How long to leave blonde hair dye in? 45 minutes

how long to leave blonde hair dye in

  • You should leave blonde hair dye in your hair for 45 minutes. Those 45 minutes start when you finish applying the dye throughout your hair.
  • If you’ve colored your hair before, you should start applying the blonde dye to the lengths and ends because they’ll need more time to absorb the new pigments.
  • Alternatively, if you haven’t colored your hair before, start applying the blonde dye from your roots to the ends.


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As you can see,  the blonde dye is always left in for 45 minutes. 

Not a minute more, not a minute less. If you leave the dye on longer, you’ll damage your hair.

And if you leave it on for less time, your hair color won’t change.


In any case, although you should know how long to leave the blonde hair dye in, it doesn’t end there.

There are other things to keep in mind.


I know you’re anxious.

You’ve bought your hair color kit and you dream of strikingly blonde hair as the model smiling at you on the dye kit.

However, be careful. Your dreams can turn into nightmares if you don’t take other things into account.

blonde box dye

For example, is it the first time you’ll dye your hair blonde, or is it simply a color touch up?

 Even if you have to leave the blonde hair color for 45 minutes, the application method will change in any case.  And I’ll tell you why later on.


You also need to consider your current hair color because you need to be realistic about the results you’ll get.

What do I mean?


I mean that if your hair is dark, even if you leave the blonde dye on for three hours, you won’t get the color you want.  For your hair to be blonde, your base color must be light or medium. 


That is, there should always be a difference of two numbers between your base color and the color you want to obtain.

For example:

  • If your hair is brown 4, you should apply a dark blonde hair dye 6 and  leave it on for 45 minutes. 
  • If your hair is blonde 7, you can apply a very light blonde 9 and  leave it on for 45 minutes. 


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Do you see the difference?

The exposure time for blonde hair dye will always be 45 minutes. But before applying the dye, you must consider your base color to get the result you really want.

Why is it always 45 minutes?

I’ll tell you about that below.


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Why you should leave blond hair dye in for 45 minutes

leave the dye in the hair for 45 minutes

To dye your hair blonde, a chemical reaction takes place in your hair.  That chemical reaction takes 45 minutes. 

Permanent hair dye has ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and other chemicals that modify your base color and fix the new one.


The developer, or hydrogen peroxide, lifts the hair cuticles for the pigments to penetrate the hair. Then, the ammonia fixes those pigments in the core.

The developer takes 20 minutes to open the cuticles, and the ammonia takes an additional 25 minutes to fix the new pigments.

Therefore, you should leave the blonde dye in for 45 minutes. 


When do those 45 minutes start to run?

Let’s play a game. Choose an answer.

  • The 45 minutes start when I mix the ammonia and developer.
  • The 45 minutes start when I apply the dye on the first strand.
  • The 45 minutes start when I finish applying the dye on the whole hair.

Which answer did you choose?

The only correct answer is number 3.


 The exposure time of the blonde dye starts after applying it all over your mane. 


I’ll let you in on a secret.

  • After blending the developer and the dye,  don’t take longer than fifteen minutes to start applying the blonde dye on your hair.  The dye will start losing coloring strength after 15 minutes, and the pigments won’t be able to modify your hair color.

Now, let’s discuss another relevant issue regarding timings for blonde dye.


root touch up with blonde dye

  •  If this is the first time you’re applying blonde hair dye,  apply it from the roots to the ends to achieve an even color.
  •  Still, if you’ve previously colored your hair,  apply the blonde dye first to the lengths and ends. Then, go to the roots. New hair doesn’t need the same exposure time as colored hair.


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45 minutes later, it’s time to rinse it out. After that, you’ll only have to start enjoying your new hair color.

You’ve passed the first challenge with flying colors: leaving the blonde hair dye in for 45 minutes.


But now it’s time to pass the second challenge.

Do you want to know what it is? Read on.


How to maintain blond hair color to make it last longer

redken color extend

Light and extra light colors are difficult to achieve. When you finally nail it, you’ll have to work to make sure that nothing ruins your color.

What can ruin your blonde hair?


It’s a sad moment when unwanted yellows or oranges appear in your hair. They appear because of bleaching your hair and can be very persistent. If you want to keep them away from your hair, you should use a toning shampoo.


A toning shampoo contains pigments that neutralize those unwanted colors.

  •  If your hair turns orange,  you should use blue shampoo to achieve an ash blonde.
  •  Alternatively, if your hair is yellowish,  you should use purple shampoo to achieve a pearly/iridescent blonde.


I recommend you carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the shampoo.

Some toning shampoos have strong pigments. Then, they’re used less frequently to prevent blonde hair from becoming purple or bluish.

Finally, let’s talk about blonde hair color touch ups.


  • If you like a casual, relaxed look, you can let your roots grow up to three centimeters. Ddark roots in blonde hair are fashionable nowadays. In that case,  touch up the color every five to seven weeks. 
  • Alternatively, if you even blonde hair, you should touch up the blonde dye every time your roots show. So, you’ll have to bleach the roots. You’ll need to touch up the blonde hair color  every three to four weeks. 


Also, to extend the duration of your blonde hair, don’t wash your hair more than three times a week. Use shampoos and conditioners for blonde hair, and don’t abuse heat tools such as hair dryers or straighteners.



Remember to leave blonde hair dye in for 45 minutes.

You should start timing when you finish applying the dye throughout your hair

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