Can I dye my hair after a bleach bath? What kind of dye should I use?

  • Yes, you can color your hair after the bleach bath. In fact, it’s a very good idea to do so because, by coloring your hair, you will seal its cuticles.
  • To color your hair you can use any type of dye, either permanent or semi-permanent.

Bleach baths are in fashion. Why?



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The reason is very simple; it is a much easier method to apply than traditional bleaching.

 However, don’t be fooled. In terms of hair aggression, it’s exactly the same. So, it’s not a process you should take lightly.  


The bleach bath is used to lighten hair by 1 to 2 shades, depending on the peroxide volumes you use.

  • If you use 10 volume peroxide, you will lighten your hair between 1 and 1 ½ shades
  • If you use 20 volume peroxide, you’ll lighten it between 2 and 2 ½ shades


  During this process, the bleach bath opens the hair cuticles to remove pigments from the hair fiber. The best way to close them is to apply a dye.  

However, it is very important that, before performing the bleach bath, you assess the health of your hair. It is important to have it healthy so that it can resist the chemical process and for it to look radiant and healthy afterward.


Then, stay with me, because I will tell you:

  • How to assess the health of your hair before doing the bleach bath
  • How to prepare your hair for coloring after the bleach bath
  • How to care for your hair after the bleach bath and the application of the dye

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How to assess the health of your hair before the bleach bath

before coloring

Believe it or not, this is the most important step if you are interested in a positive result in the subsequent coloring. If your hair is not healthy and strong, it will not resist the bleach bath.


 If it doesn’t resist the bleach bath, you won’t have any hair to color. It may sound dramatic, but believe me, I’ve seen a lot of hair ruined by a bleach bath. [/your_highlight]

You have time to avoid it. So, let’s start with the evaluation of your hair health.


  • Check your ends

If they are brittle or open, do not apply the bleach bath, as your hair will break completely.


  • Touch your hair

If it has a rough or straw-like texture, you should not apply the bleach bath either.


If you notice many raised hairs, you cannot apply the bleach bath, because your hair is in urgent need of hydration.


   If you have all these symptoms, which show damaged hair, you should repair it before performing the bleach bath. 


Depending on the damage, you will have to perform different recovery processes.

  • If your ends are damaged or brittle, I recommend that you cut your hair to remove them. Brittle ends do not recover, as the hair fiber is broken there.
  • If your hair has a rough or straw-like texture, apply moisturizing masks for two weeks every three days. This way, your hair will have the right nutrition to withstand the bleach bath
  • If your hair is very frizzy, apply coconut oil from the roots to the ends and leave it on all night, so that your hair fiber recovers the lost hydration.

Do you want one more piece of advice?


Prepare the bleach bath using an extra moisturizing shampoo with keratin and add 10 drops of coconut oil, to further protect your hair during the process.

After two weeks of intensive care, your hair will be ready to withstand the bleach bath and the subsequent application of the color. And about that, I’ll talk to you later.


How to prepare hair for coloring after the bleach bath

extra virgin

How is your hair after the bleach bath?


At first, you may notice it’s a little drier. Don’t panic, you can easily fix it with good moisturizing treatment.

If you notice that your hair is extremely dry, touch it up before applying the dye. This is also very important so that the new color looks its best.

  • If your hair is too dry after the bleach bath, apply coconut oil from the roots to the ends, and leave it on all night.
  • If your hair is rough after the bleach bath, apply a moisturizing mask to moisturize your hair fiber.
  • If your hair shows no signs of damage after the bleach bath, apply coconut oil five hours before coloring.


  Once you’re completely sure your hair is hydrated enough, it’s time to apply the dye and enjoy your new color. 

The dye will make the cuticles, which were opened by the bleach bath to lose pigmentation, to close. Thus, they will retain the color.


Once you get your new color after the bleach bath, the work continues. You’ll need to keep your hair moisturized. It all depends on the type of color you’ve used.


How to care for your hair after the bleach bath and coloring

As I told you before, the care of your hair will depend on what type of dye you have chosen.

If you’ve used a permanent color, which contains peroxide, you’ll need to moisturize your hair more often.

  • Apply moisturizing masks or repair oils every two weeks
  • Nourish your lengths and ends with a few drops of oil every five days


If you chose a semi-permanent dye, which contains neither peroxide nor ammonia, you will not be able to apply moisturizing masks too often, because you will cause the dye to fade more quickly.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to moisturize your hair.

  • Apply coconut oil the night before washing your hair, to avoid losing color, and use the moisturizing masks every three weeks.
  • You can use micellar water to keep your hair hydrated.
  • Wash your hair with extra moisturizing shampoo with keratin, to repair it.



Applying a dye is the best way to prevent hair dehydration after a bleach bath, as it seals the hair cuticles, retaining moisture and pigments.

It’s important to always assess your hair’s health before taking a bleach bath. It’s as damaging a process as bleaching, which can leave your hair brittle and damaged.

Now tell me, what color will you dye your hair after the bleach bath?

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