What Would Happen if I Put Blonde Hair Dye on Brown Hair (without bleaching it first)

blonde color and bleaching

If you apply blonde dye to dark hair, you will never become blonde.

But, you will aggravate your hair with the chemicals from the dye.

Do you want to know how I know?


Because I tried it, and I ended up with the same dark hair, but dryer, like straw. I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself.


Unfortunatley, we live in a world where blondes are queens, from Hollywood stars to my co-workers that sashay around with their blonde hair as if they were saying, “listen, this is being successful.”

That’s how I came to look at myself in the mirror and hate my dark hair. I felt that a light went out inside of me, and I started to obsess.


Before applying the color, I tried with chamomile tea, but my hair wouldn’t give in to the blonde trend.

Finally, I decided and I bought a box at the supermarket where a blonde was smiling from ear to ear.

That’s what I wanted to become.


But the damned blonde never warned me that the blonde dye wouldn’t penetrate my hair.

So, I decided to consult a stylist.


 And that’s where they gave me some of the worst news: to get to blonde, I had to bleach my hair. 

And not once. I would have to bleach my hair two times!


In addition, they explained a few other doubts that had to do with the pigments of each hair.


That’s why, if you want to know how to go from dark hair to blonde, keep reading, because I will tell you:

  • Why you can’t dye your dark hair with a blonde dye
  • What to do if you want to go from dark hair to blonde
  • Care for you dark hair dyed blonde


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Why doesn’t boxed dye change your black hair to blonde

cause allergic reactions

Within what is called the color theory, there is something called tone.

Tones are numbered from 1 to 10, tone 1 being black and tone 10 light blonde.

Between 1 and 10, there is dark brown, light brown, and the same successively until you get to platinum blonde.


 Dye is only able to lighten hair up to two tones, so with dye, if you are going from tone 1, you’ll only be able to get to tone 8, much less than a ten.  

Therefore, you will have to bleach, meaning, get rid of the natural pigments of your hair, so that afterwards you can dye your hair the blonde you want.

And that’s what I had to do.


But I had to bleach my hair twice, and of course, I did it at a salon, even though if you are brave and careful enough, you can do that yourself too.

With the first bleaching, I took my hair from black to almost orange.

It actually looked terrible!


But there is also something called toner, that toned my orange hair so that it didn’t look like a liquid carrot spread all over my head.

With the second bleaching, I definitely went to blonde.

To clarify, between one bleaching and the other, I had to wait a month.


 There are many people that don’t wait that time, but they risk that their hair will look like gum and even, the feared hair loss

After the second bleaching, my hair was in the blonde tones.

But… it was a chicken yellow, really horrid.


So, on my bleached hair for a second time, my stylist applied ashy blonde, which go rid of the disastrous yellows.

Does the path seem long that I had to run to get to blonde going from a dark color?


Well, I’m only halfway there.

Because after, I started the extensive topic of maintaining the blonde.

Have you heard of something called roots?


Well, my roots never head about my decision to go blonde.

And the finicky Little things grew two or three centimeters per month, leaving horrible dark roots, which made my blonde hair look unkempt.


Also, I had to invest in a deep-moisturizing mask to keep my blonde-dyed hair looking healthy.

And I had to buy purple shampoo to use once a week, so that my blonde didn’t turn chicken yellow.


And as if that weren’t enough, my salon expenses went up.

Once a month, I had to run to the salon so that they could touch up my hair.

Do you want to know if I regret having joined the blonde team?


I promise I will tell you.

But first, let me tell you how I went from brunette to blonde, bleaching my hair by myself.


How to go from dark hair to blonde

Like I told you before, if you have very dark hair, you won’t be able to get to blonde in just one bleaching.

In most cases, you will have to bleach at least two times. Don’t even think about bleaching your hair twice in the same day, because you will severely damage it.


 And if you can, don’t wash you hair for at least two days before doing the bleaching, because the natural oils that your scalp produces will protect your hair from the damage of the bleaching mixture. 


To get the bleaching mixture, you need two elements: bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide.

Don’t make the crazy mistake of using a 40-volume peroxide, because your hair will literally fall out.

A 20-volume peroxide is enough.


And, if possible, use professional bleaching powder, because it has conditioning agents and nourishing ingredients that can help keep your hair in the best conditions while the bleaching mixture takes effect.


To prepare the bleaching mixture, you should mix one part bleaching powder with two parts 20-volume hydrogen peroxide in a plastic bowl, never metal.

Mix it well until you have a creamy consistency.


Always remember to prepare the elements before you prepare the bleaching mixture so that it doesn’t lose its power.

What are you going to need other than the things I mentioned?


Well, the typical:

  • A pair of gloves
  • An old t-shirt
  • A brush
  • And a shower cap

First, brush your hair so that it isn’t tangled.


  • After, put on your old t-shirt and gloves and divide your hair into two sections. You should separate your hair from the front to the neck, and then again from ear to ear to have four easy sections to work with.

Now, apply the bleaching mixture by working one section at a time, dividing each section into small pieces that you should cover with the mixture on both sides.

I recommend that you start on the upper layer and continue to the lower layers of each section before going on to the next section, and continue working in this manner until your hair is completely covered with the bleaching mixture.


  • Let the bleaching mixture sit for about twenty minutes approximately, but always check it every five minutes.

If you feel any type of irritation or discomfort on your scalp, rinse immediately.


  • After the time has passed, and after rinsing with plenty of warm water, you will see that your hair has turned orange.


  • You can tone it with a toner until it comes time for the second bleaching, which will bring you to blonde.


Remember to always wait as a minimum twenty days before processing your hair again.

Now, do you want to know how to care for your blonde hair?


How to care for your dark hair dyed blonde

I didn’t want to fall into the cliché “blondes have more fun” but I almost think that its true.

Our hair is gold and surprising and we can even stop traffic with nothing more than a movement if we want to.

But maintaining that impeccable blonde hair, has a few secrets.

Do you want to know what they are?


  • Start using sulfate-free shampoos and every time that you wash your hair, massage your scalp gently with the ends of your fingers.

After, rinse with plenty of cold water to close the cuticles and prevent the dye from fading after a short amount of time.


Remember that your hair has gone through two bleaching processes, and that means it ends up fragile.



Don’t have a mask on hand?

Use olive oil! It’s a super natural, infalible moisturizer.


  • After a few weeks of your blonde hair looking radiant, a some chicken yellow highlights may appear.

Don’t be afraid! It’s normal. You only will need to tone those yellow tones washing your hair once a week with pruple shampoo.

But never leave the shampoo in your hair for more than three or four minutes because lilac highlights might appear.


Those shampoos work by depositing violet pigment to neutralize the yellow tones.

Now, you know how you can take your hair from dark brown to blonde.

Finally, you want to know if I regret the change?


Not at all!

It was like getting an injection of confidence in my self-esteem.

Now, tell me. Do you dare take the big step and take your hair from brown to blonde?

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