Semi permanent hair dye not washing out? 2 foolproof ways to washing it out completely


still traces of hair color

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Does Color Oops work with semi-permanent hair dye?Ah, the world of fantasy colors has its secrets and many followers!

As for the secrets, most know that these hair dyes last longer with some special care, such as using sulfate-free shampoo and spacing out the washes.


As for the followers, I’ve identified two of them:

  • People who want to change their hair color very often.
  • People who want their semi-permanent dye to last many, many days.


Of course, for those who want the color to last longer, as I said before, things can be quite simple.

Even though they know that the semi-permanent hair dye fades with washing, they can implement some extra care.

For example, not using heat tools, washing their hair every 48 to 72 hours, and using toning shampoos.


hair dye does not wash out

However, for people who want to change color every two weeks, things can get complicated.

It all depends on the semi-permanent hair dye type you’ve used, the porosity of your hair, and even your hair routine.


Yes, the world of fantasy colors and semi-permanent hair dyes is much more complex than it seems.

However, if the hair dye doesn’t wash out, you shouldn’t run for the scissors or have the word “bleach” pop into your mind as a life-saving message.

No.  What you should do is understand why the semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t wash out. Then, assess your situation. 


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Once you’ve done this, the second step is to wash it out.

So, let’s move on to the first part of our plan to wash out the semi-permanent hair dye.

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Why doesn’t semi-permanent hair dye wash out?

hair with traces of blue semi permanent hair dye

Based on my experience and that of many of my clients, I was able to find several reasons why semi-permanent hair color takes a long time to wash out.


  • The first reason is the hair dye you used. Although most of them wash out, some last longer due to the strength of their pigments.

For example, L’Oreal Colorista and Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection hair dyes last 12 washes. Meanwhile, Clairol Natural Instincts and Splat last between 28 and 32 washes.

However, that doesn’t mean that the color lasts 28 days, as in the case of Splat, for example. What it means is that if you wash your hair every other day, the hair dye will wash out after 56 days, and that’s quite a long time.


 If you want to change hair color every time the wind changes direction, next time choose a semi-permanent hair color that lasts as little as possible. 

In addition to the duration, you should also consider your hair type. It could prevent the hair dye from washing out.


  • If your hair is highly porous, the semi-permanent hair dye will last longer and won’t wash out completely.

As semi-permanent hair dye isn’t applied with a developer, it doesn’t penetrate the inner layers of the hair. However, when your hair is porous, the pigment absorption is much higher.

If you also touch up the color using the same tone for several months, your hair will absorb more and more pigments.

 In other words, your hair may be oversaturated with pigments, which is why the semi-permanent hair color doesn’t disappear. 


This can also happen in some sections of the hair. I know of many clients whose hair absorbs more hair dye at the ends than at the roots.

If this is your case, the hair dye won’t wash out completely at the ends.

The last factor that influences the semi-permanent hair dye duration is your hair care routine.


  • If you want the semi-permanent hair dye to wash out but continue your color care routine, it won’t wash out.

How to extend the duration of your semi-permanent color? Have you adopted a particular routine?


You probably wash your hair every 48 to 72 hours, use a sulfate-free shampoo, and if you’re really strict, even use a color depositing shampoo once in a while.

 So, if you want the hair dye to disappear, you should, at least, use a sulfate shampoo alternating it with a moisturizing shampoo.  Also, stop using the color depositing shampoo.


Now that you understood all the factors that prevent your semi-permanent hair dye from washing out of your hair, it’s time for the solution.


Removing traces of semi-permanent hair dye with a mixture of conditioner and developer

to lighten hair

One of the most effective ways to remove semi-permanent hair color traces is to use a mixture of a 10-volume developer cream and conditioner.


While this isn’t an overly aggressive method like bleaching, there’s still peroxide, which is a corrosive chemical.

Therefore, follow these recommendations:

  • Don’t wash your hair 48 hours before applying the mixture.
  • Apply coconut oil four hours before, and don’t rinse it out.
  • Prepare the mixture with an extra moisturizing conditioner containing keratin, argan, or linseed oil.
  • Don’t apply this mixture every day.


What do you need?

  • Conditioner
  • A 10-volume developer


How to prepare the mixture?

  • I recommend that you don’t prepare the entire bottle of conditioner. In a container, separate equal parts of conditioner and developer.
  • The amount will depend on the length and quantity of your hair. Also, on the proportion of semi-permanent hair dye you want to remove.
  • While you can apply the mixture in the shower, you’ll get better results by doing it on your dry hair.


Step by step:

  • With gloves on, apply the mixture like a moisturizing mask, starting at the ends and working your way up towards the roots slowly.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the mixture on for 20-25 minutes, checking your color every five minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of warm water and apply your usual hair care products.


The semi-permanent hair dye will most likely be completely gone.

 If there are still very faint traces, repeat the process after seven days to remove them completely. 

In the meantime, continue to moisturize your hair with coconut oil.


If the semi-permanent hair dye covers your entire mane, you should opt for another method.


Removing semi-permanent hair dye with color remover

extra conditioning

If your color is even and very intense, and if it was applied long ago, you should apply a color remover.

I recommend using Color Oops. Its special formula contains extra conditioner and will further protect your hair.


Although color remover doesn’t contain developer or ammonia, it can dry out your hair.

That’s why I recommend using natural moisturizers such as coconut oil on the lengths and ends after application.


 If you never applied a color remover, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. You have to respect the exposure and rinsing times to avoid damaging your hair. 


Here’s how to use Color Oops Extra Conditioning.


Prepare the mixture

Inside the Color Oops Extra Conditioning kit, you’ll find 2 bottles: the smaller one identified with a number 1 and the larger one with a number 2.

Place the entire contents of bottle number 1 into bottle number 2. Replace the cap on bottle number 2 and mix well to blend the two liquids together.


Apply the mixture to your hair

Comb your hair and separate it into four sections, from ear to ear and from root to tip, and apply the mixture from root to tip. Be sure to massage each strand so that Color Oops penetrates deeply.

Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the mixture on for 20 minutes.


Wash your hair

Use warm water, as hot as you can stand it. Let the water run over your hair until you are sure you have completely removed the Color Oops.

This is one of the most important parts.  You should leave your hair under the tap for about another 20 minutes to rinse the color completely. 


You have to dry your hair to be sure you removed all the color.

If there’re still hair dye traces, you can apply Color Oops again, even up to three times in a row on the same day.


Once have completely removed the semi-permanent hair dye, you can repeat the process. Otherwise, let your hair rest from the chemicals and apply coconut oil three times a week to the ends and lengths to restore moisture.


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While you may believe that semi-permanent dyes magically wash out, they actually wash out progressively. It depends on factors such as hair porosity, the brand, and your hair care routine.

If you want to make sure it completely disappears from your hair, you can use a remover or a mixture of peroxide and conditioner.

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