Can I do a root touch up after a keratin treatment? Yes, but only after three weeks

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  • If it’s been three weeks since you applied keratin, you can touch up your roots using a permanent dye.
  • If it’s been less than three weeks since you applied keratin, you can touch up your roots using a semi-permanent dye or a root touch-up spray. These products don’t contain chemicals that would remove the keratin, unlike permanent dye.
  • What you can’t do, even if more than three weeks have passed since you applied the keratin, is to touch up your roots by applying bleach. You’ll completely ruin the keratin treatment.


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Now you know. If you want to touch up your roots after a keratin treatment, it’s vital you take into account a very important factor:

  •  How long it has been since you applied the keratin. 


That’s what will determine if you can touch up your roots.

Do you know what I do every time a client visits me in the salon and asks for a keratin treatment?


In addition to evaluating their hair to see if it will withstand the treatment, as a keratin treatment can also ruin badly damaged hair, I check if their hair is colored or has highlights.

Because, in that case, I consider color renewal and root retouching.

 What if I notice there’s not much time left to do the color renewal or the root touch-up ? I warn my client they will have to wait at least three weeks to recolor or touch up the roots if they get a keratin treatment.

Why do I explain that they should wait three weeks to touch up their roots after applying keratin?

woman shows that she needs root touch up

Your hair needs that time to absorb and assimilate the keratin. If you don’t wait for those three weeks, the dye will ruin the treatment, and then you’ll get frizziness again.

But the worst thing is that you will erase all the repairing work the keratin did to your hair. So your roots will be dyed, but your hair will be just as damaged or more than before you applied the keratin.


I also want to make a clarification.

You’ve probably heard somewhere that you can touch up your roots because you don’t apply the keratin treatment to your hair’s roots. And that is partly true because the product shouldn’t touch your scalp.

The hairdresser leaves a distance of 1.5 centimeters so your hair follicles, where your hair grows from, don’t get damaged.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can touch up your roots. Why not? Hair dyes contain chemicals that generate fumes and heat.

 If it hasn’t been three weeks since you applied the keratin treatment , you can’t touch up your roots with a permanent dye.


Some clients give up on keratin and choose another type of deep repair treatment instead. Others get the keratin treatment and use some tricks to disguise their roots while they wait three weeks.

I’ll tell you about these tricks below.


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What can you do if you get a keratin treatment and wait three weeks to touch up your roots?

 There are two ways to disguise your roots if it’s been less than three weeks since you applied keratin. They are safe to use  because they won’t ruin the treatment. And you will be able to look the way you want.

Do you want to know what they are? Let’s start with the easiest one.


You can touch up your roots immediately after a keratin treatment with a root touch-up spray

hand holds root touch up spray

And this little miracle has a name: L´Oréal Paris Magic Retouch, a temporary spray-on dye that will cover your roots in three minutes.


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This product disappears the moment you wash your hair, but you can go to your date, party, or college class without wearing a hat or scarf.

You can wash your hair every 3 days, then apply the spray. After three weeks, touch up your roots like you normally would.


You can also use a semi-permanent hair dye to touch up your roots without removing the keratin

This type of dye lasts for 24 washes, much longer than the root touch-up spray. And it doesn’t interfere with the keratin treatment. Why not? Because it doesn’t contain ammonia and you don’t use developer to apply it.

The only drawback is that if your roots are very dark, you won’t be able to apply light colors. It won’t cover them. Semi-permanent dye doesn’t penetrate the hair fiber; it only sticks to the outside.



Immediately after you get a keratin treatment, you can touch up your roots with a semi-permanent dye or a root touch-up spray. But if you want to apply a permanent dye, you will have to wait three weeks.

Lastly, remember that you can’t bleach your roots or all of your hair, even three weeks after keratin because bleaching can ruin the keratin’s effects and your hair.

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