Can I apply pink hair dye to my orange hair? Can I choose any shade of pink I like?

  • The first step in applying pink hair dye to orange hair is to make a decision. Do you want to bleach your hair?
  • If you don’t, you can apply a light pink hair dye to get a salmon color. You can also go for a fuchsia that’ll cover orange.
  • Now, if you’re looking for a more defined pink, such as pastel pink, flamingo pink, or bubble gum pink, you’ll need to bleach your orange hair.



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It was a day like so many others in the salon. Some clients were waiting impatiently for their turn as they leafed through the women’s magazines’ latest issues. Others took the opportunity to catch up with their Whatsapp groups.

I was working on Agustina’s hair, one of my favorite clients, because she’s always willing to change her look, innovating with fantasy colors.


 The challenge was to go from orange to romantic and delicate pastel pink hair.  Everything was going really well, and the conversation was flowing like every time she visited me.

After waiting for the pink hair dye to work on her orange hair, it was time to rinse to reveal the new color. And, oh my! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Instead of having a romantic pastel pink, her hair was a salmon color, far from what she had asked for.


My world began to spin. I felt the floor disappearing under my feet, and I sank into the depths of the abyss, more, and more, and more…

And that’s when I woke up. Yes, it had all been a nightmare. A horrible nightmare from which I had woken up agitated and with a feeling of helplessness I’d never felt before. Thank God it had all been a nightmare!


 If you’re about to color your orange hair pink, you can’t stop reading what I have to tell you.  Because today I’ll prevent you from living a real nightmare.

Things with fantasy colors are as simple as multiplications.


If you want to make calculations, you must have the multiplication tables at hand. A round of applause for Pythagoras!

If you want to go from orange to pink hair, you’ll need the color wheel. Give it up for Moses Harris, who improved the one created by Newton in 1666!

 On top of that, you must make a decision: to bleach or not to bleach your hair depending on the pink shade you’re looking for. 


While you make your decision, to avoid the nightmare, stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • How to go from orange to pink hair without bleaching
  • When it’s necessary to bleach the orange hair to apply the pink hair dye
  • What to do if the result after applying pink hair dye to orange hair is salmon hair

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How to go from orange to pink hair without bleaching

Coloring hair is not the same as painting a blank canvas. Hair has a memory locked in the pigments inside the hair.

It’s not the same to apply pink hair dye to blonde hair as to brown hair. And it’s not the same because pink hair dyes are semi-permanent. Therefore, they don’t contain any chemicals that change hair color fiber.

Therefore, pink hair dye won’t take on dark hair. That’s why you have to bleach it. We’ll talk about that later.


Now, if your hair is colored or natural orange, you can choose two shades of pink: salmon or fuchsia.

  • Do you know why you can apply fuchsia? Because it’s the result of mixing several colors. One of them is blue, which neutralizes orange. So, fuchsia doesn’t need a previously bleached base.
  • If you want a vintage salmon pink, you must apply the pink hair dye directly on your orange hair. You’ll achieve a unique color with a romantic and sophisticated style that will be the envy of all.


Also, the good news is that it doesn’t matter if your orange is colored or if you’re a natural redhead. The pink hair dye will cover your orange perfectly well.


So, if you don't want to bleach your orange hair, but you want to change to a pink shade, I’d advise you to choose:

  • Salmon: if your skin is brown because it’ll lighten it in a special way.
  • Fuchsia: if you don’t want to be too stick to the washes. As it’s a strong rose, it’ll look dull rose when it starts to fade.


If you still want to check the colors on your hair, you can do the strand test.


Strand test to see the color your hair will look like when you apply pink hair dye

strand test before coloring

  • Gather your hair with a ponytail leaving only a loose strand in the back.
  • Apply the pink hair dye to that strand and wait for the indicated time.
  • Rinse and dry the strand.


Now comes the most important part: to check the color.

Do you like the color? Did the pink hair dye completely cover the orange?


 If the answers are yes, apply your chosen fuchsia or salmon hair dye to all of your hair. 

If the results don't satisfy you or you dream of replacing orange with a pastel, rose gold, or flamingo pink, you only have one way: bleaching.

That's what we'll talk about next.


When is it necessary to bleach orange hair to apply pink hair dye?

light base

If you want very light pink tones or ones that don't have a coppery base like salmon, you’ll have to bleach your hair.

You need to change from orange to yellow hair so that the pink hair dye is deposited correctly in your hair.


 If you don't want salmon or fuchsia, you need to bleach your base hair to yellow.  It applies to changing to light pink, like pastel, medium pink, like bubble gum, or deep pink, like Flamingo pink.

The good news is that you’ll have to go through a few bleaching sessions to get to that yellow base. And that's excellent news for your hair.


I recommend that you do a color test with a different strand after each session. This way you can check the result of the pink you choose.


Wait, what are you saying? Are you living the nightmare that woke me up this morning?

Did you color your orange hair pink and got salmon?

Don't worry; all is not lost.


What if after applying pink hair dye to orange hair, the result is salmon, and you don't like it

after applying a pink hair dye

Well, obviously my advice has come late in your life. If your hair is salmon and you don't like it, either you didn't do the strand test or didn't bleach your hair.

But I'm not here to stab you. I'm here to give you solutions.


In this case, the solution is to bleach your hair.  On the plus side, you'll only need one bleaching session to make the salmon disappear and get a light yellow base. 

Once you bleach your hair, you can apply the pink you like best. Remember, you have to hydrate the hair deeply after bleaching it.



Orange, whether natural or artificial, is a strong base color for salmon pink or fuchsia.

If you want a pastel, medium, or deep pink, you’ll need to bleach your hair firstly.

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