How to go from strawberry blonde to blonde – A hairdresser shares 3 options

Girl holds a swatch of dye colors

  • Strawberry blonde is a mix of blonde and orange. So you’ll need to follow a series of steps to get rid of the orange before going blonde.


Some techniques to go from strawberry blonde to blonde are:

  • Apply a super-lightening dye (you won’t need to bleach).
  • Get highlights.
  • Do balayage.
  • In this article, we’ll take a look at what you need to know about each technique. We’ll also see some tips to make your transition from strawberry blonde to blonde a success.


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So, your hair is a strawberry blonde color and you want to go fully blonde?


Excellent idea!

But before I explain exactly what to do to go from strawberry blonde to blonde, I want to tell you what strawberry blonde is.


Yes, I know it’s probably on your mind right now and you’re going to tell me I know what strawberry blonde looks like!

But  did you know it’s a mix of blonde and orange? 


That’s right. And maybe that’s not the best news of the day:  orange tones aren’t that easy to remove. 

So even if I tell you how to do it, it would be best to make an appointment with your hairdresser, because  it is necessary to use lightening products that have the potential to damage your hair a lot. 

That being said, and having done my duty to warn you, I’ll tell you below what techniques to use to go from strawberry blonde to blonde. Are you ready?


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Use super lighteners if you want to go from strawberry blonde to blonde without bleaching your hair

Girl with beautiful dark blonde hair

The easiest way is to lighten your hair with super lighteners, to avoid bleaching. What are super lighteners?


A super lightener is a hair dye that  can be applied to lighten previously colored hair,  something that other hair dyes cannot do.

 You can choose a 10.11 with hydrogen peroxide of 30,  and leave it on for the time indicated on the package. This will neutralize the orange.


Finally, although you can keep the color you have left, you could also apply a blonde dye over the top.

 I advise you to choose dark or medium blonde for this technique,  so you can get a spectacular blonde. It will look very natural.


Get highlights if you want to go from strawberry blonde to blonde and make your hair look super bright

Woman from the back with curls and blonde highlights

In this case, if you want to get  highlights to go from strawberry blonde to blonde,  you’ll have to make an appointment at the hair salon, as it will be necessary to bleach your hair.

In case you didn’t know, bleaching is a chemical process that can damage your hair if it’s not done correctly.


Most likely,  your hairdresser will first apply a dye to tame the orange and then do the highlights , depending on what blonde you want.

With this technique,  you can get a much lighter blonde , And let me tell you that this is the option that I like the most, as you get effects that give a lot of brightness and movement to the hair.

Balayage to go from strawberry blonde to blonde if you don’t want to go blonde from the roots

very marked highlights

Just like highlights, it’s best to go to the salon and get your hairdresser to color your balayage so you can go from strawberry blonde to blonde.

Maybe you can choose to do a balayage  so you don’t look so blonde from the roots. It will give that effect of movement and volume,  or highlights that give you luminosity. What will the process be like?


You should know that before you get balayage,  your hairdresser will apply a dye to dull the orange . Then you’ll choose which shade of blonde you want to wear.


6 tips to take care of your hair before and after going from strawberry blonde to blonde

Set of hair care tools and products

Before and after making the switch,  it’s important to take care of your hair  so it doesn’t become dry, brittle, and dull.

With the color blonde, your hair is more vulnerable.


  • Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo to prevent it from drying out.

Ideally, choose a shampoo specifically for blonde or bleached hair.


  • Moisturize your hair whenever you wash it since both dyeing and bleaching dehydrate the hair fiber.
  • Get a nourishing treatment once a week.
  • Opt for a  reconstructive treatment  once a month.
  • Avoid bleach and heat tools such as blow dryers and straighteners.
  • Cut any split ends or unattractive ends.



 To go from strawberry blonde to blonde, you need to lighten your hair.  So you’ll need to care for your hair to keep it looking healthy.

Depending on the type of blonde color you want to go,  you’ll have to choose one technique or another  among the ones I told you about (super lightening, highlights, or balayage).

Don’t forget that any chemical process damages the structure of your hair. So before and after making a change,  take care of your hair with nourishing, moisturizing, and reconstructive treatments  to show off spectacular, glowing hair.

Good luck!

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