How to get rid of permanent hair dye ASAP (is such a thing even possible?)

  • The fastest and healthiest way to get rid of permanent hair dye is to cut it off. Of course, I’m sure shaving your head is not an option.
  • So, assuming you trim the ends about an inch per month, it’ll take you anywhere from 4 to 18 months to remove all the permanent hair dye depending on your hair’s length
  • Of course, you’ll also have to take some actions to accompany the smooth growth of your hair until all the permanent hair dye is removed.
  • For example, apply semi-permanent hair dyes with tones close to your base color, strip the color out of reddish hair, or use a black toner.


it takes only one afternoon

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I’m not going to try to convince you. If you want to remove a permanent hair dye, unfortunately, health and speed don’t go hand in hand.

We’re talking about preserving your hair’s health.

After all, what’s the point of having hair the color you want if it’s dry and burnt?


Finally,  if in the rush to remove the permanent dye you burn or break your hair, you’ll have to cut it anyway. 

Then there’s a fact that’s not minor when you want to get rid of a permanent hair dye.

Can you guess what it is?


Good one! I see you’re paying attention, and that’s a good sign.

It means you made it this far even though I told you at the beginning that removing permanent hair dye won’t be a quick thing.


remove colored hair

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What you need to keep in mind  before considering removing the permanent hair dye is the color you applied to your hair. Removing a black permanent hair dye is not the same as removing a blonde one. 

The lighter the hair dye, the easier it’ll be to remove. You won’t need to perform a procedure like color-stripping. It’ll be easier, but not faster.


You should also take into account the length of your hair. For example, removing the permanent hair dye will be faster on short than on waist-length hair.


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In hair matters,  having patience is essential. You should also be aware that if you take any shortcuts, there will always be consequences. 

So, next, and with your feet on the ground, let’s take a look at how to remove permanent hair dye according to your hair color. Fast?

It depends on your patience. Healthy? Totally.

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Situation 1 – Light, copper, and brown hair: Use a semi-permanent hair dye in the base color of your hair and trim the ends every month.

due to lack of hydration

This option will work on light, copper, and brown hair. What is the idea behind this option?


 As long as you let your hair grow and trim your ends every month, your hair won’t look messy growing out. 

As you trim the ends, you’ll be removing the permanent hair dye month by month.

Why a semi-permanent hair color?


Because they don’t penetrate the hair cuticle. They don’t change your natural pigments. They fade with washing. Therefore, by the time you have removed all the permanent dye, you’ll no longer need to color your hair.


  • If your hair is colored with a permanent blonde hair dye, choose a semi-permanent one in the same color as your virgin hair. Apply it without touching your roots. This will even out the tone.

Repeat the process month after month applying the dye to the permanently colored hair.


  • If your hair is colored with a copper or brown dye, the technique will be the same as detailed above. Only in this case, you should choose a semi-permanent hair dye with ash tones.

This will eliminate the orange tones that may appear in your hair.


In both cases, depending on your hair’s length, removing the permanent hair dye completely can take between 4 months for shorter haircuts and 18 months for very long hair.


Situation 2 – Red hair: Strip the color out, apply a semi-permanent hair dye, and trim all the ends monthly until the permanent hair dye is removed.

apply it on healthy hair

Color-stripping is a gentle but consistent enough bleaching to loosen the reddish tone. When the reddish tones of the permanent hair dye are removed, copper tones are likely to emerge.


Therefore,  you should look for a semi-permanent hair dye with ashy highlights which resemble your base color. Apply it avoiding the roots. 

And don’t forget to trim the ends every month. As in the previous case, the total removal of the permanent hair color will depend on your hair’s length.


Situation 3 – Black-colored hair: everything will depend on your natural color.

cutting ends to remove hair dye

Well, here it all comes down to what color your hair was before applying the black permanent hair dye.


  • If your hair was naturally black, just let it grow out. There should be no difference in length between growth and mid-length. Trim your roots every month.

If you notice, a minimal difference between your natural color and the color of the hair dye, you can tone your hair with black toner. Remember to avoid touching your roots.


  • If your natural hair was lighter than the permanent black hair dye, you should strip out the color, apply a semi-permanent dye, similar to your base color, and trim the ends every month a few centimeters to remove the black dye.


As always, the longer your hair is, the longer it’ll take to remove the permanent hair dye.



There are no quick ways to remove permanent hair dye unless you shave your entire head.

The only way to get rid of the permanent hair dye avoiding harsh chemical processes is to trim the ends every month by one to two centimeters. Then, apply semi-permanent hair dyes avoiding the roots and growth to keep the color even and neat.

And the time it’ll take will depend on your hair’s length, but it can be from 4 to 18 months.

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