Purple shampoo not working on my hair, what should I do?

purple shampoo not working

If you used purple shampoo and it didn’t work, it might be for one of these reasons:

  • Reason 1: you haven’t used purple shampoo enough. So, you should wash your hair more times with the shampoo.
  • Reason 2: you didn’t leave the purple shampoo in long enough. I’ll give you more info about this soon.
  • Reason 3: you’re using other hair products that fade the effect of the purple shampoo. You need to use sulfate-free products.
  • Reason 4: your hair has low porosity and it’s not able to absorb the pigments in the purple shampoo. You’ll need to use a toner to get rid of yellow in your hair.


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As you can see,  it could be one of several reasons as to why purple shampoo isn’t working. 

But, do you know what the good news is?


That any and all of these reasons have a solution.

And you don’t need to invest a large amount of time or money to make purple shampoo finally work.


All you need to do is take a look at your hair care routine.

And of course, know what purple shampoo is good for and how to use it.

Because it’s likely that you bought the purple shampoo and then  you started to use it without reading the instructions that come with it. 

And believe me. Those instructions hold all the secrets for making purple shampoo work on your hair.


But before taking a look at your hair care routine to find out why the purple shampoo isn’t working, I want to dispel a few myths about this kind of shampoo.

A lot of people think that “purple shampoo doesn’t work on damaged hair.” And that’s not true.

 Purple shampoo works both on damaged hair and on healthy hair , because all it does is deposit purple pigments to neutralize yellow tones.


There are also people who think that “purple shampoo only works on bleached hair.”

And that also isn’t true. Purple shampoo work both on dyed blonde hair and on naturally blonde hair.


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Because unwanted yellow tones can also appear in naturally blonde hair too.

What I want you to know is that today you’ll find out why purple shampoo is not working on your hair. But what’s most important to know is how to fix it.

Shall we?


You should use purple shampoo several times to make it work correctly

purple shampoo should be used several times

Because  this shampoo works gradually on your hair by accumulating in your hair .

Because of that, you should use the shampoo at least three of four times to start to see the results.


If you’ve used purple shampoo fewer than three times, it makes sense that you wouldn’t see results yet.

So,  if you wash your hair two or three times a week, you should wait a minimum of fifteen days to confirm the results. 


Now, if you’ve been using the shampoo for five weeks and you’re not seeing results, it could be that the brand you’re using doesn’t have a lot of color or that its pigments are weak.

And in that case, I’d recommend choosing a purple shampoo with more intense pigments.


But, besides the brand, it could be that impatience dealt you a bad hand. And that takes us to the second reason why the purple shampoo might not be working on your hair.


Leave purple shampoo in your hair for three to five minutes

For the purple shampoo to work well, leave it between three and five minutes.

Some brands even recommend leaving it in up to six minutes.

A lot of women get scared when they wash their hair with purple shampoo because they’re worried their hair might end up completely purple. So, what do they do?


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They rinse the shampoo right away. And when they do that, the pigments aren’t able to deposit in their hair correctly. So, they’re not able to neutralize the unwanted yellow tones.

How do you fix it?


 I recommend using purple shampoo on wrung out hair with no extra water and keeping it in place with a hair clip. 

Pop on a shower cap and wait out the full amount of time recommended for your shampoo.


Take advantage of the time to exfoliate, do an immersion bath in essential oil or simple relax in warm water in the candle light.

What’s important is that you leave the purple shampoo in your hair the full amount of time indicated in the instructions. If you rinse it before you’re supposed to, the purple shampoo won’t work.


If you’ve been using purple shampoo for fifteen days and you’ve left it in your hair the right amount of time, then you’re going to find the one at fault among your hair products.

Why? Keep reading.


In order for purple shampoo to work, you should use sulfate-free hair products

Because the pigments in purple shampoo are very sensitive, meaning they fade easily.


As such,  all of your hair products should be sulfate-free and they also shouldn’t contain parabens or metallic salts. 

That’s why it’s so important to check the label on all of your hair products, from masks and heat protectants to gels and leave-in conditioners.


What should you look for on the labels? The words that will help you find out if your products are compatible with purple shampoo.

What are those words?

  • Sulfate free
  • Parabens free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Color protector


If your hair products check the box on all of these characteristics, they won’t remove the pigments from your purple shampoo and its effects will last longer.


I also want to point out another common issue.

A lot of women wash their hair with purple shampoo and then they wash their hair with another shampoo afterward.


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Purple shampoo adds pigments and cleans your hair. As such, you shouldn’t use any other shampoo after washing your hair with purple shampoo.


If purple shampoo doesn’t work because your hair has low porosity, you should use a toner

if purple shampoo doesn't work you can use toner

Porosity is the capacity that your hair has to absorb any products you use on it.

 If your hair has low porosity, you’ll need a stronger product than purple shampoo to get rid of unwanted colors. 


And that stronger product is toner.

What is the difference between purple shampoo and toner?

  • Purple shampoo deposits in the outermost layer of your hair, which is why it fades as you wash it.
  • Toner penetrates into your hair because it’s applied with 20 volume developer. That’s why, even if your hair has low porosity, the product will be able to deposit purple pigments to get rid of unwanted colors.


I’d recommend using WELLA COLOR CHARM T10, to get the same effect as purple shampoo.

Once you’ve used the toner, you can continue to use purple shampoo to prolong the toner’s effect.



If you want purple shampoo to work on your hair, follow the instructions that come with it regarding how often to use it and how long to leave it in your hair.

It’s also important that your hair products don’t contain sulfates or parabens to make sure that they aren’t fading the purple shampoo’s pigments.

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