Can you dye your hair twice in one day without bleach?

woman thinks about dyeing her hair twice in one day

  • No, you can’t dye your hair twice in one day, not even without bleach. Firstly, because you don’t use bleach to dye your hair.
  • Secondly, because you shouldn’t dye your hair twice in one day.
  • Ideally, you should dye your hair every six to seven weeks.


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My goodness, what strange things people ask!

Without going any further, the other day,  a girl asked me if she could dye her hair twice in one day without bleach. 


And the answer was obviously a resounding NO.  You can’t dye your hair twice in one day, either with bleach or without bleach. 


Also, when bleach is used, the process is called bleaching. And bleaching hair is a very different process than dyeing hair.

The difference is enormous.

bleach-free coloring mix

  •  In bleaching , you mix bleach and developer to remove all artificial and natural hair color.
  •  When you dye your hair , you mix developer with dye to change the hair color.


If you’re reading these lines, you’re probably as confused as the girl who asked me if she could dye her hair twice on the same day without bleach. And in that case, I recommend you go to a salon.

Because coloring and bleaching are two very different processes.


So the question of whether you can dye your hair twice without bleach doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t make sense because   you never use bleach when you dye your hair.  But it also doesn’t make sense because IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO DYE YOUR HAIR TWICE IN ONE DAY ANYWAY.

I repeat, in case you had any doubt:  you should definitely not dye your hair twice in one day, even if you don’t use bleach. 

Bleach and dye are not compatible. Want to know why? Read on.


Why you should never use hair dye with bleach

colorist applies toner after bleaching

Earlier I told you that  dye and bleach are not compatible . But I understand where the confusion is coming from about whether you can dye your hair twice in one day without bleach.

Let’s see.


In salons, to achieve any particular color, you bleach the hair first to remove all the color from the hair, and then you apply dye or toner.

And this doesn’t happen in just twenty minutes.

The colorist lets the bleach work for up to 45 minutes, then rinses the hair, applies the toner, and lets it work to add color to the hair.

Why would the colorist want to add color if she previously bleached it out? Because when you bleach your hair, you usually get a harsh color, neutralized with a toner or dye.


And I think that’s where the confusion arises. Hair is never bleached or colored at the same time.

Maybe you’ve returned from the salon and think you can reapply a dye without bleach because your hair is too dark. After all, if you don’t mix bleach with the dye, you won’t damage your hair, right?

But you are far from the truth. You still apply a chemical process to your hair when you use a dye.  Can you imagine the damage you could do to your hair if you dye it twice in one day? 


I’ll give you a hint.

If you dye your hair twice in one day, any of these three things may happen:

  • Irritation and scalp injury.
  • Extreme drying out of the hair.
  • Hair breakage and hair loss.

Faced with this, we’re left with only one question.


When is it safe to recolor hair?

dye on a brush to re-dye hair

In this case, I have two possible answers.

  •  Is your hair healthy  and doesn’t break or fall out? If you’ve dyed your hair and don’t like the color or it turned out uneven, you can dye it again one week after the first dye application.
  •  Is your hair dry, or have you noticed it breaks when you detangle it ? Wait between 6 and 8 weeks to dye your hair again. This will give your hair time to process the color you’ve applied and recover from the chemical process.

And during those weeks, you can repair your hair.

  • Use keratin masks twice a week.
  • Apply a jojoba oil overnight mask, which seals cuticles while maintaining hydration, once a week.
  • Don’t straighten or curl your hair excessively. And when you do, use heat protectants.
  • Don’t bleach your hair.



So now you know you should never color your hair twice in one day. And you’ve also learned that bleach never mixes with dye.

Finally, if you dyed your hair with a light brown hair dye and want to dye it again the same day with a lighter color, you can use a semi-permanent hair dye. This type of hair dye doesn’t contain ammonia, and you don’t apply it with developer.

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