Does oVertone Cover Gray Hair 100%, or not at all?

fully covered gray hair

  • Although oVertone covers gray hair, it doesn’t have the same staying power as permanent hair dyes. However, not all is said and done.
  • The secret to cover gray hair with oVertone is to choose the right color, which should always be a medium or light shade. Otherwise, the same color as your gray hair.
  • And another great advantage of covering gray hair with oVertone hair dye is that you can use it every time you wash your hair to keep your grays always concealed.


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I’ll never quite understand why we, women, freak out with our first gray hair.

We act as if we were sentenced to life imprisonment or denied entrance to paradise.


However, I can assure you that nothing like that happens.

First, because your hair won’t turn white overnight.

And secondly, in the hypothetical case that it does,   there are interesting alternatives to cover gray hair, whether you have a lot or a few. 


And this reminds me of Paula, one of my clients, who has been using Overtone for several years.

Of course, she’s a fan of fantasy colors. She changes color like a chameleon.


But, the day her first gray hair appeared, or at least, the day she could see it for the first time, she visited me in desperation.

She said, “Alejandra, I’m in hell. I have gray hair, and I’ll have to stop using Overtone dye to cover it with a permanent hair dye.”


To other people, this may seem like a minor issue. Instead, to Paula, the words “permanent hair dyes” were forbidden.

She takes care of her hair and prefers not to use chemicals as harsh as those in permanent hair dyes.


 When I told her that she could use Overtone dye to cover her gray hair,  I don’t think she believed me at first. However, after two weeks, she visited me in the salon, and the despair was gone.

And with it, the visible gray hair. And what was there instead was Paula sporting lilac-toned hair, with no white hair threatening to show up.


 The big secret to covering gray hair with Overtone lies in the right choice of color. 

I promise to talk to you about that today. It’s not true that gray hair can’t be covered with a semi-permanent hair color such as the Overtone. Don’t you believe me?

Read on.

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Why is oVertone a good choice for covering gray hair?

brush for application

Overtone is a semi-permanent coloring conditioning hair dye.

However, it’s completely different from the rest of the semi-permanent hair dyes because while it deposits color, it moisturizes the hair. And if you use it after shampooing, it extends the duration of the color.


 Also, Overtone hair dye offers gray coverage, which also differentiates it from other semi-permanent hair dyes. 


The semi-permanent hair dyes fade with washes because it doesn’t penetrate the hair fiber. Instead, it forms a film of pigment on it. For this reason, it is not recommended on hair with a lot of gray hair.

If you use any semi-permanent hair dye every time you wash your hair, the color will disappear and gray hair will begin to appear.


However, that won’t happen with Overtone.

 After applying the Overtone color of your choice, all you have to do is use it every time you wash your hair instead of your usual conditioner. 


What will you achieve?

  • Extending the life of your color because you add pigmentation with each wash.
  • Covering gray hair because it won’t have a chance to appear even if it grows out.


Also, Overtone is sulfate-free, ammonia-free, and paraben-free. So, you can use it as often as you want because it won’t damage your hair.

And this is very important because you must not forget that gray hair is fine and quickly damages.

But Overtone pigments will cover them without damaging them.


And finally, what color is your gray hair? White, gray, or yellow?

Forget it! It doesn’t matter because this coloring conditioner will cover them all.


It doesn’t matter if you have gray, White, or yellow hair. It’ll be a part of history with Overtone hair dye.

As you can see, Overtone will be a great help and you can be sure that if you don’t stop its application, your gray hair will be completely covered.

Of course, you need to choose the right shade of Overtone to cover your gray hair, and that’s what I’ll talk about next.


How to choose the best oVertone shade to cover gray hair?

In general, light colors such as blondes are the most recommended to cover and disguise gray hair. However, the story changes in fantasy colors.


In this case, you’ll have to choose between two options:

  • Covering gray hair with medium or light tones.
  • Choosing the Overtone color based on your gray hair.

Let’s take an in-depth look at these two options.


Covering gray hair with oVertone’s medium or light shades

extreme red

If you’re determined to update your look and, at the same time, covering your gray hair, you can try medium or light colors. As they fade, the gray will be almost invisible.

Any one of these will be ideal for you:



 You can apply it on a strand of gray hair to test the result. 

If you like the result, you should apply it to all of your hair. And if you aren’t convinced, just choose another color.


Choosing the oVertone hair color based on the color of your gray hair

ideal for gray hair

This method is very simple and can be a guide to choose a color of Overtone similar to the color of your gray hair.

What to do?

  • Take a gray hair and place it on a white surface
  • Take a good look at the shade


You’ll notice that gray hairs are not completely white. Some may be yellow, gray, or greenish.

You should determine the exact color of your gray hair to choose the shade you like best:

  • If your gray hair is gray, choose a white, Pearl, or gray shade.
  • If your gray hair is yellow, you can choose a light yellow, mint, or salmon shade.
  • If your gray hair is green, you can choose a mint, light blue, or lavender shade.


Now you just need to choose the Overtone you like the most and start using it.

Remember to apply it every time you wash your hair replacing your usual conditioner. Overtone is a conditioner that will care for your hair while covering your gray hair.



Overtone is an ideal solution if you want to cover your gray hair while keeping a fantasy tone. In addition, being a coloring conditioner doesn’t damage your hair. Instead, it pigments and moisturizes gray hair.

What oVertone hair color will you choose to cover your gray hair?

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