Can toner make your hair fall out? Not if you use it the right way

  • No, toner doesn’t make hair fall out as long as you use it the right way. What’s the right way to use it?
  • Apply it with a 20-volume developer and during 20 minutes maximum.
  • Also, if your hair was fragile, brittle, and falling out before applying the toner, it’ll stay the same or even worse after applying it.


during shampoo washing

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Did your hair start to fall out after applying toner?

Aren’t you sure if you used the toner correctly?


 Stay with me because I’ll help you find out if toner is really the reason for your hair loss. .

As I don’t want you to leave here empty-handed, I’ll also tell you what you can do today to stop hair fall out.


before applying to hair

I know that dreadful feeling when someone starts to notice that they are losing more hair than usual.

Your heart starts galloping like a runaway horse at the thought of going bald.

You try to remember everything you’ve done to your hair lately, and right there,   the big reason appears: the toner! .


The toner that you applied a few days ago to neutralize those unwanted orange tones that looked ugly on your hair. And it worked.

The orange tones disappeared, and you went back to living life in color.


  • However, after a few days, wham! You comb your hair, and a bunch of hair gets caught in the brush.
  • When you wash it, you notice there’s much more hair than before.
  • When you wake up in the morning and look at the pillow, where did those hairs come from?


Let’s see, first of all, take a deep breath and relax.

As they say in cop movies, “everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”

In this case, the defendant, who is the toner, deserves the presumption of innocence.


 Sitting in the dock, the toner awaits our verdict impassively. .

Like in any trial, I’ll begin with the evidence.

I’ll call my first witness: you. Why?


Because we’ll review the toner application process. Then, as the defense attorney, I’ll ask you the first question.



Are you sure you applied the toner to your hair correctly?

toner, developer, bowl and brush

Toner doesn’t cause hair loss as long as you used it with the manufacturer’s recommended developer and in the correct dose.


  • Did you apply it with a 20-volume developer?


20-volume developer lifts the hair cuticles to allow the toner pigments to neutralize unwanted tones.

What happens if you mix the toner with a higher volume developer?


If you apply toner with a 30 or 40-volume developer, you’ll dry out your hair, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage.

That hair weakening will lead to hair loss.

Is toner the reason for your hair loss?


Definitely not!

The reason would be having used the incorrect developer. Regardless of the toner, it weakens the hair.


  • How long did you leave the toner on?


The toner should work on the hair for a maximum of 20 minutes. The times may vary according to the color you want to neutralize.

  • If you want to neutralize yellow, you should leave the toner for 5 to 20 minutes.
  • If you want to neutralize orange, you should leave the toner for 20 minutes.
  • If you want to neutralize red, you should leave the toner for up to 15 minutes.


 As the toner acts immediately, you have to monitor the toning process minute by minute. .

If you respected both the developer volumes and the application times, move on to the next test to prove the toner’s innocence.


What was your hair’s health before you applied the toner?

before applying dyes or bleaching

You have to be honest because it’s the only way to get to the core of the matter.

If you applied toner, there are two possibilities: you either bleached or colored your hair.

Those two processes produce chemical reactions in the hair. Chemical reactions weaken the hair.


  • If you bleached your hair but didn’t perform intensive nourishing treatments, it’ll break and eventually fall out.
  • Especially if you bleached it several times in the same week or several times in a short period of time.  Chances are your hair was already destined to break before you applied the toner. 


  • If you dye your hair too often, but you never moisturize it, or at least you don’t nourish it weekly with a hair mask, it’ll weaken and fall out.
  • First, the ends of your hair will start to fall out because they are the oldest hair and have an accumulation of chemical processes. But as the processes continue, the hair will start to fall out from the top.


If you add the indiscriminate use of heat tools, a bad diet, and a poor choice of products you use on your hair, you’ll probably lose hair.

Your hair will turn weak and break.


Have you reached a verdict? I have. Toner is not to blame for your hair loss.

Then, what can you do?


Here’s what you can do if your hair falls out several days after toner application

Ask a dermatologist.

Yes, I know it may not be the advice you want to hear right now. I’ll give you some other ideas, but please listen to me.

If it has been several days since you applied the toner and your hair is still falling out worryingly, make an appointment with a dermatologist.


A dermatologist will test you to find out the reason for the hair loss. It may be due to a hormonal problem or a scalp condition, among others.

 Othrewise, you’ll keep thinking that toner is the cause of your hair when it’s probably not. .


Also, while you’re making your doctor’s appointment, you can start by modifying some bad hair care habits.

Remember, if you’ve used it correctly, toner is not to blame for hair loss. What can you do?


Don’t wash your hair every day.

moisturizing products

Frequent hair washing washes away the oils that are released by the scalp. They keep your hair moisturized. Ideally, wash your hair every 72 hours.


Don’t keep your hair tied up all the time.

after straightening the hair with keratin

Loose hair is sexy. It’s also healthy. Hair tied back can’t oxygenate properly. It accumulates toxins that are corrosive to the hair.


Don’t dye or bleach your hair too often.

black and white

Chemical processes weaken the hair, drying it out and slowing growth. Whenever you bleach your hair, don’t use more than a 30-volume developer. It’ll prevent your hair from burning and then falling out.


Don’t abuse heat tools.

The flat iron, curling iron, and blow dryer work by stripping your hair of its natural moisture. If you use them daily, your hair will weaken, leading to breakage and hair loss.


Use coconut, argan, almond, or castor oil only on lengths and ends.

keeps hair hydrated

If you apply them to your scalp, it clogs the pores and prevents hair oxygenation. Then, your hair will become dry and weak.



Toner won’t cause hair loss if you apply it with 20-volume developer. You should also respect the maximum application times according to the unwanted tones you want to neutralize.

If you lose more hair than usual, other things may be going on. The best thing to do is to consult a doctor to evaluate the other aspects of your health.

Toner is definitely innocent.

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