Beige Blonde Vs. Ash Blonde: which one is sure to win you compliments?

warm skin

  • Beige blonde is best for people with pale skin, while ash blonde is recommended for warm skin and light-eyed people.
  • Ash blonde fits perfectly with all highlighting jobs and in all colors, while beige blonde fits with highlights in blonde tones.
  • Beige blonde requires monthly maintenance. When it fades, unwanted coppery tones are very noticeable. In the case of ash blonde, maintenance is less frequent because you can use toning shampoos. Nevertheless, you’ll have to carry out intensive nourishing treatments more frequently.



Put this way, they seem to be two opponents on opposite sides.

However, that’s not the case. This isn’t boxing because there isn’t such rivalry.


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 Both ash blonde and beige blonde are wonderful options. 

But to choose either of them, you’ll need to consider a few things. Do you want to know what they are?

  • The base where you’ll apply the shade.
  • What you want
  • If you’ll do any other technical work, e.g. highlights.
  • And above all, the care and maintenance you’re willing to give it.


Do you feel it’s time for a change in your hair?

Do you need to touch up your color and want to go beige blonde or ash blonde?

almost gray

You’re on the right track. Both shades are in the blonde range.

You just have to take into account certain details to opt for the tone that best suits you, and finally, decide whether ash blonde or beige blonde is for you.

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Difference 1: If your skin is pale, your best option is beige blonde. Meanwhile, if you have light eyes and your skin has a warm tone, you can opt for ash blonde.

The beige blonde is a warm tone. It allows a variety of combinations because it’s in the range of sand, light tobacco. It highlights the most beautiful features in pale skin.


  •  If you want to convey elegance and formality with your change of look to beige blonde, you can opt for this shade.  It’s associated with balance and spirituality due to its neutral and soft tone.


  •  Now, if your skin is closer to a warm olive tone, ash blonde is your best alternative.  If you have blue or green eyes, this option is ideal because it’ll highlight the luminosity.


Difference 2: if you’re looking for a daring combination between the new tone and the highlights, opt for ash blonde to play with silver or violet highlights. But if you want a more classic option, beige blonde with blonde highlights is the best choice.


Beige blonde is a warm color and extremely combinable with all other shades. It looks elegant with blonde highlights.

For example:


However, if you want to take a step forward and include some highlights in fantasy colors, your best option is ash blonde.

Ash blonde goes perfectly with any type of highlights, in any shade, including violet or blue tones. However, it works beautifully with gray or silver highlights on all lengths.


dyed in a professional salon

  Undoubtedly, ash blonde is the color of the season. It gained unexpected prominence together with the use of grays and whites,  and it seems that it’s here to stay.

Its versatility has positioned it as the favorite of celebrities around the world. So, if you were thinking of a daring change, ash blonde is your best bet.


Difference 3: beige blonde requires much more maintenance than ash blonde.

Beige blondes, having a yellowish-brown background, tend to turn coppery on brown bases. Then, they turn to orangey beige, which is not always what you are looking for. And let’s not forget what happens when the hair dye fades because your hair will suddenly turn coppery.

Do you know what will happen if you go for a beige blonde with some highlights?


The contrast between the base color and the highlights will disappear. Then, your color will look even and uniform.

To prevent all this, you have only one way:   strict maintenance, which you should do at least once a month in the salon if you are not a coloring expert. 


On the other corner, you have the ash blonde. It may have blue or green pigments as a base depending on each manufacturer. It’s also the anti-reddish par excellence.

What do I mean?


If your hair has a tendency to oranges, the ash shade will neutralize them into beautiful neutral browns.

But it’s not all good news. As ash blonde is a cool shade with green or blue pigments,  special care must be taken when applying it to blonde hair. 

This is even more important if you have bleached your hair, as it’ll be in a very porous state. Being very porous, the pigments take on a more intense form, leaving your hair bluish or greenish.

What can you do in this case?


Moisturize your hair very well and mix these tones with other base tones to avoid saturation of these pigments.

And if you also want to do some highlights, you should select products that preserve brightness. If you don’t do the proper maintenance, the ash blonde degrades into an artificial and dull mink tone.



One of the most important factors to consider before deciding on ash blonde or beige blonde is the color of your skin and the coloring job you’ll be doing.

If your skin is pale and you like blonde highlights, beige blonde is for you.

If you want to highlight your green or blue eyes, and you want to go for fantasy color highlights, ash blonde can be an interesting option.


As always, I advise you to go to your trusted stylist. Tell him/her your wishes, show him/her photos and everything you can think of that can help him/her create that unique look you’re looking for.

Go for it! Courage always brings the best results.

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