How long will it take for my curls to come back after bleaching?

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  • If you have fine hair, your curls will take 5 to 6 months to come back after bleaching.
  • Alternatively, if your hair is thick, your curls will take 2 to 3 months to come back.
  • And, if you have artificial curls, you should know that perming and bleaching are incompatible and damage your hair. I’ll tell you why I don’t recommend them.


  • If your hair was virgin before bleaching, your curls will be back very soon, probably less than a month.
  • On the other hand, if your hair was previously colored, it’ll take about 3 months to get your curls back. It may even take 6 months if your hair was bleached.
  • Another factor that will define how long it’ll take for your curls to come back is the type of bleach you used (20, 30, or 40 volume peroxide).
  • In this article, we’ll look at each case in-depth, and I’ll also give you tips on how to get your curls back faster after bleaching.


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Have you bleached your hair and your curls disappeared?


Don’t worry. It can be restored.

  They may not be completely back to their natural shape, but they’ll look pretty much like what you used to wear before you bleached your hair.  


You need to analyze a few factors to know how long it’ll take.

When it comes to time, there’s no mathematical formula. Now, let’s see what those factors are:

  • Hair type
  • Hair condition
  • Type of bleaching
  • Post-bleaching treatments
  • Chemical maintenance


All these factors combined will give different results.

Let’s combine them and see how long it’ll take for your hair to recover.

Let’s assume that you bleached your hair with a 20-volume peroxide. Also, you hadn’t colored it before and you took the necessary time to achieve a very light blonde.

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Curls on fine hair

bleach hair with product in it

This hair type will suffer the most. Likely, your curls will disappear after bleaching. Your hair will lose its shape and body, and it’ll have lots of frizz and porosity.


Don’t worry. It has a solution. Probably, the first week you’ll still have some of your curls. Then, as the days go by, the bleaching process will fade them.

  In this case, I recommend intensifying hydration and nourishment of your hair for the first three weeks   until you nourish it again with hair dye.


This way, you’ll preserve your curls. That should be your best strategy during the first month. Then, you can lower that routine during the following months.

At this time, you can use gels and styling creams. Never comb it dry and let air dry.


  Curls on fine hair may take around 5 to 6 months to return to their neat style,   though they may not be identical to how they were before bleaching.


Curls on thick hair

perm after bleaching

Generally, curls are more defined on thick hair. They resemble springs and have elasticity and resistance.

Once bleached, they’ll get dry and tend to gain volume. However, they won’t fall apart.


Therefore, during the first month, as in the previous case, the real secret will be to keep them moisturized and hydrated.

  If you manage to get through that stage, by the second and third month your curls will be back to normal. 


What will take much longer (between 4 and 5 months) is to recover their elasticity. Bleach-damaged curly hair requires a routine that prioritizes moisturizing, repairing, and protecting.

After the first month, styling creams can also help. Nowadays, many products on the market keep your curls hydrated and remove frizz. This will be the most important thing during this stage.


Artificial curls

second time in 20 days

If your hair has permed curls, I wholeheartedly suggest you give up the idea of bleaching.

  Not only will your curls disappear, but your hair will most likely be destroyed for good.  


You’ll have dead hair, as there’s no way perming and bleaching are compatible. Please don’t ever try it. Not even patience and time will bring them back. Rather, time will only make you see your hair worsen every day.


Condition of the hair

Your hair health before bleaching will also determine how long it’ll take for your curls to return to normal.


  • Virgin hair will have a higher resistance and also a higher chance of recovery in less time.

Keep in mind that the more you nourish it, the faster you’ll get the results you’re looking for.


  • On the other hand, color-treated hair will need more care. Being chemically treated, its strength will be lower. Therefore, recovery will take longer.

Depending on how much it was previously treated, it’ll take 2 to 3 months to get your curls back.


  • If it was already bleached, you’ll get your curls back after 6 months.

However, your porosity and elasticity will determine how long it’ll take to recover.


Bleaching type

lighten hair slightly

The type of bleaching will also determine how long it’ll take for your curls to come back.

  • Bleach with a 20 volume peroxide will be gentle. It may not reach very light tones, but you’ll keep your curls.
  • On the other hand, bleach with a 30-volume peroxide is a bit more aggressive. You’ll need to wait longer to see your curls form again.
  • Finally, bleach with a 40 volume peroxide is already very aggressive and severely damages your curls. In this case, it’ll take you a considerable time to recover them. In any case, they won’t be the same as before.


Post-bleaching treatments

repair hair before re-dyeing

Once your hair has been bleached, the moisturizing-nourishing maintenance will be necessary.

Keep in mind that your hair has suffered dehydration. So, the sooner you apply the treatments, the faster your hair will recover and the faster those curls will reappear after bleaching.


  Nowadays, products are fit for all types of damage and budgets.  

So, there are no excuses: recovering your curls will take as long as it takes you to get to work on repairing them.


Nourish your hair to help it recover faster from bleaching

In this article, we’ve seen the time it takes for curls of all hair types to return to normal after bleaching.

You should know that I have calculated these times assuming that you had your hair bleached in a salon. As you know, bleaching is an extremely risky treatment to do yourself.


  If, in turn, you bleached your hair yourself, recovery may take much longer.   Without proper salon care, your curls would take twice as long to come back. Even worse, hair damage could be irreversible.

That’s why I invite you to go to your trusted hairdresser. That way, your curls will be back in no time to be the most beautiful part of your hair. Let’s go!

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