When do you start timing when bleaching your hair?

woman with big watch to time discoloration

  • When bleaching your hair, you must time it from the moment you finish putting all the bleach mixture onto your hair.
  • Therefore, you must apply the bleach mixture quickly. When you’ve finished covering all your hair, start the clock. It will always be between 20 and 40 minutes, according to the color you want to achieve.
  • Before bleaching your hair, remember to get everything you’ll need ready to time the bleach mixture correctly. And today I’ll let you in on all the secrets.


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Now you know.  When you bleach your hair, you start timing it the moment you finish putting the mixture in your hair. 


Therefore, your hair must be completely tangle-free before you start bleaching. This will make it easier to distribute the bleach mixture throughout your hair. It will also help you avoid wasting time.

Because  another vital aspect of bleaching hair to avoid completely ruining the hair is to apply the bleach evenly and continuously .

What does this mean?

application of bleach quickly to start timing

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It means you should apply the bleach mixture quickly, i.e. you can’t let five minutes between each brush stroke. You should be active and attentive when you’re using the mixture.

So  my advice is to detangle your hair, then separate it into four to six sections to make it easier to apply the mixture. Then, when you’ve covered your whole hair or the areas you want to bleach, start timing. 

But before you time your bleaching, are you sure you’ve done all the steps that will allow you to bleach your hair with as minor damage as possible?


Let’s check together.


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Steps to take before you start timing your bleach

woman mixing proportions of bleaching bath

Bleaching is one of the most aggressive chemical processes you can put your hair through. If you don’t keep a few things in mind, such as leaving it on your hair for the right time, you can break or even burn your hair.

Let’s review the steps you can’t miss before bleaching your hair.


Preparing your hair before bleaching

Ideally, your hair should be dirty, i.e. you shouldn’t wash your hair for two days before bleaching it. This way the natural oil from your scalp protects the roots.


Also, don’t use any hair products during those two days. I mean setting spray, dry shampoo, gel, leave-in conditioner, or oils. They may prevent the bleach from working evenly.


Preparing the bleach mixture

30 volume developer

My advice is to use 30-volume developer. This will allow you to scale four or five numbers at once.

The ratio of the bleach mixture is 2:1. This means that for every 2 parts of developer, you should mix 1 part of bleach powder. Make sure it’s creamy, like the conditioner you use when you wash your hair.

For example:

  • 50 grams of bleach powder with 100 ml of developer
  • 25 grams of bleach powder with 50 ml of developer
  • 100 grams of bleach powder with 200 ml developer.


Applying the mixture

  • Comb your hair, separating it into several sections to make it easier to apply the mixture. Use gloves to prepare the mixture.
  •  Apply the bleaching mixture quickly, steadily, and evenly, covering each section of your hair. 
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and start timing when you finish applying the mixture.
  • Check the color every five minutes.
  • Remember, you can rinse your hair out after twenty minutes if you’ve reached the desired color. Otherwise, you can leave the mixture on for up to 40 minutes.
  • When the time is up, rinse your hair with cold water and shampoo to remove any remaining bleach powder.
  • Apply conditioner and leave it on for five minutes to moisturize your hair.
  • Rinse with cold water.


I want to emphasize something crucial:   you should leave the bleach mixture on for 20 minutes, or up to 40 minutes at most.  If you haven’t reached the color you want yet, you should rinse your hair anyway to avoid ruining it.



Start to time the bleaching process the moment you finish applying the mixture to your hair. You must apply it quickly, continuously, and evenly.

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