How to use coconut oil after dyeing your hair (in 5 easy steps)?

how to take care of hair after coloring

Over many years of dyeing my hair (eight different times, to be exact), I’ve tried every type of treatment to improve how my hair looks after coloring it.

I tried everything from store-bought products to the classic grandma’s-homemade-recipe.

But, I wasn’t able to find a product that left my recently-colored hair the way I liked it.


Some products left my hair really greasy.

Others took away all the shine from my hair’s color.

All of the things that I used to take care of my newly-colored hair damaged it in one way or another.


Until the other day, during my lunch hour at work, a co-worker made a comment about using coconut oil after dyeing your hair order to make it healthier and shinier.


That stopped me in my tracks.

I am an executive assistant, and how I look from my hair to my toes is important. On several occasions, my boss has asked me to be the representative in important meetings with high-up executives, so my hair has to look good.

Despite all my efforts, I haven’t been able to get my hair looking good after dyeing it, which quickly brought me back to the hair salon.


  • I incorporated deep-conditioning treatments for my hair, and that didn’t work. It seemed like my hair got used to the product, and after a short period of time, it would go back to looking dry and dull.
  • I stopped washing my hair every day, since many people say that that tends to dry it out.
  • I stopped straightening it.
  • I bought expensive hair products.

And even after all of that, my hair still looked lifeless just a few days after dyeing it.


I want to clarify that I don’t live in a lamp like the genie in Aladdin.

I’m one of those people that is constantly reading about the latest trends in hair beauty.

 But the truth is, I had never heard about the advantages of using coconut oil on dyed hair. 


I knew that it was used as a body moisturizer, to prevent stretch marks and even to moisturize dry lips.

But using coconut oil on my colored hair so that it would look better was something I had never heard of.

So, I decided to try it.


I didn’t really have much to lose.

Now I’ll tell you how it went for me with the coconut oil.


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How to apply coconut oil to your hair

application on dyed hair

I personally get my coloring done at the salon.

Because it has been a complete and total disaster to do it myself.

I should acknowledge that my hair was deeply grateful for that decision.


Anyway, the procedure is the same whether you dye your hair at home or at the salon.

My personal step-by-step approach to applying coconut oil to my hair is the following:

  1. After rinsing out all the leftover dye, I don’t dry my hair.
  2. I take a hefty portion of coconut oil into my hand – remember that the kind that isn’t refined has a solid consistency, but with the heat from your hands, it softens right away.
  3. I carefully detangle my hair and start to distribute the coconut oil gently throughout my hair.
  4. Once my hair is well-covered with the product, I put on a shower cap and let it sit for three hours.
  5. After washing my hair with my regular shampoo, I rinse it really well with cold water. Sometimes it’s necessary to wash again in order to get out the shampoo residue.


I don’t use conditioner after this procedure.


What are the benefits of using coconut oil on dyed hair?

dyed hair care tips

Although I’m far from being a hair expert, experience tells me that, basically, coconut oil gives your hair follicles back the natural oils that were stripped from them by the dye.

Also, it works as a seal to prevent your hair from drying out.


So, essentially,  what coconut oil does is counteract the harmful effects of the dye on my hair.  

Did coconut oil work after dyeing my hair?


The answer is a resounding yes.


It worked for a few different reasons, which I’ll explain to you in more detail:

  • My hair looked healthy again, even several days after coloring it.
  • My hair color, ashy blonde, which I love, stayed vibrant for days, something that never happened when I wasn’t using coconut oil.
  • My color lasts much longer, so I consequently save a bunch of money on salon visits. Money and time, time that I use for more days at the gym or meeting up with friends.
  • My hair feels softer and it’s easier to comb. I don’t suffer anymore when I brush it. Before, after each wash, it would be really knotty.
  • It shines. I don’t know if the sun is jealous, but I can assure you that   many women stare at my hair while I’m in line at the ATM,  which never happened before.


2 alternative ways to use coconut oil

extra virgin

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Although I’ve never personally tried it, my friend puts two or three drops directly into the dye, in addition to using coconut oil after dyeing her hair.

Also, you can use coconut oil an hour before coloring, then apply the dye without washing out the coconut oil.

Why is coconut oil so effective for dyed hair?

After researching a bit here and there, I discovered that  coconut oil is a chelating agent, meaning it neutralizes the damaging effects of copper and iron that are present in most dyes.  


Also, it is able to bring together the protein molecules in the hair much more quickly, which helps protect the hair fibers.


 If you use it after dyeing your hair, it reduces the harmful effects of chemicals, protecting it from the innermost layer to the outermost layer of your hair.  

According to what a few people told me,   coconut oil increases the absorption of the dye into your hair,  so you generally get more vibrant hair after dyeing.

Finally, I incorporated coconut oil treatments for my hair for all the reasons that I told you before, but also because I discovered that organic and natural hair products can be an excellent way to balance the scales in favor of our dyed hair.


Did you already know about the benefits of coconut oil for dyed hair?

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