What color to dye over green hair? Here’s everything you need to know before dying your hair.

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Are you wondering what color would work best to cover your green hair?


  • If your hair has been dyed with a semi-permanent green hair dye, you can cover it with almost any color, although I would recommend staying away from lighter colors. We’ll discuss why a bit later.
  • If you’ve dyed your hair green with a permanent hair dye, you can also dye it almost any color, from chestnut to red to light blond. That being said, you should stay away from platinum blonds.
  • If you dyed your hair grey and ended up with green tones, try a warm color such as brown, golden blond, or red.


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As you can see, knowing why your hair is green is the key to figuring out knowing the best way to cover it.  You wouldn’t use the same process to cover hair dyed with permanent green dye, and hair died with a semi-permanent color. 

There’s a simple reason why. Permanent hair dye has a completely different chemical makeup than semi-permanent dye.


  • After using a semi-permanent dye, you should have no problem changing your hair color to almost anything you want, with either another semi-permanent color or a permanent dye. If you choose another semi-permanent dye, you could try violet, fuchsia, red, sky blue, or even yellow.



  • Now, if you dyed your hair with a permanent green hair dye, you can cover it with any color, so long as you use a permanent hair dye.

I would recommend a warm color, such as brown or caramel, that will easily cover the green tones. Any red tone -from a deep auburn to fiery red- will also look great.


  Permanent dye can only be covered with another permanent dye, while a semi-permanent dye can be covered with either permanent dye or another semi-permanent color.

This is because semi-permanent dyes do not contain ammonia or use developer and are much easier to remove: they simply fade away as you wash your hair.

On the other hand, Permanent dye contains ammonia is applied with developer, so it can only be removed with bleach or a clarifying shampoo.

For this same reason, the semi-permanent dye will not work if applied over permanent hair color.


So now you know what type of dye to use to cover your green hair. But that’s not all, because now we’re going to discuss:

  • The best way to cover hair dyed green with a semi-permanent dye
  • The best way to cover hair dyed green with a permanent dye
  • And, two important things to keep in mind before changing your hair color.


So, let’s leave the green behind and take a look at the best ways to make it disappear.


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Do you have your hair colored with a semi-permanent hair dye? Choose one of these tones to cover it

fantasy hair color

If you’ve dyed your hair with a semi-permanent green dye, I’m sure you already know about the advantages of this type of dye.

Semi-permanent dyes do not contain ammonia or use developers, and therefore are less damaging, but only last about five shampoos at most.

Since the dye is only deposited in the outside layer of the hair, it fades with shampoo, and it’s not necessary to bleach your hair before applying a new color.

With that in mind, you can cover the green with almost any semi-permanent color.


  • I would recommend waiting for the color to fade after a few shampoos before applying the new color.

That’s the best time to apply for another hair dye. Now I’m sure you’re wondering which color will work best on top of the green.


  • To be honest, almost any color will cover the green.

Notice I said almost any color. If you choose a very light color such as pearl grey, white, or pastel yellow, you’ll need to bleach your hair before applying the new color.



  • The light colors might not be able to cover the green tones.

That being said, darker colors should have no problem covering the emerald hue. Anything from a pastel pink to intense violet would work well since these colors don’t use white pigments and won’t conflict with the base color.

semi permanent conditioning hair color

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And, since there’s such a wide range of semi-permanent colors you can use after dying your hair green, it would be a shame to bleach it again. Especially when you consider that bleaching is quite an intense chemical process for your hair.

So think about it carefully.

Would you rather cover the green and have healthy hair or risk having dehydrated, dry hair?


Now, what if you’ve dyed your hair green with permanent dye? Well, that’s a different situation entirely, and we’ll discuss it next.


Do you have your hair dyed with permanent green dye? Choose one of these tones to cover it

  • The good news is that you won’t have to bleach your hair again if you choose to cover the green with a permanent hair dye since the dye is applied with a 20 volume developer.

What does the developer do?


  • The developer lifts the color and allows the new color to adhere to the hair fiber. This allows you to dye over the green without a hitch.

But that’s not the only advantage of permanent dye. There’s also a wide range of colors to choose from, although you should stay away from platinum blonds. Reaching that color requires several bleaching treatments, and you’ll have to deal with several colors in between treatments.

Your hair has to be bleached to almost white for the platinum dye to take, which can severely damage your hair.

What permanent dyes could you apply over green hair?


  • Reds, browns, and light blonds.

Since permanent dyes contain ammonia, your hair will rapidly absorb the new color, and there won’t be a trace left of the green left. Ammonia reacts with the developer to cause the hair fiber to absorb and retain the new hair dye’s pigments.

  If you apply any of the colors I just recommended, every trace of the green will be gone. 

Now, what if you’ve left in a grey hair dye too long?


  • Leaving a grey dye in too long can cause your hair to become saturated with pigment and cause some undesired -or, let’s be honest, ugly- green tones to appear.

Not only is that the color you want, but it can also make your hair look dull.

How can you make that green disappear?


  • You can subdue those green tones with a simple change of hair color. That’s done by applying warm tones such as brown, blond, or red.

For example, you could try a honey color (6.3), a golden blond (8.3), or even a red (5.66).

Any of those warm tones will make the green disappear and completely refresh your look.


Two key things to keep in mind before dying your hair

  • If there’s one thing you should not do, it’s using a semi-permanent dye to cover a permanent color. All it will do is damage your hair.

Here’s why: semi-permanent colors do not contain ammonia or use developer, so if you apply one over a permanent dye, the color will only last one or two shampoos before fading.


  • To go from a permanent to a semi-permanent color, you’ll have to bleach your hair or use a clarifying shampoo.

Once your hair has no trace of the permanent color left, you can apply the semi-permanent dye.

That being said, I don’t recommend it. The process is very damaging and can cause your hair to become extremely dry.

If you’ve already dyed your hair with a permanent dye, it’s better to simply use another permanent dye. Applying multiple chemical processes to your hair can cause it to become fragile and more likely to break when you style it.


Now that you know exactly how to cover the green tones in your hair -no matter why how they got there- what color are you going to choose?

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