My roots show after 3 weeks; what can I do? Tips from a hairdresser

woman looks at roots showing through dyed hair
  If you dye your hair and the roots show after three weeks,   you can try some tricks to prevent them from showing until six weeks. We’ll start with the easiest option and work our way up to the most complex.

  • To disguise your roots and delay touch-ups, you can use a root spray. I’ll tell you about the advantages and disadvantages below.
  • If your roots are gray or light, and the rest of your hair is dark, you can apply semi-permanent hair color. This will keep your roots out of sight for at least six to seven weeks.
  • Alternatively, if your roots are dark and the rest of your hair is light, you have two options: to touch up your color ahead of schedule or disguise your roots with some styling.


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I have highlights and my roots are showing, what can I do? Choose one of these 2 options


Did you think coloring your hair was just a one-day thing?


Welcome to the slavery world! They say the truth will set you free. So, I’m glad to be with you now that you’re feeling disappointed that your roots are showing after three weeks.

Do you know why I’m glad?


  Even though the only thing that can cover up your roots is a new dye, there are a few tricks we colorists have up our sleeves to disguise your roots for up to six weeks.  


Of course, not all that glitters is gold. After all, we’re talking about “little tricks” and not definitive solutions.


But isn’t a little trick better than worrying that your roots are showing after three weeks?

It’s time to use your “feminine wit” to hide your roots for up to six weeks.

Shall we get started?


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Option 1: Use a root cover-up spray until the next color renewal

root touch up spray

  • Advantage: you don’t need to be a coloring expert. Also, it’s an affordable method to hide the roots when they start to show.
  • Disadvantage: your roots will reappear when you wash your hair.


I’m sure you’re thinking, “Alejandra, if the effects of the spray wear off with washing, my roots will come back.”

Yes, I know. But let’s do the math because math doesn’t lie.

You probably already know that hair should be washed every three days. Especially, color-treated hair.


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If we do the math,   you’ll wash your hair twice a week, three times a week at most. Therefore, the spray’s effects will last for at least three days.  


You’ll only need to apply the spray twice a week.

And that will lead you to renew the dye after six weeks if you want to.


Actually, if your hair is very damaged or dry, I advise you to hide your roots with spray until the next coloring.

The root cover-up spray is applied to dry hair six inches from the roots. Then, you comb it through to distribute the color into the growth.

In my opinion, it’s one of the most effective solutions to disguise the roots by investing little money and time.


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Option 2: use a semi-permanent dye until the next color renewal

  If your roots are gray or very light, and the rest of your hair is dark, but you don’t want to go for the root touch-up spray,   you can use a semi-permanent dye.



It, doesn’t completely fade in the first wash like the spray. Also, as it doesn’t contain ammonia or a developer, semi-permanent hair dye fades gradually over washes.

This means that   if your roots are showing at three weeks, you can extend the color renewal for six weeks.  


Also, when it’s time for your regular color renewal, the semi-permanent color won’t be a problem because it fades with washes.

Therefore, you won’t need any alternative process to remove the color.

Finally, semi-permanent hair dyes offer a wide range of colors, from black 1 to extra light blonde 10 through fantasy colors.


Option 3: if your roots are dark, you can try to disguise them with some hairstyles

dark roots show up on dyed blonde hair
If you’ve bleached your hair to get to the perfect blonde, you face a challenge to disguise your roots.

No matter how careful you are with your hair care routine, if your hair is naturally very dark, your dark roots will show through mercilessly after three weeks

In this case, you have three alternatives:

  • You bleach your roots.
  • You renew the dye sooner than usual.
  • You disguise the growth with alternative hairstyles.


If you choose to dye or bleach your roots, as long as it is an extra light blonde, you should be aware of the damage you can do to the roots with the excess chemicals.


You should always moisturize your hair and use hair masks to prevent frizz.

If you decide to wait 4 to 5 weeks for color renewal, I recommend you start changing hairstyles. You can opt for:

  • Half up-do with a loose bun
  • Up-do with hairspray
  • Loose hair with light waves
  • Straight with braids
  • Curls with clips in the front

This will make your roots blend into your new look and draw attention to your hairstyle.



Now you know how you can disguise your roots when they appear after three weeks. These little tricks from a professional colorist will help you gain time between coloring sessions.

A root touch-up spray or semi-permanent hair color will make it easier to hide your roots for three more weeks.

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