited me one afternoon and confessed that, together with her sister, she had found the solution to stop her pink hair color fading.


That’s when she told me about Overtone, her sister’s big secret. After applying it to her hair, and seeing fantastic color results, I explained to her what precautions she should take.

She shouldn’t wash her hair too often and always use Overtone as a conditioner.



A few days went by, and Vanessa came back very worried. What surprised me the most was that the color hadn’t faded, but it was dull. Also, her hair was very frizzy and impossible to comb.

 When she detailed her beauty routine, I understood where the mistake was.

She had used a shampoo with sulfates, which dulled and dried out her hair.

Why hadn’t the color faded?



Simple. Vanessa applied oVertone in every wash as a conditioner.

As you can see, several factors can affect the duration of Overtone. Extending the life of the color also depends on you.


A foolproof routine to extend the duration of oVertone

creamy texture

  • To begin with, don’t wash your hair immediately after applying the Overtone.

What I mean is, don’t wash it immediately with shampoo. Once the exposure time is up, simply rinse your hair with plenty of warm to cold water.



  • Then, wait 72 hours to wash it. This way, the pigments of the oVertone will finish settling on the surface of the hair.

After those 72 hours are up, it’s time for the first wash after application.


  • Which shampoo will you use?

Sulfate-Free! Record it, repeat it, write it 100 times like in school days.


 The shampoos you use from now on should be sulfate and paraben-free to prevent the pigments in the Overtone from fading. 

Let’s move on to the second adjustment to your hair routine: frequency of washing.



You have a semi-permanent hair color. So, don’t wash your hair every day!

a while after cutting it

First, because it is not necessary.

Second, because your hair will get weaker.

And third, because your Overtone hair color will last longer.

  • Therefore, wash your hair a maximum of three times a week. That will not only preserve the color but will also prevent your hair from drying out and weakening.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, if you want your Overtone hair dye to last longer, apply the Overtone coloring conditioner every time you wash your hair. It’ll keep your color vibrant and your hair more hydrated and soft. A real 2 x 1.


By the way, don’t overuse heat tools because they strip color and dry out hair. If you must, use a heat protectant.


If you follow these hair beauty tips, your Overtone semi-permanent hair color will last up to 10 – 12 weeks and you’ll be able to look great for longer.


Now, what if you want to change your Overtone shade before it fades or you don’t like the color you chose? That’s what I’ll talk about next.


How to fade the oVertone faster?

Let’s say you want to fade the color because you feel it’s too extravagant for your style. Don’t worry!


It’s very simple and you can easily do it at home.


  • First, stop using the oVertone as a conditioner to avoid adding extra pigmentation.

That’s a fundamental step.

Then, you can follow some extra tricks.


  • If you had to avoid shampoos with sulfates to extend color, now you’re free to use them. But keep in mind that they can dry out your hair.

If you don’t want to take that risk, use a lower-quality conditioner. It’ll fade the oVertone pigments without damaging your hair.



  • Don’t mind going to sleep with a product in your hair?

Then, apply a moisturizing mask with ceramides overnight and rinse it in the morning. Why with ceramides?

Because it moisturizes the hair but is very corrosive to the color.


 You can also apply warm olive oil to your hair and then wash it with lots of shampoo.  

Once you’ve faded the oVertone, you can apply the hair dye of your choice, whether it’s permanent, semi-permanent or another Overtone color.




The Overtone coloring conditioner is a miracle in terms of ease of application and maintenance.

You have to follow these directions to keep your color longer. And if you want it to fade faster, now you know how to do it without risking your hair health.

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