Why is my black hair turning reddish brown? How can I avoid it?

reddish brown haired woman is desperate

  • Black-colored hair may turn reddish-brown, especially if you colored light brown or blonde hair. Before you dye your hair black, you must first do a color filler. I’ll tell you why.
  • You should also maintain the color.
  • If you want to prevent your black-colored hair from turning reddish-brown, you should wash it less frequently, use heat tools such as straighteners and blow dryers sparingly, and use a black toning shampoo once a week.


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 Did you dye your hair black and watch in horror as it slowly turns reddish-brown? 


Don’t panic!

The truth is that black-dyed hair usually ends up turning reddish-brown I’m sure you were unaware of this because few people know the advantages and disadvantages of dyeing hair black.

Why is it predictable?


Let’s start at the beginning.

If you dyed your hair black, your hair was lighter. It would be crazy to apply black dye to dark brown hair because the color wouldn’t be much different.

brush and black hair dye

So, if you dyed your hair black, it was probably in the range of light brown or blonde.

 When you color light hair with a black dye, the color tends to fade very quickly because the color molecules of the black or red dye are very large and don’t attach properly to the inner layer of the hair. 


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Also, usually light hair has less melanin, which is the protein that colors the hair and helps to fix dye pigments.


When you apply black dye to light hair, the lack of melanin fades the color. So, I almost always do a color filler when I apply black dye on my clients’ light hair.
color filling

Color filling involves applying an in-between color to your current shade and the one you want to be. That way, the black dye adheres to the hair and prevents fading.

I imagine you didn’t know that, like most women who darken their hair by applying a black dye.

So,   next time you dye your hair black, you can apply an in-between color filler.  Then, you can implement a care routine to keep your black hair from turning reddish-brown.

That’s what I’ll talk about next.


How to care for black hair to prevent it from turning reddish-brown

freshly dyed black hair

If you want your black hair color to last longer, you’ll have to modify your beauty routine and use specific products to make your hair look black.


Wash your hair less frequently

This is elementary in any colored hair but it’s a must in black color hair. Don’t forget that black pigments adhere less strongly to the inner layer of the hair.

Therefore,  wash your black hair every two to three days.  This way, you’ll avoid drying out the hair and fading the black dye.


Use sulfate-free hair products

This is another key issue.  Sulfates, which are always present in shampoos and conditioners, are detergents that fade the dye.  Therefore, you have to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to prevent your black hair from turning reddish-brown. Also, these products are very affordable.

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Wash your hair with black toning shampoo once a week

If you want your hair color to last longer, you can wash your hair with a black toning shampoo because it’ll clean your hair and also add black pigments to revitalize your color.

My advice is to use it  once a week  to replace your usual shampoo. Remember your usual shampoo shouldn’t contain sulfates.

Some of the most commonly used black toning shampoos are MATRIX TOTAL RESULTS, CELEB LUXURY INTENSE COLORS and REVLON COLORSILK CARE.

If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 option, the best alternative is KERACOLOR CLENDITIONER, due to the strength of its color.


Don’t abuse heat tools

woman ironing dyed black hair

Heat is the worst enemy of black-colored hair. Don’t abuse flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers at high temperatures.

When you use any of these tools, you strip the moisture from your hair and evaporate some of the colors. That’s why your black hair will turn reddish-brown more quickly.

If you need to use any of these tools,   apply heat protectants to prevent the black dye from fading.



Applying a color filler when you apply a black dye on light hair prevents the hair from turning reddish-brown. Remember also to wash your hair less frequently and use a black shampoo once a week to keep your hair black longer.

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