I Don’t Like My Hair Color, Can I Dye it Again? Check this free tips from a pro hair stylist

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Did you dye your hair and don’t like your new color?


Keep calm, because you’ll be able to fix it. Of course, you need to keep in mind some important points.

  • Before you dye your hair again, stylists recommend waiting 15 days to give your hair time to settle and see its definitive color.
  • Now, if you don’t want to wait, and you’ve dyed your hair a light color, you can put in a new dye immediately because it won’t be necessary to bleach it to apply the new color.
  • On the other hand, if you dyed your hair a dark color and want a lighter color, you should always wait the fifteen days until the color settles in, to then choose between two options: bleaching your hair or lightening the color by two tones.


We, women, like to change, rejuvenate and surprise ourselves. And generally, these changes come along with different hair color.

But, in some cases, when we decide on a particular dye, we aren’t considering many things, like, for example, skin color, even eye color, or the tones of our makeup.

And afterward comes the disappointment. Because when you turn to the mirror to see your new hair color, you don’t recognize yourself, as if it were another person that’s not you.


And this doesn’t always happen with abrupt changes, like, for example, from brown to blonde—I have also seen women unhappy about changes in their hair that were three to four tones different.

 If you have dyed your hair and you don’t like the color, you can dye it again. 


The ideal would be to wait fifteen days because this is approximately the time it takes for your hair to eliminate the dye that the capillary fiber cannot absorb. This allows for the color to settle in.

After this time has passed, the color has settled, and you can see the real tone of the dye you put in.


However, I realize that sometimes that waiting can be difficult, especially when you have to look at yourself in the mirror every day.

So, don’t go anywhere, because I’ll tell you:

  • Did you dye your hair and didn’t like the color because it was too light? This is the solution
  • Did you dye your hair, and it came out really dark? 2 possible solutions


After learning this information, you won’t have to put up with colors you don’t like anymore.


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Did you dye your hair and didn’t like it because it’s too light? This is the solution

As I told you initially, the ideal is to wait until the color settles in, which is after approximately fifteen days, depending on the frequency of hair-washing.

But if you can’t wait this amount of time because you really can’t stand the color of your hair, the problem isn’t so complicated, given that you can solve it by applying a new dye.

 Because seeing as you applied a light tone earlier, you don’t need to bleach your hair, and that’s great news because bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process


  • So, you have to put in a new dye. For example, if you were looking for a golden blonde 8.3, and your hair came out too orange, you don’t need to bleach it.

You can put in a new color without a problem, as long as that new tone is ash, given that this will neutralize the oranges.


  • If you were looking for a light brown 6, and your hair came out too light, you also don’t need to bleach it, given that by applying a darker color, you’ll get the shade you were hoping for.

As you can see, you can put in new dyes over lighter tones almost immediately.


Now, with darker colors, the solution is not as easy. And that, I’ll tell you about next.


Did you dye your hair and it turned out really dark? 2 possible solutions

at the bathroom

Whenever you’re dying your hair dark colors, think twice before you do it. Because if you don’t like the color, or it comes out too dark, it won’t be easy to change it.

It’s not impossible, but your hair will be resentful.

Do you want to know why?


First, let me tell you the story of one of my clients. Her name is Anna, a thirty-year-old full of life and dreams, dreams of colors, colors that need to be reflected in her hair.

For this reason, every five or six months, she visits me at the salon looking for a complete change of look. Yes, Anna is one of those women who isn’t afraid of sudden changes.

 I always recommend that she applies intermediate colors so that it won’t be impossible to recognize herself in the mirror. Still, Anna is pure impulse, and she won’t listen to me. Or, that’s to say, she pretends to be someone who doesn’t listen to me. 


One day, Anna came to the salon, and I almost didn’t recognize her. Her hair had 5 centimeters of orange color, and the rest of her hair was black.

When I asked her what had happened, she told me that she had gotten tired of her honey tone, and she had decided to apply a jet black color, the darkest shade of the palette.

Obviously, going from a honey tone to black requires a lot of courage. Courage that escaped from her like sand when you try to grab it with your fingers.

Do you think that’s the moment she decided to come to see me in the salon?


Of course not! Her rush to change her hair back made her go running to buy bleach powder and 20 peroxide to take out the black color that had turned out so badly.

She applied the bleach mix to her hair and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the roots were no longer black. But when she looked at the rest of her hair, her relief vanished just as fast as it had appeared.

It was still black colored, only now it also had a certain reddish-orange tint.


  •  If you dye your hair a dark tone, like black or dark brown, you have to wait until the color settles, that’s to say, you have to wait about fifteen days, and only then can you bleach it. 

Because if you put in bleach immediately, you’ll only take out the excess pigmentation that the hair wasn’t able to absorb.

And this only happens with dark and red tones.

For this reason, it’s so important that you wait 15 days before going about changing your tone gradually.

Do you want to know how I fixed Anna’s problem?

I’ll tell you soon, but first I think it’s necessary to be very clear:


  • If you put in a brown dye and it turned out too dark, you must always wait until the tone settles.

And once fifteen days have passed, then you can choose to bleach it or lighten the color by two tones at once.


  • If you decide to bleach your hair, then you can pick whichever tone you’d like. But you must know that it’s a chemical process that will damage your hair.

You can have the color you want, but it will take months to recover your hair health.


  • The best option is to wait until the color settles and then lighten it by two shades at once.

For example, if you applied a brown 4 and it wasn’t the color you were hoping for after 15 days have passed and the color has settled, you can put in a light brown 6 to lighten the color without inflicting extreme damage to your hair.



Regarding Anna, I had to go back and bleach her hair the right way, and then I applied an intermediate tone. The color we picked together, and I was completely sure that it wouldn’t be shocking to her when she looked in the mirror.


As you can see, there are no magic solutions when you’re changing the color of your hair. And respecting the time to be able to fix whatever mistake happened with the dying is key.

Because if you don’t, you’ll pay a much higher price than a color that you don’t like, don’t you think?


And now, tell me, how much time will you wait before you re-dye the color you don’t like to get the tone you want?

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