How many sessions to go from black to blonde? How many visits to the salon?

  • The number of sessions to go from black to blonde will depend on the blonde shade you want to get.
  • To go from black hair to a dark blonde, you’ll need two or three sessions. To go to medium blondes, 4 or 5 sessions. To go to light blonde, 6 or 7 sessions.
  • Each session involves time, different hair dyes or toners to neutralize unwanted tones, and intensive moisturizing treatments to restore hair health.


four salon visits

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Do you feel discouraged?

On the contrary, you should be thankful.  If you’re going to go from black to blonde hair, you need to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

If you don’t face that truth, you’re in for a long road of uncertainty, disappointment, and worse, a sentence of ruin for your hair.


Going from black hair to blonde isn’t going to happen in one session or two.

It’s the same as saying that  it’s not something you can achieve overnight.  Why?


Bleaching takes time. That time can be measured in several ways.

To go from black hair to a light blonde, you may need up to 7 sessions. It means 4 visits to the salon. Also, up to 4 different hair dyes to achieve an even color.

Are they promising to turn your black hair platinum blonde in just one day?


several bleaching sessions

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Stay away from those false promises as soon as possible!

Otherwise, your hair will end up burned. Chances are that the colorist is thinking of bleaching your hair with a 40-volume developer. It’s the same as foretelling a chronicle of hair death.

Do you want to imitate a YouTube tutorial?


You’re free to do so, but give your hair a chance if you really care for it. Stick with me because I’ll tell you:

  • How many sessions it takes to bleach black hair to blonde
  • How many salon visits you’ll need to bleach your black hair
  • How many in-between hair dyes are necessary when going from black to blonde hair

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How many sessions it takes to bleach your hair black to blonde

to maintain the heat

At this point, you already know that you are facing a long process. It can take several months depending on the blonde shade you want to achieve.

Black is the darkest color on the shade scale. To remove it, you have to go through several very persistent colors. The process takes more than one bleaching.

Let’s take a trip to the future and imagine what will happen to your hair at each session.


  • After the FIRST bleaching SESSION, the black color will be completely gone. Your hair will be a dark brown 3 or brown 4.

You’ll have to wait three weeks for the second bleaching session. In the meantime, you’ll have to return to your hair the hydration it lost with masks and nourishing treatments.


  • Now, it’s time for the SECOND SESSION. You’ll go from brown to reddish hair. Red is one of the most difficult colors to remove.

To remove it and reach a lighter color, you must go through at least 3 more bleaching sessions. You’ll also need to tone your hair if you don’t like mahogany or reddish tones.


  • Finally, in the THIRD SESSION, you’ll reach a dark blonde color 6. Are you counting the sessions? That’s three.

If you want your hair even lighter, you’ll have to remove the red color to get to orange, two more sessions.


  • Finally, after many weeks and 8 sessions, you’ll reach the very light blonde tone.

It’ll happen after many weeks, intensive moisturizing treatments, and the application of toner to remove the unwanted tones that arise in each bleaching session.


If you care about your hair health, there’s only one way to take black hair to blonde: the long way. No shortcuts, no rush.

almost platinum

If you choose the short way and decide to get all sessions together without respecting the resting time in between, you’ll end up with brittle or even burned hair.

A responsible bleaching plan includes several sessions.

  • Starting from black (1) to dark blonde (6): 2 or 3 sessions.
  • From black (1) to medium blonde (7): 4 or 5 bleaching sessions.
  • From black (1) to light blonde (8): 6 or 7 bleaching sessions.
  • From black (1) to extra light blondes (9 or 10): 8 or 9 bleaching sessions.


Now you’re more aware of the sessions you’ll need. You’re willing to take the long way, which means a few salon visits.


How many salon visits it takes to go from black to blonde hair

neutralize unwanted tones

It all depends on the colorist’s experience. If she’s a professional with a lot of bleaching experience, you’ll need four visits.

For example, you can use white bleaching powder and professional anti-breakage oils. They allow you to do two bleaching sessions in a row on the same day.


However, experienced colorists can do that. It also depends on your hair fiber health. If your hair is damaged, it’s impossible to have two bleaching sessions on the same day, even for the best colorist.

  • If the colorist evaluates your hair fiber and doesn’t find significant damage, she can apply two bleaching sessions at each visit. Therefore, it’ll take a maximum of 4 visits to go from black to blonde.
  • If the colorist evaluates your hair fiber and it is damaged or dry, she cannot apply more than 1 bleach every 3 weeks. Therefore, going from black to blonde will take 7 or 8 visits.


In addition to the number of sessions and salon visits, you need to take something else into account.


How many intermediate hair dyes are needed when going from black to blonde hair?

after bleaching

After each bleaching session, you’ll notice your hair is a rather unpleasant color. Usually, you’ll have to neutralize it by applying a toner or a hair dye.


Neutralization is based on the color wheel and consists of applying the opposite toner to the color you want to neutralize:


And here we come again to the numbers. You’ll most likely need 4 toners or intermediate hair dyes until you get to blonde and your hair looks flawless. 

You’ll go through different intermediate hair dyes depending on the blonde shade you want. The lighter the blonde you want, the more applications of hair dye or toner you’ll need.



I hope you decide to take the long way, i.e., to take your black hair to blonde. It’ll be the longest, but also the healthiest. Such a drastic change can only be achieved with time in sessions, salon visits, and moisturizing treatments.

In hair matters, patience is bitter, but the fruits are sweet.

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