Can I Tone My Hair a Day After Bleaching? Yes, but keep this in mind

woman looks horrified at her bleached blonde hair

  • Yes, you can tone your hair a day after bleaching it. Later, I’ll tell you how to prepare your hair before applying the toner.
  • Now, if your hair is dry and frizzy after bleaching, I advise you to use a toning conditioner as a mask to remove any harsh colors from your bleached hair.


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Toner on wet or dry hair after bleaching?


Of course  you can toner your hair a day after bleaching .

As a colorist, I often apply toner to my clients’ hair the same day I bleach it.


Why? Because toner is a professional coloring tool that you apply with developer and that’s permanent. But it doesn’t contain the same concentration of ammonia as the bleach mixture. In addition, you use 20-volume developer.


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Now, you should keep in mind that after bleaching, your hair has lost moisture and nutrients.

Therefore,  if your hair is dry, very damaged, or brittle after bleaching , it’s best to wait to apply toner.

20 volume developer bottle

Although this type of coloring doesn’t cause much damage to the hair, the 20-volume developer could ruin your hair.

If your hair is damaged, it’s best to wait until you moisturize your hair with keratin masks or natural oils such as avocado or argan.


How to prepare your hair for toner application the day after bleaching

preparation of toner in plastic container

  •  Apply an aloe vera mask and leave it on overnight.  Don’t use natural oils, such as coconut oil, because these will leave an oily residue that will damage the toner’s hold.
  •  Wait for a whole day (24 hours) to pass . If you rinsed the bleach out at 5 pm, apply the toner the next day at 5 pm.
  • Apply the toner to your dry hair with no bleach residue. If you feel your hair still has bleach residue, rinse it again with water and blow it dry on low heat.
  • Use a 20-volume developer to ensure the toner holds better.


If your bleached hair is dry and damaged, use a toning conditioner to tone it

purple conditioner in hand to use as a toner

I understand that after bleaching your hair, you want to show off your hair without any harsh colors. But don’t forget: your hair went through a chemical process, the most aggressive kind that you can do to your hair.

So while color is important, the health of your hair is even more so. On damaged hair, no color looks good. Also, if you apply toner to your damaged bleached hair, the 20-volume developer will leave it even more dry and brittle.

Now, just because you can’t apply toner until the next day, it doesn’t mean your hair is doomed to look garishly colored.

 You can apply a color mask . What will you need?

  • Toning conditioner. If your hair has orange tones, apply a blue toning conditioner. If your hair is yellowish, apply a violet toning conditioner. And if your hair is reddish, apply a green toning conditioner.
  • Gloves.
  • Clean towels.



  • Put on gloves and apply the toning conditioner to your dry, clean hair.
  •  Leave it on for 40 to 60 minutes. 
  • After the exposure time is up, rinse your hair with cold water.


Once your hair is dry, you’ll see there are no harsh colors. But also, thanks to the action of the conditioner, your hair will be moisturized and have more movement and shine.

You can repeat the application of the toning conditioner once a week until your hair is healthier. Then finally, apply the toner.



You can tone your hair at any time after bleaching, whether it’s the next day, the same day, or two weeks later. There is no rule that specifies how long you should wait.

But my advice as a professional colorist is that if your hair has extreme damage after bleaching, you should tone it using a toning conditioner. This way, you’ll be able to remove any harsh colors from your hair, while at the same time repairing it so you can finally apply the toner.

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