How to remove semi permanent hair dye from bleached hair?

before removing color

Are you thinking of getting rid of the semi-permanent dye from your bleached hair?


Let me tell you that you are on the edge of a catastrophe.

Because there are many ways to do it, but only one that is safe.

Only one can save your hair from death.


I know this because two days ago the tears were flowing down my cheeks and there was nothing I could do to lower my levels of anguish.

I was locked in my bathroom for two hours looking in the mirror without knowing what to do to fix the disaster that had happened in my hair.

I completely regretted it.


 I had bleached my hair because I wanted a burgundy tone. But when I applied the semi-permanent dye, the burgundy was anything but burgundy.  

And the worst part is the tone wasn’t even.

There were parts where the color had taken and others where there were just stains. I looked like a dalmation.

But the tragedy doesn’t stop there.

My hair look really bad. When I touched it, it seemed more like gum than hair.

I couldn’t keep going like this. Seeing that color in my hair was unbearable.

How could I get that horrible color out of my hair without losing every one of the hair on my head?


 After two hours locked in the bathroom, where I compiled all the information, I had made a decision. 

Do you want to know what it was?


I will tell you.

But first, you should know:

  • How to get rid of the color of your bleached hair without ruining it
  • Your hair didn’t end up the color that you wanted? I’ll tell you how to fix it.
  • Things tha you should never do to get rid of the color


Before starting, let me tell you something.

I will never go near another container of dye. At least, not while this very unpleasant experience continues in my memory.


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How to get rid of the color from bleached hair without ruining it

due to bleaching

I still remember the level of excitement that I had when I prepared for the color change I can’t believe that I had been so dumb.

Because first, before applying the color, I had to bleach my hair.

And this is a very aggressive process for the hair, even more if your hair isn’t super healthy.

But I wanted that new color in my hair, and no underlying fears were going to stop me.

How stupid of me!


After bleaching my hair, things started to look bad.

 My hair ended up in an almost calamitous state, almost straw, but I had to finish the job. 

There, I understood for the first time the phrase, “collateral damage.” The unfortunate state of may hair was collateral damage if I wanted the anxious burgundy.


Two days after bleaching my hair, I applied the dye.

Everything was great, except that my scalp was screaming for help. It itched and it burned to the point where I thought it was on fire.

You already know that the results that I got were not what I wanted.

And after two hours locked in the bathroom, I knew how to get rid of the color.


Getting rid of the color with clarifying shampoo

eliminate hair residues

Clarifying shampoo is designed to be strong enough to eliminate the build up of products that we use to do certain hairstyles.

And this characteristic also allows it to eliminate the color in the hair.

The problem with this method for getting rid of the dye is that it does it gradually. The more you wash your hair, the more you eliminate the color of the dye.


 Conclusion: it is not an instant solution.  

You can use it if you want to lighten the color a bit, but to completely eliminate it, you will need to wash your hair for at least five consecutive days.


The other problem is that my hair was already like straw. And this type of shampoo drys your hair even more.

So, in my case, I ruled it out.

Let’s see what the second method is for getting rid of the color.


Remove the color with a color remover

extra strength

The color remover comes in two separate solutions: an acidic solution and a sulfuric reduction agent.

To use it to eliminate the color from your hair, you should mix both solutions to activate a chemical reaction and then quickly apply it to your hair.


The color remover should be immediately applied after it is mixed because the chemical reaction that is produced will start to decelerate.

And then, it won’t be effective.

You should let the color remover sit in your hair for about 25 minutes.

Once this time has passed, it is necessary to carefully rinse your hair.


And when I say carefully, I mean for at least forty minutes under the water in the shower.

Because if you don’t get rid of all of the product and some of the dye stays in your hair, the oxidation will make the color reappear.


Now, if the color that you want to eliminate is a dark tone, warm tones can appear.

What you can do is get rid of them with a toner, which will eliminate those orange pieces.

This method also wasn’t that great for me.


It was a lot of work for me, and also, I had read that color erasure has a revolting smell, almost like death.

And on top of putting up with that, it was more than likely that I would have to use a toner.

So, I also ruled this one out.


And now, we’ve arrived to the best solution: vinegar.


Remove the color with vinegar

What is the good news?

  Vinegar is the least damaging method to get rid of the color in your hair.  


What is the bad news?

You will need a few days to get rid of the color with vinegar.

My hair had to go through a bleaching. Then, a coloring.

¿Cuál es la mala noticia?

I couldn’t play with fire because I was going to get burnt.

So, for two weeks, I stoically put up with the smell of vinegar in my hair.


Every three days, I applied the vinegar to my hair, and I let it sit for about five minutes.

Then, I also did a deep hair treatment with masks and ricin oil, so that my hair didn’t end up burnt and mutilated.

The result?


 The color disappeared, my hair didn’t fall out, and I didn’t want to see another boxed dye, at least until my next life.  


Now, maybe, the color that you applied in your hair was completely awful and you only want to soften it.

For this, there are also a few alternatives.

Do you want me to tell you?

Keep reading.


If your hair didn’t end up the color you wanted, I’ll tell you other ways to fix it

If you want to get rid of bright colors like purple or ashy tones, you can use a toner.

In the case of being a blonde, you can use a green, blue, violet or gray toner.

Once you have determined the tone that you are trying to combat, you can tone it using the color wheel.


 The colors in the wheel that are directly opposite each other are complementary tones, and they neutralize each other. 


In that sense, if you want to get rid of the ashy tones of your hair, you should use a copper or golden tone, depending on if you used an ashy blue or violet in the dye.

This method also can be used for bright red or purple if you want to go back to your natural tone.

Red hair can be neutralized with a green toner, and purple can be neutralized with a gold toner.


You can also color your hair again.

If the color that you want to eliminate is blonde, your only option is to dye it with a darker dye.

Now, always keep in mind that after the bleaching and coloring process, the hair is always more porous.

Which means that the tone that you choose can become darker that what you actually want.

Always use a tone that is two tones lighter than the tone that you want.


What you should never do to get the color out of your bleached hair

Never bleach your hair again to get rid of the dye.

Even though it seems like an obvious answer, you never have all the information.


While I looked for information about how to eliminate the dye from my bleached hair, I found a lot of strange information.

Like girls that do whatever for a few minutes of fame, things you can’t even imagine.

Girls that end up with chunks of hair in their hands while they smile at the camera as if it were funny.


Girls that had to film a second video explaining that they had ended up with burns on their scalp.

That’s why you should pay attention to me, very close attention.




Bleaching will leave your hair very weak.

And even if you don’t lose your hair in that moment, you will start to see how over the course of a few days, your hair will start to fall out.

In your bathtub. While you brush your hair. When you wake up and see a huge amount of hair on your sheets.


I think that I paid a relatively low price for the disaster that I put my hair through.

Despite all of this, after nourishing it and moisturizing it for more than two months, I was able to get it to look relatively healthy.


Bleaching and coloring, the two sides of a coin that should only be used by professionals.

Have you ever tried to remove color from your hair? What method did you use?

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