What to Do if You Regret Dyeing Your Hair? You have 2 options depending on the color

repentant woman grabs her hair

  • If you want to darken your color, you can opt to dye your roots and leave the ends lighter, like a balayage. Or, you can cut your hair a bit.
  • If you want to lighten your color, you can do a progressive sweep until you get to the color you want, or do highlights or balayage that will brighten up your face.


Color also takes time to settle, so before making a decision, consider waiting at least a week.


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Have you dyed your hair and now you regret it?


Well, first of all, I’m going to give you a few seconds to calm down and take a deep breath…

Are you better now?


Believe it or not,  regret after a change in your look is more common than you think.  Especially if it’s your first time or if the change has been very drastic.

But don’t worry, everything has a solution.

In this article I’ll tell you  what you can do if you have dyed your hair and now you regret it. 


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What should you do if you regret dyeing your hair? Advice from an expert

Preparation of hair dye

Since I don’t know exactly what color you dyed your hair or what your natural color is, I’ll tell you what you can do in each case:


2 options to darken your hair

 If you opted for a lighter color than yours  and you want to go back to your natural color, opt for applying a slightly darker hair color.


  • Dye your roots a bit and leave the ends lighter, with a balayage effect.

Maybe that way you will feel that  the change is less abrupt  than if you dye your hair completely.


  • If you did some highlights, maybe you can cut your hair and forget about the problem.

Sometimes just by cutting a little bit,  you feel different and more comfortable  with your new look.


If the mistake was your hairdresser’s, next time tell them exactly what you want so they can get the EXACT color for you.


2 options to lighten your hair

If you dyed your hair darker than your natural hair color, you will need to lighten it. This is a bit more difficult.  You will probably need to bleach your hair. 

So, my recommendation is to make an appointment at a hair salon. But here are  a few options to lighten your color: 


  • Get a sweep. Depending on how dark your hair is, you may need to do  progressive sweeps until you get to the color you look best with. 


  • Get some highlights. It can be highlights or a balayage that brightens up your contours so the color doesn’t look so dark.


As you’ll see, and I’m sorry for giving you this bad news,  once you’ve dyed your hair, you can’t go back  and undo what you’ve done.


 There is no magic wand that will remove the dye and leave your hair as it was naturally . But I’m sure you can find the right option for you.

However, it’s important that  before making a drastic decision , it’s best to wait a bit, maybe in a week you’ll view your new color with a bit more approval.

Why should you wait?


Well, it’s because it takes a week for the color to settle in and become “part of you”, so to speak.

Be patient, I’m sure it will be worth it.


Here’s a story of a client who regretted coloring her hair

girl looks at her hair with disgust

Yami, a client in my salon, had immaculate virgin hair until  one day she decided to get a balayage. 

When she went, I noticed that her expression wasn’t very happy. The next day, she wrote me a message that said: “I feel weird, I want to go back to my natural color.” Can you relate?


The truth is that this balayage looked beautiful on her because it completely illuminated her face. And, as she had fine hair, it also  gave the effect of movement and greater volume. 


So we had a long talk and when I say long, it was really long. We talked for 2 hours.

I explained to her that color takes time to settle and that it’s best to wait to re-dye if you don’t like the color.

I also told her that  if she let a week go by and she still wanted to go back to her color,  we would do it together, no problem.

A week later, I wrote her to see how she was doing. Can you imagine what happened?


She was super happy,  fascinated with her new look. 

If you’re regretting your new color, as I told Yami, take my advice:  wait a bit, take a deep breath, and trust  that first decision you made.



As we saw in this article,  if you’ve dyed your hair and now regret it, you can’t remove the dye you applied,  but you have several options to get back to the color you want.


If you still don’t know what your best option is, make an appointment at your hair salon. Your hairdresser will be able to advise you and offer you several choices.

The important thing is that you find the right color for you and  be yourself with the look you choose! 

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