Can Balayage damage hair or cause it to fall out? What nobody tells you about this trendy technique

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Balayage doesn’t damage hair if and when a professional is the one doing the treatment. And, not just any professional. The stylist should specialize in color and have years of experience in this dyeing technique. 


It’s like when you want to get plastic surgery.

You don’t just jump on the first ad in a girly magazine or go for a Groupon deal because it’s a matter of your health.

Because then you’ll start to have regrets, or you’ll be one of the sad statistics of malpractice that we read about in tabloids.


It’s the same when it comes to Balayage.

 Although there still aren’t any statistics about hair malpractice, I can assure you that there are many women that don’t go to a professional hairdresser and end up with messed up color and even burned hair. 

Why does this happen?


Because to be able to appreciate the effects of Balayage, you have to bleach part of your hair first, so your new highlights are well-highlighted.

And bleaching is a complex chemical process that uses some harmful products – so strong that erase your natural pigments to be able to apply the new color.


 If you don’t put your hair in good hands, you not only might end up with a color that you don’t like, but you might also end up with burned hair.  

And then, many months will go by, and you’ll have to invest hundreds of dollars in recuperating your hair’s health.


On the other hand, are you sure that your hair is sufficiently healthy to undergo the bleaching of these parts of it? 

Do you dye your hair often?


Because that can also damage your hair if you Balayage it.

When you decide to change your hair’s color, you should be aware of something. Once you’ve done it, it’s done. It’s not like trying out a new kind of makeup that if you don’t like it, you wash your face and it’s gone.

Coloring your hair with a technique like Balayage is a permanent change, and as such, it should be taken seriously.


 Now, when your Balayage is done with a good professional, you can enjoy your amazing new look. 

Can you imagine having depth and tone in your hair that makes it look like you just came back from a beach vacation?


That’s Balayage.

It’s the ability to do a color change that’s so subtle and natural that you don’t even have to retouch it periodically.

But it’s necessary to evaluate your hair before committing so you don’t damage it.

Are you still unsure?


If so, don’t move from your seat, because I’ll tell you about:

  • When Balayage might damage your hair
  • Why you should leave Balayage to the hands of a true professional


After reading all of this information, I’m sure that you’ll know what choice is best for your hair.


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When Balayage might damage your hair

Balayage is a coloring technique that is done with a light hand and gives your hair a natural, mixed appearance, without leaving clear indication of where it’s growing out.

That gives your hair a natural, sun-kissed look, which grows out in a softer, less obvious way.


 But even though it’s one of the least damaging coloring techniques, it’s always best to watch out for the possible red flags. 

For example, what is your hair like right now?

When you touch it, is it soft, or does it feel like straw?


  • If it’s soft, then there’s no problem, it’s almost impossible that Balayage will ruin your hair

Now, if it if feels dry or rough, consider that a yellow light.


  • If your hair is already dry because of lack of hydration, Balayage will likely make it worse, because don’t forget that to get that natural aura, you still have to bleach certain parts of your hair.


  • Do you have dark hair and you want to highlight it with some very light parts?

I recommend that you leave it to a professional stylist.


 A professional stylist that specializes in color will know how to create a balance between the light and the dark colors for multi-dimensional color.  And that same stylist will know how much to bleach your hair, so the bleach doesn’t damage it. That means they’ll avoid your hair looking highlighted, but damaged.


  • Your hair’s history is also very important

That means: do you have virgin hair, or have you colored it recently?

And if you have colored it recently, did you do it yourself with a box dye or did you get it done in a salon?


 The answers to these questions will determine if your hair is healthy enough to be able to Balayage it and if the results will be good.  


If you’ve never dyed your hair, you probably have healthy hair, since you’ve never exposed it to chemicals.

Now, if you’ve dyed it multiple times, remember that permanent dyes always leave residue on the innermost layers of your hair.

So, if you bleach it while getting a Balayage, colors that you never even imagined were there might come out, or your hair might lose a lot of moisture, causing you to end up with extremely frizzy hair.

 That’s why it’s important to evaluate your hair’s health before Balayaging it.  


Now, let’s talk about something essential.

You’ve evaluated your hair, and it’s healthy enough to Balayage it without damaging it.

Will you put it into a professional’s hands, or will you do it yourself?


Why a professional must be the one to Balayage your hair

Yes, I know. In these hard times with empty pockets and millions of online tutorials telling you to “do it yourself,” you might be tempted to do the Balayage at home.

But I’ll ask you a few questions first:


  • Do you know how long you should bleach your hair before starting to dye it?
  • Can you recognize your base tone to then play around with the right tones, so your Balayage looks natural?
  • Do you know exactly how many places and where you should dye your hair, so it looks like it was highlighted by chance?

If you didn’t answer “yes” to any of those questions, then get an appointment with your stylist right away.


Because, for example, you can oversaturate your hair with highlights and the balayage effect will be lost.

 And if you don’t choose the tone correctly, your hair can end up stained in small patches.  


Or you can leave the bleach in for too long in some parts of your hair, and it will end up so damaged that it won’t even be able to handle the new color.

If you want to run those risks, then full speed ahead, try to do the Balayage at home.


But, if you’re worried that Balayage will damage your hair, consult a professional.

Most stylists will agree that it’s one of the safest color techniques.


 Besides, a professional will take into consideration other factors, like your skin tone, your facial features, and even your bone structure.  


This technique has a multi-tonal final product, and unlike other color techniques, it doesn’t saturate the roots or ends with color, which can only be achieved if your stylist knows what they’re doing.

If you trust your hair to a professional stylist, they will know which tones will work best for your hair’s base color and the shape of your face, creating a style tailored to you. And without damaging your hair.

Do you want me to confess something to you as a hairstylist?



Thanks to this technique, I was able to discover my inner artist that I never let out.

But, this artist took a lot of classes and specialized in a specific subject because the Balayage technique that I offer my clients is a color service that is entirely personalized and safe. I’ll repeat: It’s safe.

The balayage technique can give you a completely healthy, natural look, and it’s something that will never go out of style.


Don’t trust just anyone with your hair, though, because if you do, any color technique can be dangerous.

Do you think your hair is in good enough conditions to Balayage it?

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