My hair is never blonde enough… what can I do?

woman is dissatisfied with her not so blond hair

If your hair is never blonde enough, these may be the reasons:

  • You didn’t explain clearly the blonde you wanted. Make sure you show your hairdresser what blonde you want to go for.
  • Your base shade is too dark; if you want to go platinum or very light blonde, you must be patient and have several bleaching sessions.
  • You previously dyed or straightened your hair. You’ll have to bleach it again because the dyes or straighteners usually work as a barrier for bleach.


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Do you dye your hair blonde but feel like it’s never blonde enough?


Blondes are my favorite and most requested colors in the salon.  There are so many shades of blonde! 

In fact,   rarely two people could have the same blonde. 


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This may be due to the base tone, previous bleaching or dyeing processes, and because each person is different.

So, if you ask me for a certain color, you may not get the same results.  Each situation differs in many ways. 


You’re probably looking for a blonde you saw in a magazine or on Instagram. However, you may not get   blonde enough. 

The reasons may be many, and we’ll look at them in this article.

Stay tuned to find out  , which relates to you.  


You couldn’t explain your idea and didn’t achieve the blonde you wanted

Middle-aged woman with blond hair with curls and doubt gesture

My friend would always come to my salon and ask me, “Turn my hair ashy blonde.” I would make it as ashy as possible and she would tell me that  it wasn’t the color she wanted. 

Imagine my frustration!


Once, I asked her to show me what she meant by ash blonde, and to my surprise,  she showed me a golden blonde. 


In that case,  it was my mistake because I never showed her the color palette.  Otherwise, I’d have realized she wanted a different shade.

So, is this happening to you too?



If you don’t know the name of the blond shade you want, make sure you ask for the color chart and show it to your hairdresser.

You may need to bleach your hair again or just apply a toner.


Your base tone is too dark

dark brown roots on bleached hair

 If your original color is very dark and you want to go platinum blonde,  it’s not impossible, but you won’t get there all at once. Instead, you’ll need several bleaching sessions.


To go from dark to platinum or light blonde,  you have to bleach your hair gradually to avoid damaging it.  

You’ll probably get to a dark blonde first, then to gold, and finally to your expected shade.

Is that happening to you?


Still, some hairdressers bleach dark brown hair and take it to platinum blonde daily.

Can you imagine what your hair may look like after such extreme bleaching?


The hair fiber is like chewing gum. It may break and need a cut to save it.

To avoid this, you must be patient.



If your natural color is very dark, you’ll probably need  several bleaching sessions  to get the blonde you want.

Keep in mind that your hairdresser will ask you to take care to keep your bleached hair strong and healthy.

Be confident! The effort will pay off.


You previously dyed or straightened your hair but didn’t follow a proper bleaching process

blonde straight haired woman smiles

If you colored or straightened your hair, reaching your desired blonde may take longer than usual.  In that case, the bleach has to work harder to color your hair blonde.  

A very popular hairdressing saying goes like this: “Your hair is either blonde or straight, but never both.”



 Ask your hairdresser to bleach your hair again. 

However, be careful: only do it in the salon. As I told you before, bleaching is a very risky process.


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I know you think your hair is never blonde enough. But trust me: getting to the blonde you want is possible.

You may need a little more patience or make sure you ask for the right shade.

Then, leave your hair  in the hands of your trusted hairdresser to avoid damaging the hair. 


Also, remember that if you want perfect blonde shades, you’ll need to be consistent and take extra care.

I’m sure that  you’ll get that special blonde you’re looking for! 

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