Can I use blond box dye over bleached hair? Does it damage hair?

take it to ash blonde with box dye

If you use blonde box dye on your bleached hair, a few things can happen, and none of them will make your hair fall out.

To be clearer.


To answer that question, you have to think strategically.

And analyze two fundamental questions.


  • From what color of bleached hair are we talking about

Because it’s not the same going from bleached hair that ended up orange than from bleached hair that ended up a dark blonde.


  • What underlying pigments can be found in your hair

As you already know, because you bleached your hair, bleaching opens the cuticles protecting the natural color.

But even so, a bit of underlying pigments stay in the hair, something like genetic memory, which in the moment of dyeing the hair can ultimately change the tone.


So, to answer your initial question, you should think about these questions. This means developing a strategy and doing a field study.

 So, if you are thinking about using blonde box dye on your bleached hair, the answer is YES, you can. 

But you should know how to use it to get the best results.

Why should you listen to me?


Well, in principle, because I’ve been changing my hair color for more than ten years.

I know how to get the results that I want.

After many years of experience, I know what I shouldn’t do, and I improved my technique, up to the point of telling you how to apply the blonde box dye on your bleached hair without frying any of your hairs.


And as if that weren’t enough, two of my best friends are colorists.

So, if you think that I am a reliable source of information, keep reading.

And if not, continue looking on the internet for girls showing off their ruined, bald heads.

The decisión is yours.


Let’s move on to the important stuff. Today, I’ll tell you:

  • How to determine what color blonde is best to apply to your bleached hair
  • What type of dye to apply after bleaching
  • How to prepare your bleached hair to apply the boxed dye


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How to determine what color blonde is best to apply to your hair

putting color over bleached hair

Can you dye your hair right after bleaching it?


As we all know, there are various tonalities of blonde because, also, blondes are defined by shades.

There’s platinum blonde, golden blonde, copper blonde, honey blonde, and ashy blonde.

 So, now that you bleached your hair, it’s important to choose which blonde you want.  


Bleaching allowed your cuticles to open so that the chemicals would eliminate the natural color of your hair.

Depending on your hair’s natural color and the time you let the bleaching mixture set, you will end up with a certain bleached color.

It could be from dark red and light yellow.

What I recommend is that you take this step very seriously.

 It’s important to observe your hair color after the bleach to decide the color of the dye. 

Because if you don’t consider both, the pigments can be conflicting, and then you’ll get a color that you couldn’t even imagine in your worst nightmare.


If your bleached hair is yellow, don’t choose a blue dye because you will end up with green hair.

However, a dye with a violet color base will compensate for and tone the yellow in your hair.

You should use the color wheel to choose the correct tone.

To check the dye’s base color, you can visit the web page of the manufacturer that is generally classified as warm, cold, and neutral tones.


The boxes of dye always show the color base, so take your time to read the instructions.


I’m sure that you have photos of your childhood. Run and find someone of these days.

Don’t laugh. This is an infallible trick because it will help you determine how your hair will react to certain colors.

  • If your hair were a warmer color, a light brown, for example, it would react well to warm tones.
  • If your hair is a colder color, like dark brown, it will probably react to cold shades of dye.


I know. It’s a lot of information. I also felt like it was a form of basic Chinese.

It took me years to learn what I know. Years and some disappointments, but that’s in the past.

However, if you feel too unsure, you can always ask a professional colorist.


Before you spend your money on something that you can easily resolve yourself, keep reading.

And you can make the best decision when you have all the information.


What type of color should you apply after bleaching?

putting blonde dye on bleached hair

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Now that you know the tone you want to get, it’s time to decide how long you want your new color to last.

And this has to do directly with the type of color that you apply to your bleached hair.


 There are two types of dyes: permanent and semipermanent. 

Each of them lasts a different amount of time in the hair.

Permanent dyes last longer and produce colors that look more natural.

They can also produce strong or dramatic colors.

And here comes the most important part.


 If your bleached hair is very fragile, maybe it isn’t best to use this type of dye. 

Because the chemical products it’s made of are powerful, and their application time is longer.

So, you’ll only aggravate your hair more.

If this is the case, I recommend a semi-permanent dye.


Semi-permanent dyes last up to 20 to 25 washes, always depending on how often you wash your hair.

The difference with permanent dyes is that they don’t contain ammonia or peroxide, so it is better for damaged or fragile hair.

Ah! I forgot something.


If you still haven’t decided which tone you want to apply to your bleached hair, there are also temporary dyes.

They come in the form of mousse, chalk, and gel, and they only cover the external layer of the hair.

But always be careful with the color selection.

For example, if you apply a temporary blue dye to your hair, when it fades, it can start to get an unwanted green appearance.


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How to prepare your hair to apply box dye

extra virgin

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Now, I will say something you won’t like. I know.

You should wait two days to apply the box dye to your bleached hair.

 This knowledgeable decision will be what separates good results from disaster. 


But the good thing is that you will use that time to prepare your hair to apply the color.

And when I say prepare, I refer to condition, nourish, and strengthen your hair so that it looks healthy and strong.


For this, simply one or two days before you color your hair, use a deep conditioner.

This will help you accumulate moisture in your hair, increasing its elasticity and protecting it from the dye’s chemicals.


 If you don’t have a deep conditioner in your house, you can always use coconut oil. 

Apply it the night before all over your hair, and don’t even think about rinsing it out when you go to bed.

The next morning, leave it in your hair and apply the color.

The coconut oil won’t interfere with the coloring process.


Do you want to know one of my most guarded secrets in the moment of applying the color to my bleached hair to protect it?


Protein filler!

You can buy it easily in any beauty salon.

Before applying the color, put a few drops on your hands, and distribute it evenly over your hair.

After, apply the dye as you usually would.

The protein fill fills the spaces that broke in the disulfuric chains during bleaching.

And it prevents the dye from being absorbed unevenly in your hair.


How to apply the color the right way

Now you know how to choose the blonde color for your bleached hair. Also, you know what color is best for your hair and how to prepare it for bleaching.

So, here I will tell you how to apply the dye correctly.


  • Step 1 – Divide your hair into four sections
  • Step 2 – Start by working one section at a time, starting at the roots and moving to the ends
  • Step 3 – When you have finished applying the dye in four sections, massage the dye in your hair as if you were washing your hair with shampoo.
  • Step 4 – Wait the amount of time indicated on the box.
  • Step 5 – Rinse your hair without using shampoo. Please, with warm water, until you see the water run without color.
  • Step 6 – Use the conditioning kit from the dye and rinse.



Now, you have all the information you need.

You can decide if you will take the road knowing all the secrets of bleaching and coloring.

Or pay a fortune so that they apply the color to your hair.


 But, take the advice from someone that has had more than ten years of experience in coloring hair. 

If you aren’t sure what you have to do, if you don’t take you pre-care and post-care seriously, reach out to a stylist.

Because coloring and bleaching are serious topics and are for people committed to the health of their hair.


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