What happens if you use more hair color than developer? Nothing good, and I’ll explain why here

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  • If you use more dye than developer, your color may become uneven. I’ll tell you why later.
  • Or it could also happen that when you wash your hair for the first time after coloring it, the color fades almost completely. Because the coloring mixture lacked developer, the color didn’t set properly.
  • You should always respect the correct proportions when you make the coloring mixture, which is one part developer to one part dye.


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I think I’ve been pretty clear. Don’t try to invent new coloring formulas. Because what could happen is you could ruin your hair color.


 If you use more dye than developer, the color may not set properly,  because the mixture will not be strong enough to penetrate the hair fiber properly.


The developer is the main component to evenly color your hair, because it opens the hair cuticles for the dye to penetrate and lodge, changing the color of your hair.

So what would happen if you used more dye than developer?


Two things could happen and neither would be very good for your hair.

  • The color might not completely set.

uneven color after dye

Then, some areas of your hair will be dyed darker and other areas will turn out lighter.

Why? Because you didn’t use enough developer to open the cuticles and allow the dye to penetrate the inside of your hair.

That’s why the color will be uneven.


  • You might also lose a lot of color when you wash your hair for the first time after coloring it.

And that will happen because you used less developer than you should have. That is, since the cuticles didn’t get to open completely, the color didn’t fully set. And the water and shampoo will fade it almost completely.

So, only one question remains.


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What is the exact proportion of dye and developer to achieve an even, long-lasting color?

mixing equal amounts of developer and dye

The magic formula for mixing developer and dye to achieve even, long-lasting color is  1 part dye to 1 part developer. 

What does 1 part mean? I’ll use other words so you won’t be left in doubt.

 To make the coloring mixture you must use the same amount of dye as the developer. 
  • If you use 50 ml of dye, you will need to use 50 ml of developer.
  • If you use 100 ml of dye, you need 100 ml of developer.


And if you need to simply touch up your roots, you can use 20 ml of dye with 20 ml of developer.

The exact proportions of developer and dye are what will ensure an even and long-lasting color.



The proportions of developer and dye are as important as the proportions of the ingredients in a cake. You can’t put less flour or more sugar in because it won’t turn out right.

If you want an even color, you must use equal parts of developer and dye.

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