What happens if you put blonde dye on grey hair? It depends on your current color

Woman watches in the mirror her gray hair

  • If you put blonde dye on dark hair with grays, you could get four different colors. I’ll tell you why.
  • Alternatively, if you put blonde dye on light hair with grays, you’ll get an even color, and your gray hair will be concealed. You need to consider your base color when choosing the hair color.
  • Therefore, applying blonde dye on gray hair is a good idea as long as your hair is blonde.


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 Are you planning to put blonde dye on your graying hair? 


As you can see, this isn’t always a good idea because the results will be different according to your base hair color.

For example, if you have a balayage and your grey hair is showing through, a blonde dye will be the solution because your lengths and ends are already bleached.


Now, if your hair is dark brown and you apply a blonde dye, all you’ll do is make a mess of your hair.

Do you want to know why?

Read on


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It isn’t a good idea to put blonde dye on dark hair with gray hair

woman clutches her head because she has gray hair
I always like to be direct.

 If your hair is dark and you put blonde dye to disguise gray hair,  you’ll have to look for a to solve the resulting mess.

Besides, I can assure you that the solution won’t be healthy for your hair.

Your stylist will most likely have to bleach your hair to even out the color.


But, you still have time to avoid disaster. And the way to do it isn’t to put blonde dye on your dark hair with grays.

Blonde dye on dark hair will only fade the color and not cover the gray.  Also, your roots will be orange, the gray hair will be yellow, the lengths will be light brown, and the ends will be dark. 


Yes, an actual rainbow-like combination.

 To put blonde dye on dark hair you must first bleach it. 


So, if your hair is black 1, dark brown 3, brown 4 or light brown 5, you can’t put blonde dye to cover gray hair.

So, what can you do if your hair is dark and gray hair bothers you?

highlights in dark hair to hide gray hair
 You can apply highlights.  Your stylist will bleach a few strands to dark blonde 6 or blonde 7.

This way, you can maintain your hair color, brighten your face, and disguise your gray hair without going through three or four bleaching sessions.

On the other hand, if your hair is blonde, things change radically.


If your hair is light, applying blonde dye to your gray hair is an excellent idea

blonde dyes for gray hair
 You can apply the blonde dye from roots to ends to achieve an even color and hide gray hair. 


But, before you get excited, I want to tell you that you should keep one thing in mind. You should choose a blonde hair color that is the same as your base color.

What do I mean?


If your hair is blonde 7, you can’t apply an extra light blonde 10. Instead, to maintain an even color from root to tip and disguise your gray hair, you should apply light blonde 8.


  •  If your hair is dark blonde 6 or blonde 7,  you can apply very light blonde 8, or very light blonde 9.
  •  If your hair is dark blonde 6 or blonde 7, and you want to apply a platinum blonde or gray hair color,  you’ll have to bleach your hair. And in that case, I recommend you go to a salon.


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You should gradually find the right color for you every time you touch up your hair. What you should know is that gray hair won’t disappear. You can only disguise it with dye.

And the more similar the dye and your base color are, the less often you’ll have to renew the dye. The gray hair will be less noticeable.

woman applied blonde dye on gray hair
Finally, let’s say you have balayage or some other fading technique.

As you know, no dye is applied to the roots in those cases. So, your hair in that area is virgin. Therefore, the blonde dye you apply will be perfect.

I advise you to start with the lower blondes, such as blonde 7 or light blonde 8. This way, you’ll cover your gray hair and give an even color to all of your hair by covering the bleached part of the balayage.



Blonde hair dyes are the best option for blonde hair to disguise gray hair without renewing them every two weeks.

Alternatively, if your hair is dark and you want to hide gray hair, you can opt for a balayage. It should be done in a salon to achieve an even without damaging your hair.

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