Can I bleach my hair twice in one day? And two days in a row?


after second bleaching

The other day a girl asked me, “Can I bleach my hair twice in the same day?




That’s a hard no.

Actually, you can, but you shouldn’t.



Because bleaching your hair twice on the same day is a true delusion.

I know.

You are thinking that you bleach it again the next day.

Don’t even think about it.

You also can’t bleach it the next day.



I think I’m going to launch a world campaign.

A world campaign to raise awareness with everyone that hair isn’t made of steel.

They aren’t unbreakable.


 Bleach is like a hurricane for your hair. 

Can you imagine what it would be like for your hair to suffer two hurricanes in the same day?



Hurricanes erase everything that it finds in its path: houses, cars, trees, etc.

The chemicals in bleach erase the color from your hair, but it also leaves it very fragile.

This is what many people don’t understand.

They think that bleach is a process that can be done on their own without side effects.


 I’ve seen a lot of women with destroyed hair because they want to bleach their hair twice on the same day or two days in a row. 

Women with completely gummy hair.

Or with hair so weak that it falls out into their hands with just wetting it.

Horrible, right?


But you don’t need to go through this nightmare.

That’s why today I want to tell you how to bleach your hair without damaging it and putting it in danger.


I will tell you:

  • Why bleaching is such an aggressive process for your hair
  • How to do the first bleaching to do the least amount of hair possible
  • How to prepare the hair for the second session of bleaching
  • How much time you should wait between each bleaching



Why bleaching is such an aggressive process for your hair

whitening agent

Change is beautiful.


We all want to transform ourselves every once in a while.

From our shoes to our hair, we like to switch it up with our appearance.

After all, the trial and error process helps us discover what style looks best on us, what works, and what doesn’t.

 But, when you are thinking about bleaching your hair, there isn’t any space for “trial and error.” 


Bleaching is a pretty delicate process.

That can damage your hair if it’s done incorrectly.


But done correctly, it can transform your hair and give you that beautiful hair that you always wanted.


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How bleaching works and why it’s such a delicate process for your hair

20 volume peroxide

Unlike coloring, bleaching gets rid of the color in your hair with a process known as oxidation.


It eliminates the pigment in the stalk of the hair, which lightens your natural hair.

In the process, a whitening agent is issued, also known as an oxidizing agent.


Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are two of the most common whitening agents even though they are frequently mixed to get a more stable solution.

But be careful.



Because even those manufacturers that assure that their product is “peroxide-free” usually lie.

Because I’m sure that it contains some other oxidizing agent that will do the same thing and will cause the same damage to your hair.

Therefore, at the end of the day, everything is reduced to how the bleaching agent is used instead of what bleaching agent is used.


 Depending on the color of the hair that you currently have, you can only achieve a certain level of bleaching. 

You won’t be able to instantly get to ashy blonde or platinum blonde if you want to keep your hair as healthy as possible.



You’ll have to do one step at a time.

And with each bleaching session, you’ll lighten your hair up to three tones.


You will have to bleach your hair to get to the tone you want, but you can’t do it twice in a row.

Bleaching your hair twice in a row, whether it’s the same day or the next day, can cause breakage.

And if your hair breaks, what will be left to bleach?



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How much time is best to wait for the second bleaching?

The care of your hair is our priority here.

To get the best results, you shouldn’t bleach your hair more than once in a week’s period.

You should let your hair rest and recover from the first bleaching.



How to bleach your hair without damaging it the first time

twice in a month

 The night before bleaching, apply coconut oil on your whole hair.

Let it sit overnight, and don’t wash it out before applying the bleaching mixture.

Believe me.



Coconut oil won’t prevent the bleaching mixture from working, but it will minimize the chemicals’ damages.

Prepare all of the elements for bleaching your hair.

  • A non-metallic bowl
  • An old t-shirt
  • Gloves
  • Bleaching mixture
  • Deep conditioner


Step by step

Divide your hair into small sections.

Always use gloves to be able to manipulate the bleaching mixture.

Apply the bleaching mixture from the back to the front of the hair in a uniform way over your whole head, leaving five centimeters from the roots since they need less processing time.



After twenty minutes, apply the bleaching mixture to your roots.

Wait ten more minutes.

And proceed to rinse the hair with plenty of cold water.


 ATTENTION: Don’t leave the bleaching mixture on for more time. The only thing you will achieve is weakening your hair unnecessarily and expose yourself to burns on your scalp. 



Wash your hair twice with shampoo and apply a deep conditioner.

Now, you are ready to wait seven days and proceed with the second bleaching.


How to prepare your hair between the first and second bleaching

extra virgin

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This week is crucial to help strengthen your hair and so that it faces the second bleaching without causing damage.

And once again, you need the help of coconut oil.


I recommend that you at least apply the coconut oil to the middle of your hair and let it sit overnight.


 The coconut oil will give your hair a nutritional and moisturizing shock, which is what your hair needs at this moment. 



Furthermore, for this week, forget about using a hairdryer and a flat iron.

If you notice that the ends are split, trim them a few centimeters.

The night before the second bleaching, apply coconut oil, and don’t rinse it before starting the process.


Proceed to bleaching your hair, just as you did it the first bleaching.

Except that this time, you don’t need to leave the bleaching mixture for thirty minutes.


Keep an eye on your hair as if you were watching a recently born baby because, in those moments, your hair should be treated as such.



Lastly, there’s something that I would like to clear up.


 If your hair is very mistreated after the first bleaching session, you should wait more than a month before bleaching again. 

The ideal thing would be to wait at least a month.

During that month, you should nourish and strengthen your hair in the way that I explained to you earlier.


But I insist.


Bleaching is a serious topic and should be done by a professional.

Now that you have all of the information, you can decide what is best for you and your hair.

Have you ever bleached your hair twice on the same day?



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