How would I look with platinum blonde hair? 3 tips to help you decide

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I’ll help you imagine what you would look like with platinum blonde hair.

I assure you that in just a few minutes, you’ll know if it’s right for you to dye your hair this wonderful color or not.

Ready to find out?

Let’s start with something simple.


Search on Google or Instagram for photos with platinum blonde-hair girls.

Then, answer these questions.

  • Is the skin tone of the girls in the pictures similar to yours?
  • If your hair is dark and you want to go platinum, the change will be radical. Are you ready for that change?
  • Have you ever thought that if you dye your hair platinum blonde, you’ll be the center of attention everywhere? Do you really like it? Does it fit your personality?
  • Do you have clothes in your wardrobe to match the platinum blonde? Will you have to revamp your entire wardrobe when you color your hair?
  • What color palette do you use for your makeup? Does it go with the platinum blonde?


After thinking about and answering the questions above, you should be much closer to being able to decide if platinum blonde will suit you or not. Have you decided yet?

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If you’ve already decided that platinum blonde will be your next hair color, congratulations!

 If you still have doubts, you almost certainly shouldn’t dye your hair platinum blonde. You shouldn’t have any doubts before making that decision! 

If you have the slightest doubt, you’d better dye your hair an intermediate color. There are many!


Still, don’t discard platinum blonde just yet.

Let’s see if these three clues help you get closer to a decision.

  • The first clue as to whether platinum blonde is a good choice for you is your skin color. If your skin tone is cool, platinum blonde will give you more luminosity. I’ll tell you later how to know what your skin tone is.
  • The second and perhaps most important clue is to consider your base hair color. If your hair is dark, the change may be too drastic. You may not get used to it. Therefore, you can start with something more gradual, such as highlights or lightening.
  • Finally, you should be aware that platinum blonde takes a lot of maintenance work. I mean monthly salon visits and taking care of your hair with good quality hair products.


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Yes, platinum blonde can be any woman’s dream.

Especially nowadays if you’re a social media fan. In that case, you must have fallen in love with sudden hair color changes overnight.

Before you make the decision, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind.  Platinum blonde is not for everyone.  What do I mean by this?


If you’re thinking about a hair color change, you should think about a shade that flatters you, brings out the best in you, and highlights your best features.

Hair can be a powerful tool of seduction. And it can be a determining factor in bringing out the best in your face.

Think about nature for a moment.  If we think about the human race, who tends to have platinum or extra light blonde hair? 


You guessed it!

Generally, Nordic people have platinum blonde hair.

And what are their most prominent features? Very light or pale skin and light eyes, generally speaking.



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So, if you have a long-lost relative in the Scandinavian family tree or if your skin is pale and very fair, platinum blonde will look perfect on you.

It’ll bring out your eyes, whether light or dark and lighten up your face.

Not sure about your skin tone?


Let’s do a simple test to find out.

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How to find out your skin tone to know if platinum blonde is a good choice for you

medium length hair

What do we look for when we know your skin tone for sure?


First, harmony. I think you have to have to know your skin color for sure.

There’s pale, golden, very white, matte, tanned, yellowish, brunette skin. The list goes on.


So,  the first thing to know if platinum blonde will look good on you is to know your skin tone. 

Therefore, I suggest a simple exercise.

Look at your wrist or forearm. You should be able to see the veins at first sight. Can you tell them apart?

  • If your veins are blue, your skin tone is cool.
  • If your veins are green, your skin tone is warm.
  • If you can’t differentiate the color, your skin tone is neutral


We’re on the way to deciding whether platinum blonde will suit you.

  • If your skin is warm, you should opt for honey or golden blonde.
  • If your skin is cool, platinum blonde is an excellent choice for you


I can imagine your disappointment. I’d almost say anger. It’s just my advice as a professional.

You can actually color your hair any color. If you’re worried about whether the shade you choose will suit you, take my advice: choose wisely.


Your decision will be with you for a long time. You can’t change your hair color every day if you regret it. And you can’t, for one simple reason.

Your hair health. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


Platinum blonde: think about maintenance before you change your hair color

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In addition to trying to imagine what you would look like with platinum blonde hair, you should consider another detail before coloring your hair: maintenance.

Extra light blonde-haired people require a lot of work and a lot of maintenance.


  • If your base color is dark, be prepared for many bleaching sessions. Also, consider the application of toner to eliminate the yellowish and orange tones that appear.

These bleaching sessions will dry out your hair because powerful chemicals are used. Therefore,  you should invest time and money in intensive nourishing treatments. 


  • The road doesn’t end when you apply the platinum blonde. It’s not like climbers who reach the top of the mountain and end the trail.

I would almost say that your journey has just begun. Again, you’ll have to invest more time and money to make your platinum blonde look flawless. Also,  keep in mind that after 15 to 20 days, you’ll have visible growth.  You’ll have to bleach your roots again to apply the platinum blonde.


  • The hair products you use are not a minor issue. They must be of good quality to keep the hair moisturized and not lose softness and shine.



I think that, at this point, you can already define whether platinum blonde will look good or bad on you. Follow your instincts.

Carefully evaluate your skin tone. Try to imagine what clothes you’ll wear with your new look, and even what makeup shades you’ll use.

Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that allow you to match your new look?


Beyond any trend in social networks, you should take those ideas that benefit you the most. It’s like when a client visits me in the salon for a haircut. If her face is round, I would never recommend a bob cut.

Instead, I’d suggest a cut to highlight an asymmetrical fringe or a medium-length layered cut. They can help you lengthen the shape of your face and avoid adding volume on the sides.


But, if your skin is fair, your base color doesn’t require a lot of bleaching and your hair is healthy, I think platinum blonde can be a great option for you.  And as the last tip, trust a professional to make this change. Making that decision involves your color change to platinum and your hair health.

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